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Lignofuels 2022

Date: 21st June 2022 - 22nd June 2022 Location: Helsinki - Finland

Building on the success of Lignofuels annual conference series which celebrated its 10th anniversary  by bringing 140+ senior level attendees to Finland, we are looking forward to returning to Helsinki for the 11th edition which will take place on the 21st & 22nd of June 2022.

The 2022 edition of the conference will once again bring together key lignofuels and advanced biofuels & materials stakeholders to join our forum discussions and hear latest industry case studies, including Technical, Strategic and Business Development Executives from First and Advanced Generation Biofuels Producers, Oil Refiners, Process Technology Providers, Enzyme Developers, Engineering Firms and Agribusiness as well as Financiers, Investors, Policy & Regulators, Automotive & Aviation Industries, Consultants, Traders & Brokers and Chemical Companies.

Secure your space today for two days of exchanging perspectives, learning and excellent networking opportunities with your peers. You will benefit from numerous interactive sessions, presentations, including case studies, and insightful panel discussions to get the best out of the event.

During the afternoon of Monday, 20th June, a day prior to the conference, a limited number of conference delegates will receive a unique opportunity to join an exclusive site visit of UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are strictly limited and allocated to conference delegates on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended to book early to guarantee availability.


21st June 2022
22nd June 2022
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Dimitri Pavlyk – Marketing & Delegate Sales
+44 (0) 203 141 0610
Joachim Knight – Delegate Sales
+48 616 467 037
Sam Cormack – Sponsorship
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Dimitri Pavlyk – Marketing & Delegate Sales
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Martyna Rak – Logistics
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Sokos Hotel Presidentti
Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
Helsinki, 00100 Finland

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358 20 1234608
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Sjoerd Raijmans, Project Lead – Future Fuels, SkyNRG

Tuukka Sormunen, Vice President Key Clients Industry Business Group, AFRY

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director, Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking

Heiko Mandel, Process Specialist Evaporation, GEA Finland Oy

Magnus Wilman, Head of Biomass Technology, Novozymes

Michael Hecquet, BioTfuel R&D Coordinator, TOTAL RC on behalf of Bionext

Roel Vleeschouwers, Business Development Manager Sustainable Chemistry, VITO

Markus Rarbach, VP Business Platform Lignocellulosics, Neste

Octavio Carvalho, Technologist, Renewables Product Line, Axens

Willem Sederel, Chairman of the Board, Circular Biobased Delta

Juha Rainio, Sales and Marketing Director, UPM Biofuels

Bart Hellings, Head of Innovation, GoodFuels

Havard Wollan, CEO, Biokraft

Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director, BTG-BTL

Angel Alvarez Alberdi, Secretary General, EWABA

Mattias Erixon, Sales Manager Biotechnologies, Valmet

Christian Dahlstrand, CTO, RenFuel

Henrik Brodin, Strategic Business Development Manager, Sodra

Jan De Kock, Key Account Manager, Desmet Ballestra

Martin Stranak, Manager of Business Development Aikona Ltd

Mallikarjun Navalgund, Business Development, Advanced Biofuels and Chemicals, Praj Industries

Mikala Grubb Director, Clean Fuels Technology, Topsoe

Juha Anttila, Vice President, Technology, Chempolis

Alex Gorodetsky, Director Business Development, Steeper Energy

Roel Vleeschouwers, Business Development Manager Sustainable Chemistry, VITO

Michael Hecquet, BioTfuel R&D Coordinator, TOTAL RC on behalf of Bionext

Havard Wollan, CEO, Biokraft

Panu Routasalo, Vice President, UPM Biofuels

Oskar Meijerink, Business Development Manager, SkyNRG

Erik Womslev, Senior Vice President, Niras

Bart Hellings, CEO, GoodFuels


  • Technical, Strategic and Business Development Executives from First and Advanced Generation
  • Biofuels Producers
  • Oil Refiners
  • Process Technology Providers
  • Enzyme Developers
  • Engineering Firms and Agribusiness
  • Financiers, Investors, Policy & Regulators
  • Automotive & Aviation Industries
  • Consultants, Traders & Brokers
  • Chemical Companies
  • Advanced Biofuels Outlook: Status and Present Developments
  • EU Policy Update
  • Using Advanced Biofuels in Transport
  • Challenges and Opportunities Brought on by Policies
  • Technology and Innovation in the Secondary Biofuels Market
  • Insights into the Road to Commercializing Pilot Plants
  • Update on Key Development Projects
  • Feedstock Focus
  • Future Demand for Advanced Biofuels
  • Overview of Private Equity and Investment Opportunities

On Monday, 20th June 2022, a limited group of Lignofuels 2022 conference delegates will have a unique opportunity to visit the world’s first commercial scale wood-based biorefinery in Lappeenranta, Finland.


11:00 – Departure from Sokos Hotel Presidentti conference hotel in Helsinki
14:00 – Arrival to UPM Kaukas integrated site in Lappeenranta
14:15 – Light lunch
14:45 – Welcome words & UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery and bioproducts presentation with coffee and tea following lunch
15:00 – Guided tour of the UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery and UPM Kaukas integrated site including technical explanations
16:15 – Departure from UPM Biorefinery
19:15 – Arrival at Sokos Hotel Presidentti conference hotel in HelsinkiThere is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Please confirm your attendance when booking for the conference to avoid disappointment.




Where the future is materializing…American Elements‘ catalog of more than 35,000 products makes it the world’s largest manufacturer devoted exclusively to advanced materials in both industrial bulk and laboratory/research quantities. We will supply you fine specialty custom chemicals, powders, solutions, batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaic solar panels. American Elements is committed to advancing sustainable technologies and business practices that minimize our impact on the environment to protect the future of our planet. Addressing the challenges presented by the economic growth of the developing world, an increasingly limited supply of natural resources, and climate change is a critical issue that we face along with our customers and communities. By promoting greater eco-efficiency, resource recovery, and the commercialization of emerging green technology, we strive to serve as leaders in responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable development. American Elements adheres to the highest standards across all aspects of our manufacturing, including GMP and LEAN Sigma documented processes where applicable. American Elements production SOPs follow ISO 9002 documentary standards to assure the strictest level of in-process production tracking and control. We also custom produce novel materials to customer specifications for research and continuing innovation.




Desmet Ballestra Group is a technology provider, specialised in the design, engineering and procurement of processes related to vegetable oil preparation, extraction, refining and modification. Included in the portfolio are also proprietary technologies for FAME biodiesel production and glycerol refining. In recent years, processes where further developed and optimized for the pre-treatment of oils and fats before HVO units, mainly focusing on removal of P and metals in the raw materials. An overview of the available pre-treatment technologies will be presented.



Axens’ technology portfolio for the production of biofuels and bio-sourced chemicals includes cellulosic ethanol production via the Futurol™ technology. Combining this technology with the Atol® process leads to the production of bio-ethylene through the ethanol dehydration. Also part of the Axens’ offer is the Vegan® technology for the production of renewable jet-fuel and diesel via lipid hydroprocessing. In addition, Axens participates in several projects including BioTfueL for the production of biojet and diesel from cellulosic feedstocks, BioButterfly for the production of biobutadiene and renewable aromatics via the Anellotech partnership.

Axens (www.axens.net) is a group providing a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates as well as all of natural gas’ treatment and conversion options. The offer includes technologies, equipment, furnaces, modular units, catalysts, adsorbents and related services. Axens is ideally positioned to cover the entire value chain, from feasibility study to unit start-up and follow-up throughout the entire unit cycle life. This unique position ensures the highest level of performance with a reduced environmental footprint.



AFRY is an international engineering, design and advisory company. We support our clients to progress in sustainability and digitalisation. We are 17,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations.

Making Future



Aikona Ltd. deals with development of a technology based on the European patent No. EP2129746 (”DNS“), with the potential of application in variety of industries.

DNS represents the outcome of manufacturing process to gain aliphatic and cyclic hydrocarbons through deoxidation of natural substances.

DNS technology can process any organic feedstock in liquid state incl. feedstock listed in RED II Annex IX.


  • low GHG emissions
  • efficient reduction of oxygen content
  • efficient reduction of content of inorganics


  • DNS can be effectively use as a pre-treatment method in the biofuel production
  • DNS product will allow significant reduction of Hydrogen consumption within hydrogenation
  • DNS product will allow to increase the bio-component share within hydrotreatment w/o any negative impacts on the catalytical bed or hydrotreatment itself


  • supporting Decarbonization in accordance with the European Green Deal
  • compliant with RED II Annex IX. list of feedstocks
  • fundamental principle applicable in the Circular economy

DNS delivering totally new highly efficient approach not only in the biofuel production.




GEA – Engineering for better world

The GEA is one of the largest providers for equipment and process technology worldwide particularly for the bioeconomy industry. The GEA Group focuses on demanding production processes and supplies its customers with efficient solutions in the field of biofuels.

The commercial application of the latest advances in biofuels requires an equally advanced standard of process technology solutions. Successful upscaling of test processes to industrial levels is one challenge to be met. Others are the combination of different process steps in plant designs, and reliable quality control on an industrial scale. Offering the competencies of highly experienced process technology specialists in one structured portfolio, GEA is the go-to address for producers and EPC when it comes to meeting these challenges.




Praj, India’s most accomplished industrial biotechnology company is driven by innovation, integration and delivery capabilities. Over the past four decades, it has focused on the environment, energy, and agri-process industry, with over 750 customer references spanning 75 countries across 5 continents.

Bio-MobilityTM and Bio-PrismTM are the mainstays of Praj’s contribution to the Global Bioeconomy. The Bio-MobilityTM portfolio offers technology solutions globally to produce renewable transportation fuel, thus ensuring sustainable decarbonisation through circular bioeconomy. The company’s Bio-PrismTM portfolio comprises of technologies for production of renewable chemicals and materials solutions, promises sustainability, while reimagining nature.

Praj Matrix, the state-of-the-art R&D facility, forms the backbone for the company’s endeavours towards a clean energy-based bioeconomy. The company’s diverse portfolio comprises Bio-Energy plants, Renewable Natural Gas facilities, Critical Process Equipment & Skids, Breweries, Zero Liquid Discharge Plants for industry and High Purity Water Systems.

Praj’s mission is to provide sustainable decarbonisation solutions based on a circular bioeconomy. Praj is at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions which trigger carbon neutral cycles and thus minimize GHG emissions. Praj secured the 2nd rank in the list of top 50 hottest companies in advanced bioeconomy in 2021 by biofuels digest, USA, the highest ever by any Asian company.




At BTG Bioliquids we replace fossil fuels!

Where the Earth formed oil reserves in millions of years, fast pyrolysis technology is able doing it in just 2 seconds. Pyrolysis technology offers the following unique selling points:

  • Fast Pyrolysis Bio Oil is produced from non-food biomass and is therefore a second generation biofuel which does not compete with the food chain.
  • The local decentralized production of Fast Pyrolysis Bio Oil separates out the minerals in the biomass so they can be recycled to maintain the soil quality.
  • Due to its energy density and liquid form existing infrastructure can be used for transporting Fast Pyrolysis Bio Oil.
  • GHG savings of our raw pyrolysis oil are well above that of other biofuels.
  • Fast Pyrolysis Bio Oil can be stored for long periods of time, and is therefore available when necessary.
  • It can substitute fossil fuels in heat and power applications and thereby provide peak renewable power to complement other (intermittent) renewable power sources such as wind and solar.
  • Fast Pyrolysis Bio Oil sees a high interest as renewable fuel and petrochemical feedstock at refiners and chemical companies.

The core business of BTG-Bioliquids is the delivery and deployment of our patented fast pyrolysis technology. Through a cooperation agreement with TechnipEnergies, a global leader in the refining industry, we can provide our customers a pyrolysis plant on a lumpsum turnkey EPC basis.

We currently have 3 commercial references with a scale of 5 ton per hours of biomass per hour input and producing 20 million liter of oil per year:

  • Empyro in the Netherlands since 2015
  • Green Fuel Nordic in Finland since 2020.
  • Pyrocell in Sweden since 2021.



Founded in 1940, Topsoe is a global leader in developing solutions for a decarbonized world, supplying technology, catalysts, and services for worldwide energy transition.

Our mission is to combat climate change by helping our partners and customers achieve their decarbonization and emission-reduction targets, including those in challenging sectors: aviation, shipping, and production of crucial raw materials. From low-carbon or zero-carbon chemicals, to renewable fuels and plastic upcycling, we are uniquely positioned to aid humanity in realizing a sustainable future.

Topsoe is headquartered in Denmark, with 2,100 employees serving customers all around the globe. To learn more, visit www.topsoe.com



Chempolis Ltd – A true biorefining expert

Chempolis is a renowned provider of groundbreaking biorefining technologies for energy, biofuel, oil, paper and chemical industries. Chempolis’ formico® technologies turn biomass into high-quality products profitably and responsibly. Our technologies offer a 30 percent better cash flow and a significantly shorter payback period than competition.

Chempolis’ biorefining processes are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize social benefits. Our green reach is global.

Chempolis’ technologies enable bioethanol, high quality pulps like dissolving pulp, cellulosic sugars, biochemicals and sulfur-free lignin to be produced sustainably from all lignocellulosic raw materials. Our processes are fitted to use hardwood and softwood, non-wood and non-food biomasses such as straw, bagasse, corn stover, EFB and bamboo, to name but a few.

Chempolis’ business model is to license biorefining technologies but our expertise covers also conceptual, process and plant engineering. Our dedication to create clean and efficient solutions has resulted in more than 100 granted patents.

Our concept was invented and tested at the state of the art in-house biorefinery we designed, built and run in Oulu, Finland. The biorefinery functions as Chempolis’ main hub of innovation where we also offer full-scale testing services for our clients and partners.



Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions for industrial applications. As the leading provider of enzymes and yeasts for the cellulosic biorefining industry. Novozymes is committed to investing in products and solutions that bring the industry to scale profitably and with lowest risk. By partnering with our customers, we will tailor our enzymes and the supply solution and make each project a success. With a focus on sustainability and shaped by the promise of biology, we step into a future of better business – for our customers, for Novozymes and for the world.


Steeper Energy is a leader in the development and delivery of hydrothermal liquefaction or super-critical water based renewable fuels technology. Steeper’s proprietary Hydrofaction® process is a carbon efficient and cost-effective pathway for forestry residues and lignocellulosic wastes to high-value advanced biofuels for the heavy and long-haul transport sector.


Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for many industries: biofuels, pulp, paper and energy. Our 14,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers.

The company has over 200 years of industrial history. Valmet’s net sales in 2020 were approximately EUR 3.7 billion. Valmet’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki and the head office is in located Espoo, Finland

Our main customer industries are major global industries that offer growth potential for the future. We will complement our core business by applying the technology and know-how to industries beyond biomass, particularly in the energy sector.

Biomass is abundant raw-material for renewable fuels and products thereby offering new business opportunities to the forest products industry. Valmet has developed a family of sustainable and cost-effective processes to support new value chains. We can help customers to grow their revenues and profits while also reducing their carbon footprint, without interfering with food or feed production chains.

Our product and service portfolio consists of productivity-enhancing services, plant upgrades and rebuilds, new cost-efficient equipment and solutions for optimizing energy and raw material usage, and technologies increasing the value of our customers’ end products.


Licella is the global leader in Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL), the next-generation of advanced recycling. HTL uses water, under high pressure and high temperature, to chemically transform solid carbon-based material into oil.

Our patented Cat-HTR™ HTL platform creates a high quality, stable renewable biocrude, suitable to produce drop-in advanced biofuels and biochemicals.

Licella have spent over 14 years developing the Cat-HTR™ (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) platform. With over AU$100M invested, it is the most advanced HTL technology in the world, with the largest continuous flow HTL Plant in the world in Australia.

Licella are commercialising our Cat-HTR™ platform alongside Global joint venture partners, and with the support of major project and offtake alliances. Arbios Biotech is Licella’s joint venture with integrated forestry company, Canfor. Arbios will commercialise the Cat-HTR™ platform for post-consumer biomass in North America, South America and Europe, and has a global alliance with Shell Catalysts & Technologies.

Find out more at:



Watch our video here: https://vimeo.com/687820749


GIG Karasek is a globally acting european supplier of high-quality process design and turnkey industrial plant construction in the field of thermal separation technologies and equipment for the fibre-, pulp (dissovling, sulfite, kraft)-, starch-, chemical, pharmaceutical-, food and related allied industries. GIG Karasek has realized pilot plants, skid units up to full turnkey industrial plants on EPC basis worldwide. Beside conventional evaporation technologies, distillation and rectification, GIG Karasek draws on its extensive experience and expertise in the design and production of Thin-film, Short-Path as well as on vertical and horizontal dryer solutions.

Further GIG Karasek runs its own research centre situated in Gloggnitz, Austria. The complete set of unit operations in the pilot plant includes falling film evaporators, thin film evaporators, wiped film evaporators, short path evaporators, high viscose evaporators and drying systems. We can develop your process, generate real process operating data, optimize design, and formulate your new products under GIG Karasek expert supervision. We can also generate samples for evaluation and testing and can achieve complete demonstration of equipment. All this can be done before expenditure of capital.



ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Sam Cormack

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3141 0626

E-mail: [email protected]




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The Bioenergy Association of Finland (Bioenergia)  is the guardian of the interests of more than three hundred member organizations and individual members. As the EU and Finland move towards carbon neutrality, we want to develop the bioenergy sector so that Finland has the best conditions in the world to produce sustainable and even carbon-negative products based on biomass. In our operations, we strive for the highest possible value added and exports, and we support energy self-sufficiency, security of energy supply and supply, employment and the regional economy. We work together with our members as part of a bio- and circular economy where energy is recovered from by-products.

For more information visit us at https://www.bioenergia.fi/

Bioenergy Europe is the voice of European bioenergy. It aims to develop a sustainable bioenergy market based on fair business conditions. Founded in 1990, Bioenergy Europe is a non-profit, Brussels-based international organisation bringing together more than 41 associations and 122 private companies, as well as academia and research institutes from across Europe. For more information on the association or how to become a member visit the website: www.bioenergyeurope.org 

For over 20 years, F&L Asia has remained the preferred media choice for industry giants such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, SK Lubricants, S-Oil, Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite, Afton Chemical, BASF, Evonik Industries, Tianhe Chemicals and many more.

Each year, F&L Asia produces F+L Week, the industry conference and exhibition premier event. A sounding board for the latest developments in base oils, lubricants, fuels and additives, F+L Week attracts the very best amongst top industry scientists, market trend setters and decision makers from all around the planet to its economic epicentre in Asia.

The Oils & Fats International (OFI) portfolio has been serving the oils and fats industry since 1985, offering publishing, events, online exposure and social media connections to this global industry.

OFI magazine is published eight times a year, including two themed biofuel issues. Each issue has a total worldwide print circulation of 6,500 and our digital ‘page-turn’ edition reaches over 59,000 recipients.

Each issue has dedicated news pages on biotechnology, biofuels, renewable materials and transport/logistics. The magazine also offers in-depth features on different topics including feedstocks; commodity trading; renewables; plant & technology; transport & logistics; speciality fats; sustainability; and testing and instrumentation.

The OFI series of exhibitions and conferences are held in growth markets around the world including Egypt, India, Malaysia, Morocco, the UAE and Turkey.



Bioenergy International

‘Building the bioenergy market by spreading knowledge’ has been the motto for the publisher of Bioenergy International for more than 30 years. Through a worldwide network, information is communicated in paper and internet versions. The main magazine is published in English and is distributed to 64 countries around the globe (Oct 2008). Local editions in French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish languages are available through partners. The Bioenergy International headquarters is located in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Correspondants and partners are spread all over the world, a guarantee for this truly international product. Distributed to subscribers in 64 countries, at all major bioenergy events, to members in bioenergy associations and on the internet. BIOENERGY INTERNATIONAL – WHENEVER BIOENERGY IS DISCUSSED.


Biofuels International

BIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL magazine is brought out 10 times a year and is the leading global publication in the market. Designed to appeal to those who wish to learn and be kept abreast of this increasingly important area, the magazine encompasses, biodiesel, bioethanol, and biomass.

Every issue includes in-depth news analysis and features on related subjects, including distribution, handling, storage, equipment and second generation technology. Industry experts regularly contributing to the magazine include the European Bioethanol Fuel Association and Will Thurmond, author of Biodiesel 2020: A global market survey.

Biofuels International is mailed to a minimum of 3,100 named individuals within the sector and is the industry’s only audited magazine. These consist of senior engineers, technical managers, project managers, CEOs/managing directors and logistics and distribution managers, as well as the appropriate and relevant financial and trade bodies with a specific interest in the biofuels industry.

For more information please contact Claire Smith on [email protected]
Direct line +44 (0)203 551 5751 www.biofuels-news.com

Biobased Press (www.biobasedpress.eu) is an independent, non-sponsored website that takes a helicopter view of the biobased economy: it discusses business and research, and links the biobased economy to neighbouring areas like sustainability, biotechnology, energy, agriculture, policy and the economy. We also host the website www.precisioneconomy.com.

GREENEA is a French brokerage company, specialized in waste-based feedstock and biodiesel. Since 2007, we have been offering brokerage services to companies producing raw materials and to those working in the Oleo-chemicals, Bioenergy and Biofuel sectors:

–   Vegetable oils (rapeseed oil / soy bean oil)
–   Biodiesel (RME, FAME, TME, UCOME)
–   Crude and refined glycerine
–   Fatty acids & acids oils
–   Used cooking oils
–   Animal fats

As a major market player on brokerage services for waste-based feedstock such as animal fats, used cooking oil and fatty acids, GREENEA continues to strengthen its position on the European market. At the same time we dynamically develop our activities in South America and Asia.

Visit us at http://www.greenea.com/en/


Chemical Search International specialises in global talent acquisition, management and professional development for the chemicals, materials, resources and bioscience sectors. Check out our exclusive ChemExecSM | Executive Club offering faster, simpler networking for our industry. Please join our Club or get in touch for an exploratory chat.



WoodBusinessPortal.com is an online market for wood industry, for acquisitions and sales, being one of the largest business to business markets in Europe, with thousands of offers and demands for timber, furniture, panels, plywood, veneer, plywood, chipboard, MDF & Fibreboard, logs, parquet flooring, wooden houses, wooden toys, pallets, euro pallets, firewood, pellets, briquettes etc.

For more information, please visit http://www.woodbusinessportal.com/

PlasticPortal.eu® is a business portal for the professionals in the plastics industry in Czech and Slovak republic. The purpose of the portal is a comprehensive support for managers in carrying out tasks associated with increasing sales, supplies the best solution in the field of raw materials, machines and equipment, company promotion and human resources seeking.


EAL5 Altenergy Algae Biomass

AltEnergyMag is an eMagazine full of News, articles and interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Alternative Energy industry. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization. Our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can report on itself. We offer those of you who work or have a passion for the Alternative Energy to contribute articles, news and product information for your peers to read and discover.


Biomass Events Algae Biomass
Biomass events promotion resource is the international events bulletin focusing on biomass news, biomass technologies, biomass conferences and exhibitions.

The website has been established to supply information about the latest events in biomass and bioenergy field. Our main objective is to support biomass industries worldwide, promoting key biomass events. We believe that biomass will play one of the decisive roles in creative sustainable bioenergy Europe.


Wood pellets Ukrainian Biofuel Portal – is a specialized B2B platform on biomass and biofuel trade representing extensive base of suppliers and manufactures. Find reliable biofuel traders.

Ukrainian Biofuel Portal carries out mission of a consulting, project management partner, providing professional informational business-to-business service in alternative energy and power supply.

The marketers of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal try their best to find reliable partners from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils’ web portalwww.worldoils.com has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils has strengthened its position as a fast developing central place for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment.


Project Cargo Network PCN

Project Cargo Network (PCN) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation established to provide a networking platform for the world’s top project cargo specialists. Our Members handle the transportation of oversized and heavy items or shipments that consist of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled.  They offer project cargo management for engineering, procurement and construction companies servicing energy, mining, chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, infrastructure and other sectors. Our fast-growing organisation currently comprises of 130+ heavy lift specialists in 70+ countries.

Visit www.projectcargonetwork.com

ASD Media is an online media company. We provide professionals in dedicated markets with news, intelligence, and interaction opportunities. During the last five years we developed dedicated websites for events, reports, news distribution and source data, and changed the name of the ASD-Network to ASDNews to emphasize the news focus.



Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria – Daily Offer of jobs into the maritime, port and logistics sectors News, Vessels, Companies, Ports, Customs, Events … Oferta diaria de empleos en los sectores marítimo-portuario y logístico Noticias, Buques, Empresas, Puertos, Aduanas, Eventos …


At the event we strive not only to bring you to the same location at the same time as your customers/suppliers/peers, we strive to ensure you meet face-to-face with each and every one of your target contacts and to provide you with the time you need to have multiple unhurried conversations with them and build a lasting business relationship:

• A pre-event informal introduction the evening before the conference
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Of course, if there is anybody you are unable to meet over the two days, ACI’s event team will do their best to initiate contact after the event.

ACI is doing everything to ensure that all its events go ahead as advertised, returning to the much-missed and valuable face-to-face interaction as soon as possible. In order to ensure the events are delivered as safely as possible, venues are chosen and procedures are adjusted in line with the relevant local and regulations and guidelines.

These have been exceptionally challenging times with very fast-moving updates. As we get closer to an event we look at each one individually, paying careful heed to local regulations, but without ignoring the international situation. Whatever happens, ACI will safeguard the investments that attendees have made by either automatically moving it to the new dates of the event or a full credit will be provided for use when booking a future ACI event.


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