Consultancy Services

WPL, first established in 1997, is involved in providing objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value by maximising growth or improving the business performance of our clients.

Our primary goal of enhancing our clients’ bottom line is usually a result of careful analysis of existing business problems and development of suitable plans for improvement.

We are committed to making your organization more successful by offering help to improve performance; operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and implementing plans for improvement.

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Primary Business Skill Sets

Business Strategy

Strategic Management for any organisation is crucial in today’s competitive world. Defining a mission, vision and objective enables a business to explore, formulate and implement its strategy.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction remains one of the ongoing challenges facing successful businesses, hence the emphasis on CRM programmes. Our clients will benefit from the following key components:

  • Creating a clear customer experience strategy
  • Hiring the right people with the right attitude
  • Motivating and managing your people
  • Delivering the service element
  • Delivering the customer service ideal throughout the workforce from CEO to Sales Executive

Dispute Resolution

An ever more litigious society only highlights the importance of resolving disputes with staff, customers and suppliers within the workplace. An effective tool for any business is a good understanding of the mediation process and implementing a suitable scheme to minimise exposure.

Sales & Marketing

Every company faces relentless pressure to grow annual earnings. Our clients are given up to the minute marketing knowhow, but in order to capitalize on the full potential, the marketing function needs to be tightly integrated into the overall business strategy.

Project Management

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning and Design
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and Control
  5. Completion

Contract Negotiation

Billions of pounds change hands each year as a result of commercial transactions. An inordinate level of risk, pressure and stress combine to make these negotiations the key part of a profit/loss equation.

Primary Business Sectors

Media & Communications

The recent growth of social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) and huge technological changes, including the emerging digital world, have become a crucial component within many a business strategy.

Leisure & Hospitality

The Leisure and Hospitality industry sectors are highly sensitive to economic and competitive market conditions.

Consumer expectations and general demand have continued to grow with the evolution of a global marketplace. Leisure and hospitality companies need to meet the challenges of today’s world market by understanding and implementing strategies to meet customer trends, economic conditions, technology and more recent concerns regarding security and social responsibility.

Sports & Entertainment

Huge growth in the entertainment sector has created major new challenges relating to copyright, image rights and spiralling agency costs. Our clients take full advantage of our sector experience, including access to our network of contacts, to enhance their ability to negotiate and understand the ever changing market.

B2B Publishing

Online publishing has changed the way many businesses connect with their audience. The ability to bring the product or service provider together with the customer online, in print or in person is clearly invaluable.

Conferences, Summits, Exhibitions, Conventions

Our specialist team can give any organization a step by step guide to creating the ultimate event, be it geared towards education, sales or marketing.

Every aspect, from creating a bespoke programme and agenda to managing the project on a day by day basis, can be managed by dedicated professionals.

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