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European Algae Industry Summit

Date: 19th April 2023 - 20th April 2023 Location: Lisbon - Portugal

ACI is pleased to announce the 11th Annual European Algae Industry Summit will take place on the 19th-20th April 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The event will once again bring together key players within the algae industry including leaders from cosmetics, food, feed, biomaterials, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals across the globe allowing attendees to gain a deeper understanding of recent industry developments and, most importantly, economically viable applications.

During the afternoon of Tuesday, 18th April 2023, a day prior to the conference, a limited number of conference delegates will receive a unique opportunity to join Green Aqua’s BIOFAT.PT exclusive site visit. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are strictly limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s highly recommended to book your place early to guarantee availability.


19th April 2023
20th April 2023
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Dimitri Pavlyk – Marketing & Delegate Sales
+44 (0) 203 141 0610
Joanna Mieloch – Delegate Sales
+48 (0) 61 646 7036
Hubert Sosnowski – Sponsorship, Exhibition
+48 61 646 7059
Dimitri Pavlyk – Marketing & Delegate Sales
+44 (0) 203 141 0610
Martyna Rak – Logistics
+48 616 46 7020


Ramada by Wyndham Lisbon Hotel
Av. Eng. Arantes and Oliveira 9
Lisbon, 1900-221 Portugal

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+351 21 843 4200
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  •  Market Overview of Industry Trends & Drivers
  •  Algae Foods; an Industry Blooming
  •  Cutting-Edge Advancements in Algae Protein for Plant-Based Products
  •  Managing EU Regulations across the Industry
  • Capitalising on the Success of Spirulina
  •  Astaxanthin the Oceanic Carotenoid
  • Enhancing Algae’s Reputation as a Sustainable Alternative
  •  Furthering the Evolution of Algae in Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Prospects for Algae bioplastics and Biofuel
  •  Adapting Approaches to Production in an Ever-Expanding Market
  • Vitor Verdelho, General Manager, EABA & General Manager, a4f
  • Jean-Paul Cadoret, Vice-President, EABA & Chief Scientific Officer, Algama
  • Sammy Boussiba, Vice-President, EABA & Head of Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
  • Jonathon Meakin, Senior Manager Technology Innovation – Sustainability, Adidas
  • Eugene Wang, CEO & Founder, Sophie’s Bionutrients
  • Maris Stulgis, Policy Officer Aquaculture, Algae and Blue Bio Economy, European Commission
  • Roberta Roesler, Head of R&D, The Body Shop
  • Renana Krebs, CEO, Algaeling
  • Christel Lamaire, Marketing Manager Nutritional Ingredients, Microphyt
  • Elliot Roth, Founder & CEO, Spira
  • Olivier Lepine, Managing Director, ALGOSOURCE
  • Ghislaine Tissot Lecuelle, President, Alganelle
  • Helena Abreu, Co-Founder, Algaplus
  • Maud Benoit, Services Manager Extraction, Analyses & Application, Algaia
  • Gustav Knutsson, Production Manager, Swedish Algae Factory
  • Fabrice de Panthou, Business Development Director, Inalve
  • Carlos Unamunzga, President, EABA & Managing Director, Fitoplancton Marino
  • Eduardo Morgado, Secretary Of IPQ/CT211, CEN/TC 454 Algae & Algae Products
  • Jan Eric Jessen, Head of R&D, Algalif
  • Edoardo Cutolo, Professor, Verona University
  • Maria Barbosa, Professor, Wageningen University
  • Henning Löcken & Mathias Ortega, Textile Researchers, Institut für Textiltechnik Aachen University

During the afternoon of Tuesday 18th April, a day prior to the summit, a limited number of conference delegates will have the unique opportunity to visit Green Aqua’s BIOFAT.PT industrial project at ALGATEC Eco Business Park.

ALGATEC Eco Business Park is the result of a partnership between Green Aqua group, A4F Algae for Future group and the chemical company HyChem. Located near Lisbon, where the Tagus river meets the Atlantic Ocean, ALGATEC benefits from a privileged location. Rich in raw materials and industrial infrastructures, it is designed to welcome companies and projects in the algae and microalgae sector, promoting innovation and sustainable development.

Promoted by Green Aqua, BIOFAT.PT is the largest industrial project located in the Eco Business Park. Occupying an area of 10 hectares, it aims to produce 270 tons of microalgae per year, for the extraction of an oil rich in Omega-3 and high-quality protein for food supplements. BIOFAT.PT is a direct consequence of the European FP7 research project BIOFAT.

There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated to the conference delegates on first come first served basis. Therefore, we would strongly suggest to book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Please note that, due to compliance reasons, attendance is subject to approval by Green Aqua.

Apply for Your Registration Now >>


  •  Algae producers & cultivation plant owners and operators
  •  Algae end market users in nutrition, cosmetics, pigments, animal feed, bioplastics, agriculture and many more
  •  Leading algae/biomass research institutes, technology providers for cultivation, harvesting, dewatering, drying, oil extraction and processing
  •  Plant engineers and constructors, green energy & biotech investors
  •  Green energy/biotechnology investors: venture capitalists, private equity firms etc. looking to invest in new & emerging markets
  •  Regulators & governments: organisations looking into the regulation of algae-based product
  •  Photobioreactor and Cultivation System Providers
  •  NGOs
  •  Academics




If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 30-45 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:


Flora Thin

Tel: + 44 0203 141 0617

E-mail: [email protected]



SCHOTT is a manufacturer of high-tech materials based on specialty glass. Always opening up new markets and applications with a pioneering spirit and passion – this is what has driven the #glasslovers at SCHOTT for more than 130 years. SCHOTT’s Business Unit Tubing is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass tubing, rods and profiles. SCHOTT Tubing provides customized products and services for international growth markets such as pharmaceuticals and electronics as well as industrial and environmental engineering, like photobioreactors (PBR). With DURAN® borosilicate glass tubing, manifolds, bends and food grade couplings the BU Tubing provides ideal materials for algae cultivation in PBR systems: Smooth interior surfaces are easy to clean, protect against biocontamination and ensure food grade algae quality. With a lifetime of over 50 years and a consistently high light transmission, glass offers a cost effective and productive solution.




Lgem|Synalgae offers reliable systems for cultivating any algae at any scale. With over 16 years of experience in cultivating autotrophic algae, Lgem provides a solid basis of knowledge, skills, technology and R&D.

All of Lgem’s patented PBR systems are automated, fully integrated and industry 4.0 ready. Lgem’s PBRs range from 20 litres to >1.000.000 litres. All Lgem two-phase PBR solutions have increased productivity, deliver stable algae production at lower operational cost.

At Lgem, investment risk reduction is a crucial success factor for its clients. The AlgaeHUB facility (>20 FTE, 7.000 m2 with >10 production units available) offers customers the possibility to optimise and validate their business case on an industrial scale before making significant investments.

Currently Lgem works for both established and new innovative food companies as well as for the feed, pharma and cosmetic industry. Lgem can successfully cultivate more than 10 different microalgae strains including some of the most fragile algae strains.

Visit us on: www.lgem.com



Green Aqua Company is a Portuguese investment group specialized in algae business units, with the ambition to be a worldwide reference in this market due to the quality of its products, the sustainable production capacity and the innovative projects it develops.

The focus is on sustainable investment projects in the aquatic and marine biotechnology sector, with particular emphasis on the production and processing of microalgae and seaweed for different applications, from food to biofuels, including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, animal feed, aquaculture industries, fertilizers and new materials including bioplastics.

BIOFAT.PT project (coordinated by A4F, a Portuguese biotechnology company) is a direct consequence of the European research and demonstration project BIOFAT, financed by the EU under the FP7 Program. It aims to produce 270 tons/year of microalgae for the extraction of omega-3 for functional supplements and protein for feed enrichment, supplying the food and feed markets, mostly for export.

BIOFAT.PT has a 10 ha implantation area, divided into :

  • Photosynthetic area for the production of microalgae
  • Laboratory to support production and quality control
  • Processing area dedicated to the microalgae biorefinery – in this biorefinery, value-added products will be extracted, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), proteins, antioxidant pigments, etc.

Being part of an industrial complex, the project plays an essential role in the concept of circular economy, using all the CO2 emissions by the neighboring chemical industry, as well as taking advantage of the application of technologies that combine the treatment of industrial wastewaters and the production of microalgae.





Carniolus was founded in 2014. We design, engineer and construct microalgae production plants based on proprietary bioreactor designs.

We offer LED-powered bioreactors ( 400 & 1000 liters) for R&D purposes and sample production. Our medium and big scale bioreactors are solar powered and collect the sunlight using our patented Light Concentration Panels (LCPs). In addition, we offer a Parallel-Hybrid Bioreactor (1.000 liters) using a combination of our LCP system and LED- power to augment insufficient sunlight in challenging locations. Our big-scale bioreactors of 2m³ and 5 m³ are powered by LCPs only. These bioreactor-types can be combined for plant units of 200 m³ and bigger.

Our plants are equipped with an automatic plant control system enabling single-person plant operation.

Our bioreactor systems are extremely compact and provide the best ratio of plant footprint to algae productivity. A plant yielding approx. 40 tons of algae/ year would require an area of only 1.500 m² of land, incl. infrastructure and downstreamprocessing equipment.

Carniolus can supply a proprietary microfiltration-based algae harvester which operates fully automatic. We can supply a customized process-water recycling-plant which recycles > 95% of the process water, a massive advantage in arid areas.

Carniolus also specializes in poly-unsaturated lipid extraction using organic solvents. We supply colorless, and odor-free EPA and DHA for health food applications and we are developing “Augmented Function” products for end-users who want to simplify healthy nutrition by consuming multi-functional vegan Omega-3 products.

Please refer to our webpage: www.carniolus.com

An innovative, global leader in oilseed extraction for 70+ years, Crown offers custom process engineering, equipment, piloting and aftermarket support for crush, refining, biofuels, renewable diesel (HVO) pretreatment, oleochemical and specialty markets including plant-based proteins, hemp/CBD, food & beverage, fibers/polymers/waxes, nutraceuticals/botanicals, pharma and specialty chemicals.

Crown’s Global Innovation Center features a 15,000 square-foot, fully functional plant, training facilities and analytical lab. Here, customers can access real-world capabilities in a confidential, controlled environment to develop and test product and process feasibility, run benchtop scale to custom processing, commercialize and train staff. Combined with Crown’s technical expertise, guidance and proven technologies, the Innovation Center enables customers to optimize efficiencies of current operations and bring new products to market faster and more sustainably with less risk.

Crown, a division of CPM Holdings Inc., is a 143-year-old, Minnesota-based, global company with additional offices in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Netherlands, Honduras, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.




GICON® offers engineering and consulting services from a single source – to help you realize your microalgae project.

GICON® engineers have planned a broad variety of tubular photobioreactor plants ranging from R&D to commercial sized systems for 25 years using their detailed expertise in plant design, approval planning, process engineering, biotechnology, biology and bioenergy systems. Furthermore, as one of its main R&D areas, GICON® is active in various projects to further develop microalgae-based technology solutions.

GICON® is a group of international, independently operating engineering service providers. It was founded in 1994 and is today one of the biggest owner-managed group of engineering companies in Germany. The headquarter is based in Dresden. More than 500 employees work in more than 30 departments in several branches in Germany and worldwide.

Sustainability in the handling of resources, in the use of energy and in the extraction of raw materials as well as a responsible approach to risks in favour of a clean environment and a society worth living in – both today and in the future – these are the guidelines that guide our daily work and this is how we understand our service to our customers.

Innovation through research is a GICON® trademark. Both as a service provider for our customers and for the further development of the company, we research and develop new processes, products and services. To this end, we have created an extensive network of cooperative relationships with leading research institutions.



AlgaeMetrics was founded to design and manufacture the next generation of Microalgae Research instrumentation. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure that our direction is the most advanced possible, with a variety of upwardly mobile designs.

We believe in enabling scientists with the right tools to expedite their research. AlgaeMetrics systems are for scientific researchers who covet turnkey systems to provide actionable results.  Unlike other systems, our systems are borne from our own frustration having to customize commercial off the shelf systems to meet our needs.

Our photo bioreactors, the PBR102-Gen-II allows the user to study inside the lab specific strains of algae by creating the same conditions found outside in a pond, or the conditions for a large indoor bioreactor, all controlled by the Algal CommandTM software. The PBR102-Gen-II has a bright LED light that simulates the sun rising and setting every day. Also, the temperature can be set to go up and down during the day just like it does in a real outdoor pond.

Using the Algal CommandTM software the PBR102 can be programmed by itself or in a matrix of up to 12 for comparative analysis or to evaluate different algae strains simultaneously on one computer. This compresses research time into days or weeks, not months or years. It saves time and money.




At Algenuity we are creative and passionate problem-solvers and innovators transforming the plant-based functional ingredients opportunity of Chlorella across multiple vertical global markets.

Algenuity has developed a range of Chlorella based products which replace egg and dairy in mainstream foods in a range of colours including white.  Our enabling Chlorella platform brings together the health and nutrition and environmental benefits of plant-based protein-rich ingredients with the scale-up capacity, sustainability and supply chain security afforded by microbial fermentation. Transparency, traceability and quality are at the heart of how we operate.

Using a combination of non-GMO techniques and a carefully optimised and improved bioprocess we have improved the sensorial and functional properties of our Chlorella.  Simply put, at Algenuity we’ve unlocked the growth potential, desirable composition and profitability of Chlorella.




Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. (sbi) is dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions for the life science industry, pioneering digitally simplified bioprocessing. sbi’s DOTS platform provides a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art bioprocessing sensors (for e.g., biomass, pH, or dissolved oxygen) and actuators, as well as the innovative DOTS Software for easy sensor control and data monitoring. With this equipment, sbi’s customers can monitor critical parameters in real-time, optimizing their bioprocesses and achieving higher product yields. sbi is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. The company is a subsidiary of Scientific Industries Inc.




Plastica Alfa (PA) develops water management innovative polymer-based products for worldwide market. In the last twenty years the production department has always been improving lines production and new products for different fields of water management application: irrigation, hydraulics, thermo-hydraulics, and oil&gas.

In the last ten years Plastic Alfa’s activities have been focused on circular economy and green chemistry. In these fields PA has developed large experience in carbon dioxide biochemical conversion plant based on innovative closed photobioreactors (PBRs). Commercial scale facility (42.00 litres volume) was built to develop experimental feasibility studies and to test different microalgae strains in different cultivation in different process conditions of lighting, thermoregulation and nutrients supplying.

PLASTICA ALFA’s research department covers a wide range of expertise and specializations as well as chemistry, engineering and chemical engineering, biotechnology, and pharmaceutics. Plastica Alfa developed large equipment and facilities ranging from laboratory scale activities to advanced pilot and prototype plants.

PLASTICA ALFA implements microalgae cultivation plant (Closed PBRs, flat panel and open pond configuration) with downstream technological equipment installation to demonstrate the higher performances of an integrated biorefinery facility in terms of reduction microalgae production costs and increasing of market flexibility of final product development. In June 2023 Originy was founded (a start-up 100% controlled by Plastica Alfa) specialized on high value product extraction (lipids, protein and polysaccharides fractions) by advanced integrated harvesting and downstream different technology combinations depending on microalgae strains and final applications into different sectors such as nutraceutical, food, feed, biomaterials and biostimulants.




For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Hubert Sosnowski

Tel: +48 (0) 61 646 9780

E-mail: [email protected]


The general objective of the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) is to promote mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of biomass production and use, including biofuels uses and all other utilisations. It aims at creating, developing and maintaining solidarity and links between its Members and at defending their interests at European and international level. Its main target is to act as a catalyst for fostering synergies among scientists, industrialists and decision makers in order to promote the development of research, technology and industrial capacities in the field of Algae.


FB Tech Review is the only one of its kind, knowledge platform that brings to its audience insider information from the food and beverage technology space. With our unique peer-to-peer learning approach, we connect elements from the different ends of the spectrum. We bring together senior decision-makers from leading organizations and their counterparts in their domains under one roof so that they can share their wisdom, knowledge and technological expertise among peers–accelerating the growth of the space.

Food and Beverages Tech Review

EUREC, the Association of Renewable Energy Research Centers, promotes European research and education activities for the renewable energy sector, and supports the development of innovative technologies to enable the transition to a sustainable energy system. The organisation was founded in 1991 as European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.).

EUREC’s members are prominent research and development (R&D) groups spread across Europe, operating in all renewable energy technologies. Our members also conduct research into supporting technologies such as energy efficiency, storage, distribution and integration, and undertake studies to evaluate the social and economic aspects surrounding renewable energy.

Apart from work in policy development and education and training (through the European Masters programmes), EUREC is involved – to varying levels from communication to coordination or advisory – in numerous European co-funded projects centred on renewable technologies. These technologies revolve around a wide array of technologies (wind, biomass, small hydro, marine, geothermal, photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, and solar thermal heating and cooling).

EUREC is a partner of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy – Support of Renewable Fuels and Advanced Bioenergy Stakeholders (ETIP-B2022-2025) project that aims at triggering collaborative efforts of stakeholders from research to innovation to implementation in the field of renewable fuels and bioenergy. The ETIP Bioenergy aims to actively engage with stakeholders and civil society, link their needs to policy making of the European Union and Member States, and provide advice to industry.

Bioenergy Europe is the voice of European bioenergy. It aims to develop a sustainable bioenergy market based on fair business conditions. Founded in 1990, Bioenergy Europe is a non-profit, Brussels-based international organisation bringing together 40 associations and 157 companies, as well as 11 academia and research institutes from across Europe.


For over 20 years, F&L Asia has remained the preferred media choice for industry giants such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, SK Lubricants, S-Oil, Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite, Afton Chemical, BASF, Evonik Industries, Tianhe Chemicals and many more.

Each year, F&L Asia produces F+L Week, the industry conference and exhibition premier event. A sounding board for the latest developments in base oils, lubricants, fuels and additives, F+L Week attracts the very best amongst top industry scientists, market trend setters and decision makers from all around the planet to its economic epicentre in Asia.

Tecnon OrbiChem

Tecnon OrbiChem provides independent, third-party, expert assistance to chemicals producers and consumers, financial institutions and government agencies on projects and strategic issues. Our Individual Project Studies team advises customers on planning, marketing and market development, product diversification, mergers and acquisitions or divestments.


The Oils & Fats International (OFI) portfolio has been serving the oils and fats industry since 1985, offering publishing, events, online exposure and social media connections to this global industry.

OFI magazine is published eight times a year, including two themed biofuel issues. Each issue has a total worldwide print circulation of 6,500 and our digital ‘page-turn’ edition reaches over 59,000 recipients.

Each issue has dedicated news pages on biotechnology, biofuels, renewable materials and transport/logistics. The magazine also offers in-depth features on different topics including feedstocks; commodity trading; renewables; plant & technology; transport & logistics; speciality fats; sustainability; and testing and instrumentation.

The OFI series of exhibitions and conferences are held in growth markets around the world including Egypt, India, Malaysia, Morocco, the UAE and Turkey.


Biofuels International

BIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL magazine is brought out 10 times a year and is the leading global publication in the market. Designed to appeal to those who wish to learn and be kept abreast of this increasingly important area, the magazine encompasses, biodiesel, bioethanol, and biomass.

Every issue includes in-depth news analysis and features on related subjects, including distribution, handling, storage, equipment and second generation technology. Industry experts regularly contributing to the magazine include the European Bioethanol Fuel Association and Will Thurmond, author of Biodiesel 2020: A global market survey.

Biofuels International is mailed to a minimum of 3,100 named individuals within the sector and is the industry’s only audited magazine. These consist of senior engineers, technical managers, project managers, CEOs/managing directors and logistics and distribution managers, as well as the appropriate and relevant financial and trade bodies with a specific interest in the biofuels industry.

For more information please contact Claire Smith on [email protected]
Direct line +44 (0)203 551 5751 www.biofuels-news.com

Biobased Press 
(www.biobasedpress.eu) is an independent, non-sponsored website that takes a helicopter view of the biobased economy: it discusses business and research, and links the biobased economy to neighbouring areas like sustainability, biotechnology, energy, agriculture, policy and the economy. We also host the website www.precisioneconomy.com.

EAL5 Altenergy Algae Biomass

AltEnergyMag is an eMagazine full of News, articles and interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Alternative Energy industry. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization. Our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can report on itself. We offer those of you who work or have a passion for the Alternative Energy to contribute articles, news and product information for your peers to read and discover.


Biomass Events Algae Biomass

Biomass events promotion resource is the international events bulletin focusing on biomass news, biomass technologies, biomass conferences and exhibitions.

The website has been established to supply information about the latest events in biomass and bioenergy field. Our main objective is to support biomass industries worldwide, promoting key biomass events. We believe that biomass will play one of the decisive roles in creative sustainable bioenergy Europe.


ASD Media is an online media company. We provide professionals in dedicated markets with news, intelligence, and interaction opportunities. During the last five years we developed dedicated websites for events, reports, news distribution and source data, and changed the name of the ASD-Network to ASDNews to emphasize the news focus.


Bioferefing Blog publishes important, innovative technical aspects about the facilities, processes and technologies encompassed by the field of the green chemical engineering, bioeconomy and biorefining.

BRB’s aim is promote and encourage the development of the biorefineries and the growth of the bioeconomy in Spain, Europe and across the world.


If you would like to be an official Media Partner for 9th European Algae Industry Summit, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dimitri Pavlyk

Tel: +44 (0) 203 141 0610

Email: [email protected]




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