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European Algae Industry Summit

Date: 17th April 2024 - 18th April 2024 Location: London - UK

The application of algae has been extensively applied throughout numerous industries including food, cosmetics, biofuels, pharma and nutraceutical. The application and cultivation of algae has many benefits ranging from increasing and restoring biodiversity for marina animals by providing habitats, to their use in food and nutrition due to their rich volume of essential vitamins and minerals. As research and technology continue to advance, the uses of algae are likely to expand further offering sustainable solutions to various global challenges.

ACI’s 12th European Algae Industry Summit 2024 will take place on the 17th and 18th April 2024 in London. The two-day event will bring together business executives, industry leaders, academics, policymakers and stakeholders from the algae industry. The summit will provide a forum to exchange information, discuss recent developments and examine possibilities as well as challenges currently facing the industry. The 12th European Algae Industry Summit will hold interactive sessions and talks by experts in the field to allow participants to gain valuable insights to the current state of the algae industry as well as collaborative efforts aimed at advancing the sector. The summit will allow for a range of networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect and interact with likeminded professionals to discuss recent developments and examine possibilities with not just algae production and cultivation, but the vast prospects for the application throughout different industry markets.


17th April 2024
18th April 2024
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Joanna Mieloch – Delegate Sales
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Dimitri Pavlyk – Marketing, Sales & Media Partnerships
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Hubert Sosnowski – Sponsorship, Exhibition
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Holiday Inn London-Kensington
Wrights Lane Kensington
London, W8 5SP United Kingdom

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  • Current Market Overview of the European Algae Industry
  • Policy and Regulations Shaping the Algae Industry
  • Cultivating a Sustainable Future
  • Exploring Fermentation
  • Revolutionizing Aquaculture Through Algal Based Solutions
  • Expanding Customer Demand for Algae Products and Solutions
  • Algae Strain Identification, Selection and Genetic Modification
  • The Application of Algae Throughout the Food and cosmetic industry

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 30-45-minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:


 Hannah Mckenna

Tel: +44 20 314 10217

Email: [email protected]



  • Algae Producers and Cultivators
  • Marketing for Algae Based Products
  • Scientific Officers
  • Market Consultants
  • Policy Makers
  • Representatives From the EU
  • Technology and Equipment Developers / Suppliers
  • Representatives from the food and cosmetic industry
  • Green Technology and Biotechnology Investors
  • Algae Product Distributors
  • Feed and Aquaculture Professionals
Luis Costa, Executive Board Member for Operations & Business Development , A4F
Donal Mc Gee, Senior Microalgal Scientist , Algaecytes
David Erlandsson, Co-founder & Sales director, Aliga 
Johann David Lankes, Field Research Coordinator, Brilliant Planet Limited
Payam Mehrshahi, Manager, Algal Innovation Centre, University of Cambridge
Alison Smith, Director of Algal Innovation Centre, University of Cambridge
Richard Ozer, Global Technical Sales Manager, Crown Iron Works
Uma Sagaram, CTO, CyanoCapture 
Vitor Verdelho, General Manager, EABA
Jean-Paul Cadoret, Vice-President –  CSO, Algama, EABA
Pierre Mignon, Co-Founder, Edonia 
Carlos Unamunzaga Escosura, Director General – President, Fitoplancton Marino, S.L, EABA
Claude Kaplan, CEO, Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc
Sander Hazewinkel, CCO, Lgem Synalgae
Nuno Nunes, Associate Professor, ISOPlexis Centre Sustainable Agriculture and Food TechnologyMadeira University
Steven Schapera, Chairman, Simris
Alla Silkina, Research Officer, Bioscience Swansea University 
Saul Purton, Department of Structural and Molecular Biology, University College London
Ian Carr, Global Business Development Director, Veramaris

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On Tuesday the 16th April 2024, a day prior to the summit a limited number of delegates will receive the unique opportunity to join a behind-the-scenes visit to the Natural History Museum, where we’ll delve into the British Algal Archives.

The Museum’s collection of algae is one of the largest in the world, with more than a quarter of a million specimens from around the globe. This tour is available on invitation basis only and is not open to general public visiting the museum.

Don’t miss your chance to join this experience led by Jo Wilbraham, the Senior Curator responsible for algae collection at the museum. By participating in this exclusive interactive tour you’ll gain insights into the ongoing and upcoming algal research initiatives at the British Museum.

There is no extra charge to attend, but spaces are limited and are allocated to conference delegates on a first-come, first-served basis. Please indicate your interest when registering for the summit.

Originy is an innovative startup, also registered as Benefit Corporation, with the goal to spread technologies to add value to CO₂ by growing microalgae and extracting elements with high added value. Originy offers technologies to use CO₂ in the context of circular economy, grounding it on the concept of bio-refinery: by way of processes of biochemical conversion, CO₂ is employed to sustain the microalgal biomass and to obtain high value-added elements from it, throughout environment friendly extraction processes.
Business areas:

  • Originy system: Design and marketing of factory plants for microalgal growth.
    Originy has a modular manufacturing facility consisting of sealed polymer-based photobioreactors, designed and produced in-house, capable of yielding 4 tons of biomass per year, and featuring a high resistance to photo-oxidation and to fouling.
  • Originy consultancy: Consultation on production and extraction processes from plant biomasses and microalgal strains.
    Originy’s production is based on the concept of Green Extraction: extraction processes that reduce energy consumption and involve the use of non-toxic, environment friendly solvents, ensuring a high-quality extract.
  • Originy factory: Production and sale of microalgae based extracts.
    Thanks to the plant’s capacity and the possibility of being able to modulate it, microalgae production is diversified and used in various sectors:
    Nutraceutical: with the cultivation of Spirulina, from which Phycocyanin is extracted at a high degree of purity thanks to a method with proprietary and patented technology in collaboration with the CNR, for the formulation of food supplements
    Agricultural: with the cultivation of Chlorella, from which high-value compounds are extracted using ultrasound technology, for the production of biostimulants.




Established in 2014, Carniolus is a leader in algae-based technology, offering comprehensive solutions for microalgae production plants and the production of algae-based Omega-3 food ingredients.

Carniolus is at the cutting edge of microalgae production technology, offering a suite of bioreactors that employ patented (Sun)Light Concentration Panels (LCPs), customized LEDlighting systems and even hybrid bioreactors combining both technologies

These bioreactors come in different sizes and are designed for a range of applications, from small-scale R&D, mini or mid-scale production units up to large-scale commercial production. All reactor types can be combined meeting our client’s requirements regarding production capacity and available budgets. With a focus on automation, our state-of-the-art control systems enable efficient, single-person operation and offer the industry’s highest ratio of plant footprint to algae productivity.

In the realm of nutraceuticals and food-ingredients, Carniolus specializes in the extraction of poly-unsaturated lipids, offering high-quality, odour-free EPA and DHA based on its proprietary extraction and refining process and customized equipment from our top-tier OEM partners. We have right now started the construction of an EPA/ DHA biorefinery which has a design capacity in excess of 50 tons/year, the raw material supply will be provided by algae production plants built by us for 3rd party clients and using highly optimized algae strains.

As the global demand for algae-based solutions surges, Carniolus provides a scientifically robust and resource-efficient answer to some of the most pressing environmental and health challenges today.


Meticulous Research® | Decoding the Revenue Potential of the Algae Industry

Meticulous Research® is a trusted research partner for leading businesses around the world, providing market intelligence focused on building revenue transformation strategies. Our research is well accepted by various Fortune 500 organizations to attain success by scouting next-generation revenue opportunities well ahead of their competition.

We provide reliable market research across 21 megatrends or practices that are set to transform the future of different sectors. We have expertise in identifying cross-industry revenue opportunities and focus on finding answers to global business leaders’ daily challenges.

The Algae industry has been one of the key focus areas at Meticulous Research®. We have partnered with the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA), one of the leading associations in the algae industry, to understand the industry nuances and build a large portfolio of research studies on high-value algae products.

At Meticulous, we understand that once considered a niche ingredient, algae are increasingly paving their way toward gaining recognition as a superfood. While it is most associated with biofuels in Europe, the recent focus has been on exploring the uses of algae products in the food industry. More recently, startups focusing on algae as a food ingredient are raising huge investments from equity firms.

Since 2013, Meticulous Research® has worked closely with 70+ organizations of all sizes on various business needs, from understanding the true market potential of different algae products and their applications to strategizing commercialization and go-to-market approaches and supply chain optimization.

As the industry expands, Meticulous Research® is committed to enabling market players to always stay ahead of the curve and build sustainable revenue growth strategies for the future.




An innovative, global leader in oilseed extraction for 70+ years, Crown offers custom process engineering, equipment, piloting and aftermarket support for crush, refining, biofuels, renewable diesel (HVO) pretreatment, oleochemical and specialty markets including algae, plant-based proteins, hemp/CBD, food & beverage, fibers/polymers/waxes, nutraceuticals/botanicals, pharma and specialty chemicals. We customize the drying and solvent extraction processes to transform any source algae – heterotrophic, phototrophic, macro or ARA-producing groups – into current and emerging products in nutraceuticals, plant-based proteins, cosmetics, fibers and bio-oils.

Crown’s Global Innovation Center features a 15,000 square-foot, full-scale pilot plant, training facilities and analytical lab. Here, customers can access real-world capabilities in a confidential, controlled environment to develop and test product and process feasibility, run benchtop scale to custom processing, commercialize and train staff. Combined with Crown’s technical expertise, guidance and proven technologies, the Innovation Center enables customers to optimize efficiencies of current operations and bring new products to market faster and more sustainably with less risk.

Crown, a division of CPM Holdings Inc., is a 142-year-old, Minnesota-based, global company with additional offices in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Netherlands, Honduras, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.


ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:


Hubert Sosnowski

Tel: +48 61 646 7059

Email[email protected]





The general objective of the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) is to promote mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of biomass production and use, including biofuels uses and all other utilisations. It aims at creating, developing and maintaining solidarity and links between its Members and at defending their interests at European and international level. Its main target is to act as a catalyst for fostering synergies among scientists, industrialists and decision makers in order to promote the development of research, technology and industrial capacities in the field of Algae.


Fecc is a Thought Leadership Platform connecting all parts of the value chain so that distributors of raw materials, ingredients and chemicals can create a sustainable future.
A European federation with a global reach, Fecc is there to listen, be the voice for, inform and serve our industry and its stakeholders.

EUREC, the Association of Renewable Energy Research Centers, promotes European research and education activities for the renewable energy sector, and supports the development of innovative technologies to enable the transition to a sustainable energy system. The organisation was founded in 1991 as European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.).

EUREC’s members are prominent research and development (R&D) groups spread across Europe, operating in all renewable energy technologies. Our members also conduct research into supporting technologies such as energy efficiency, storage, distribution and integration, and undertake studies to evaluate the social and economic aspects surrounding renewable energy.

Apart from work in policy development and education and training (through the European Masters programmes), EUREC is involved – to varying levels from communication to coordination or advisory – in numerous European co-funded projects centred on renewable technologies. These technologies revolve around a wide array of technologies (wind, biomass, small hydro, marine, geothermal, photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, and solar thermal heating and cooling).

EUREC is a partner of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy – Support of Renewable Fuels and Advanced Bioenergy Stakeholders (ETIP-B2022-2025) project that aims at triggering collaborative efforts of stakeholders from research to innovation to implementation in the field of renewable fuels and bioenergy. The ETIP Bioenergy aims to actively engage with stakeholders and civil society, link their needs to policy making of the European Union and Member States, and provide advice to industry.


For over 20 years, F&L Asia has remained the preferred media choice for industry giants such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, SK Lubricants, S-Oil, Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite, Afton Chemical, BASF, Evonik Industries, Tianhe Chemicals and many more.

Each year, F&L Asia produces F+L Week, the industry conference and exhibition premier event. A sounding board for the latest developments in base oils, lubricants, fuels and additives, F+L Week attracts the very best amongst top industry scientists, market trend setters and decision makers from all around the planet to its economic epicentre in Asia.

Tecnon OrbiChem

Tecnon OrbiChem provides independent, third-party, expert assistance to chemicals producers and consumers, financial institutions and government agencies on projects and strategic issues. Our Individual Project Studies team advises customers on planning, marketing and market development, product diversification, mergers and acquisitions or divestments.


The Oils & Fats International (OFI) portfolio has been serving the oils and fats industry since 1985, offering publishing, events, online exposure and social media connections to this global industry.

OFI magazine is published eight times a year, including two themed biofuel issues. Each issue has a total worldwide print circulation of 6,500 and our digital ‘page-turn’ edition reaches over 59,000 recipients.

Each issue has dedicated news pages on biotechnology, biofuels, renewable materials and transport/logistics. The magazine also offers in-depth features on different topics including feedstocks; commodity trading; renewables; plant & technology; transport & logistics; speciality fats; sustainability; and testing and instrumentation.

The OFI series of exhibitions and conferences are held in growth markets around the world including Egypt, India, Malaysia, Morocco, the UAE and Turkey.


Biofuels International

BIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL magazine is brought out 10 times a year and is the leading global publication in the market. Designed to appeal to those who wish to learn and be kept abreast of this increasingly important area, the magazine encompasses, biodiesel, bioethanol, and biomass.

Every issue includes in-depth news analysis and features on related subjects, including distribution, handling, storage, equipment and second generation technology. Industry experts regularly contributing to the magazine include the European Bioethanol Fuel Association and Will Thurmond, author of Biodiesel 2020: A global market survey.

Biofuels International is mailed to a minimum of 3,100 named individuals within the sector and is the industry’s only audited magazine. These consist of senior engineers, technical managers, project managers, CEOs/managing directors and logistics and distribution managers, as well as the appropriate and relevant financial and trade bodies with a specific interest in the biofuels industry.

For more information please contact Claire Smith on [email protected]
Direct line +44 (0)203 551 5751 www.biofuels-news.com

Biobased Press 
(www.biobasedpress.eu) is an independent, non-sponsored website that takes a helicopter view of the biobased economy: it discusses business and research, and links the biobased economy to neighbouring areas like sustainability, biotechnology, energy, agriculture, policy and the economy. We also host the website www.precisioneconomy.com.

Biomass Events Algae Biomass

Biomass events promotion resource is the international events bulletin focusing on biomass news, biomass technologies, biomass conferences and exhibitions.

The website has been established to supply information about the latest events in biomass and bioenergy field. Our main objective is to support biomass industries worldwide, promoting key biomass events. We believe that biomass will play one of the decisive roles in creative sustainable bioenergy Europe.


ASD Media is an online media company. We provide professionals in dedicated markets with news, intelligence, and interaction opportunities. During the last five years we developed dedicated websites for events, reports, news distribution and source data, and changed the name of the ASD-Network to ASDNews to emphasize the news focus.


Bioferefing Blog publishes important, innovative technical aspects about the facilities, processes and technologies encompassed by the field of the green chemical engineering, bioeconomy and biorefining.

BRB’s aim is promote and encourage the development of the biorefineries and the growth of the bioeconomy in Spain, Europe and across the world.


If you would like to be an official Media Partner for 9th European Algae Industry Summit, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dimitri Pavlyk

Tel: +44 (0) 203 141 0610

Email: [email protected]




At the event we strive not only to bring you to the same location at the same time as your customers/suppliers/peers, we strive to ensure you meet face-to-face with each and every one of your target contacts and to provide you with the time you need to have multiple unhurried conversations with them and build a lasting business relationship:

• A pre-event informal introduction the evening before the conference
• A minimum of five hours’ networking built into the two day conference agenda
• A networking grid which enables you to make your target contacts aware you are looking for them
• The option to join either social drinks or dinner during the evening of Day One
• ACI’s on-site team will assist you in locating your hard-to-find target contacts & make face-to-face introductions

Of course, if there is anybody you are unable to meet over the two days, ACI’s event team will do their best to initiate contact after the event.




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