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24th Ballast Water Management Conference

Date: 16th March 2022 - 17th March 2022 Location: Rotterdam - The Netherlands

ACI’s Ballast Water Management Conference will be taking place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 16th and 17th of March 2022.

For its twenty-fourth edition, the conference will provide an in-depth look at the latest developments in the Ballast Water Industry, focusing on technological and regulatory advances.

Over two days, the event will give you essential insight into potential ship-owner and port solutions, and analysis of retrofitting and maintenance experience, through case studies, interactive sessions and panel discussions led by industry experts.

Once again, the conference will bring together senior executives from ship-owner and ship-management companies, regulatory institutes, equipment providers and fitters, commissioning testers, researchers, as well as other influential stakeholders involved in the Ballast Water Management supply chain.

Join us in Rotterdam to exchange your opinions and technical knowledge with your peers, and engage in excellent networking opportunities.



16th March 2022
17th March 2022
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Salil Kanwar – Marketing & Delegate Sales
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Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark
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Rotterdam, 3062 Netherlands
+31 10 250 9002
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  • Ballast Water Management System Technical Evaluation
  • Overcoming Vessel-Specific Ballast Water Management Challenges
  • Team, Tools & On Board Training
  • Age of Vessels vs Revenue over Remaining Lifetime
  • Vessels Owners Experience & Best Practises
  • Moving Towards Prosperous Retrofitting for 2022
  • Port State Control Inspections
  • Going Beyond the Current Ballast Water Management Systems and Legislation
  • Power Requirement Compliance: Energy Usage of Ballast Water Treatment Systems


Kay Conrad, Project Manager – Fleet Management, Oldendorff Carriers

Nikolas Vaporis, Chief Technical Officer, Capital Ship Management Corp.

Dietrich Dabels, Manager Business Development, ABS

Marcelo Rodrigues, Scientist, Brookes Bell

Martin Skytte, Sales, BAWAT

Kristijan Tesar, SSQ&E Manager, SeaQuest Shipmanagement

Jurrien Baretta, Technical Sales Manager, Optimarin

Suramya Khilnani, Project Manager, Albion Marine Solutions

Katja Broeg, Senior Scientist, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency

Christopher Brown, Director – Golden Bear Research Center, California State University Maritime Academy

Cees van Slooten, CUC-IL Coordinator, Control Union

Dr. Lawrence Kuroshi, Senior Manager, Nigerian Ports Authority

Ashok Srinivasan, Maritime Technology and Regulation Manager, BIMCO

Marius Blom, CEO & Managing Partner, BLOM Maritime

Nikos Drimalas, Sales Director, ERMA FIRST

Gitte Ingelise Petersen, Head of Department BWL, DHI Group

Prof Peter Vidmar, Dean, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana

Andreas Lougridis, EU Area BDM, Maritec Pte Ltd

Jad Mouawad, CEO, Mouawad Consulting

Giles Candy, Owner, Giles Environmental LLC

Nick Welschmeyer, Professor/Lead Scientist, CSU and Golden Bear Research Center

Claus Beiersdorfer, Head of BW TEAM, Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH


Kay Conrad, Project Manager – Fleet Management, Oldendorff Carriers

Ashok Srinivasan, Maritime Technology and Regulation Manager, BIMCO

Jurrien Baretta, Technical Sales Manager, Optimarin

Kristijan Tesar, SSQ&E Manager, SeaQuest Shipmanagement

Sebastian Ebbing, Technical Advisor Climate, Marine fuels, Innovation and Funding, Danelec Marine A/S (VDR)

William Burroughs, Senior Environmental Solutions Consultant, American Bureau of Shipping

ACI’s Ballast Water Management Conference will bring together senior executives from:

  • Ship-owner and ship-management companies
  • Technology providers
  • Policy / regulation / environmental institutions
  • Research centres and academia

ERMA FIRST designs and manufactures innovative Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) in compliance with the latest legislation. ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT holds USCG Type Approval, Final Approval by IMO and Type Approval by LR. The system is an advanced modular solution suitable for newbuilds as well as for retrofits. Nowadays, ERMA FIRST has a prestigious reference list comprised of ship-owners and shipyards worldwide.

ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is developed to exceed all special installation requirements. Covering an extensive capacity range of 50-3740 m3/hr, the system is suitable for all types and sizes of vessels. The major components of the system are an automatic back-flushing filter and an electrolytic cell of outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions. Using an active substance produced by the method of electrolysis, the re-growth of microorganisms is eliminated.


Bawat BWMS – Pasteurization of ballast water by utilizing waste heat

Bawat is offering a simple, cost-efficient BWMS that provides owners with an effective solution to solve their ballast water treatment challenges.

The Bawat BWMS technology is based on pasteurization. By pasteurizing the ballast water is the vessel presented with unique operational flexibility where the crew does not have to take turbidity, salinity, or temperature of the ballast water into consideration when operating the system.

The waste heat from the main engine, thermal boilers, steam systems or auxiliary systems drives the pasteurization process lowering the OPEX for the BWMS significantly.

The Bawat BWMS is a filter-less one-pass system where the ballast water is compliant immediately after it has been treated once through the BWMS. The treated ballast water can be pumped directly overboard or into the ballast tanks after the treatment is completed.

The system consists of standard marine components (plate heat exchangers, a pump, valves different sensors) – that most marine engineers are familiar with and have the knowledge on how to service and maintain.

The Bawat BWMS – simple and efficient BWMS.


BOLL & KIRCH is a global operating manufacturer and specialist for tailor-made filtration solutions. We set standards in filtration of liquids and gases to protect the environment and machinery. Beside many landbased industrial operation our filtration technology is widely used for maritime application, such as lube oil and fuel oil treatment, exhaust gas cleaning, fresh water generation, LNG regasification and Ballast Water filtration. Our application-optimised automatic, duplex and simplex filters are a result of our own R & D and comply with international technical standards.



MEA-nl is an independent test facility for BWMS founded in 2012. It has become a reliable partner for BWMS manufacturers, ship managers, component suppliers and national administrations. Services include Type Approval and R&D testing, as well as commissioning verification and periodical VGP testing for vessels trading to the USA.

Large investments were made by the industry based on the aim of the BWM Convention. The Convention was finalised in 2004 without having equipment available for treatment and analyses. In this respect it was unique. Today, this has changed and by now, the discussion is about indicative analyses versus detailed analyses and best practices for sampling on board.  However, in our day to day business we experience that stakeholders still lack basic information

There is a growing need for uniform enforcement to maintain the level playing field for ship-owners and to not lose the aim of preventing the spread of invasive species from sight. At the same time the potential of a peak in installations and demand for commissioning is increasing. Such may overstretch both installation and testing capacities and thus create a bottleneck. Therefore, we would like to share our vision on commissioning, practicalities and what could be done to ease bottlenecks.


DHI Ballast Water & Laboratories

Accelerate your type approval – customer focused

DHI provides performance testing for type approval of ballast water management systems (BWMS) according to the IMO BWMS Code and the United States Coast Guard standard.

More than 20 manufacturers of BWMS have tested their systems at DHI, and several have returned for testing new models or alternative filters. DHI has completed more successful type approval tests than any other testing organisation – about half of the type approvals granted by the U.S. Coast Guard are based on performance testing by DHI.

DHI understands that time to market is of utmost importance for the manufacturers. DHI is highly efficient in all steps of the type approval test. We offer pilot testing to help setting the performance claim of the BWMS, we have the capacity for completing the type approval testing, and we deliver test reports with high quality according to agreed timelines.

DHI performs commissioning testing of BWMS directly after the installation in ports in Europe and Asia. COVID-19 currently imposes travel limitations, and we are working hard to find the best solutions for meeting the requests for testing.

Our team is truly international and includes several nationalities from Asia and Europe. We strive to deliver the best service to our customers – the diversity of the team helps us doing exactly that.


Maritec Pte Ltd (Maritec), a member of Centre Testing International Group, a leading Ballast Water Testing and Consultancy Company in Asia. Maritec provides commissioning test and VGP test of ballast water management systems (BWMS) according to the IMO BWMS Code and the USCG Requirement. We have 5 Ballast Water Laboratories in China, the country with the biggest newbuilding and retrofit market, and have partnering Laboratories in Singapore.

Maritec employs in-house surveyors to perform Commissioning and VGP test in China and Singapore. We are planning on expanding our capabilities in Europe, Middle East and United States and South America. Our technical team of Marine professionals from various disciplines will support clients comprising of ship owners, manufactures and shipyards for technical issues related to testing of Ballast Water and commissioning of Treatment Systems.

Maritec, your one-stop ballast water testing and solutions expert.


Blom Maritime is a part of the TECO Maritime Group, with focus on marine engineering and naval architecture. Our team consists of project managers, naval architects, piping engineers, structural engineers, surveyors and data analysts, as needed to support our multidisciplinary projects. We specialize in capturing and optimizing “as-is” data for improved engineering and project execution. In fact, Blom Maritime is the world leading supplier of 3D digital data capturing.

Linking high-resolution 3D scanned point clouds into the maritime CAD world of our customers and partners requires are suite of software products. In our daily work, we connect to software from AVEVA, ANSYS, AutoDesk, Bentley, Rhino,and Leica,

2. Applications combining 3D scanning, design & operation of ships

The high-resolution 3D scan results in a point cloud that can be integrated in CAD and VR (Virtual reality) software for a multitude of industry applications, as briefly outlined below.

2.1. Survey and 3D Laser scanning

  • Retrofit surveys
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Virtual representation
  • Cloud data with an accuracy of ±2 mm is achieved
  • No interruption to the assets’ operations, while scanning

2.2. 3D conceptual (re-)design

  • Conceptual design
  • Virtual merging existing systems with new design


The Norwegian Institute for Water Research’s (NIVA’s) Section for Ballast Water Treatment Technology consists of highly qualified staff with extensive expertise ensuring the highest quality results, professional integrity and confidentiality. We have over 15 years of experience with R&D and procedures for testing treatment technologies for ballast water and are world leaders in completed full scale land-based testing and shipboard testing.

NIVA have experience in running all required tests as proven by the PureBallast certification. We have Comprehensive Quality Management Plan (QMP) and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) conforming to The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements. We work in close cooperation with certification agencies and regulators and have all the necessary facilities and equipment in order to conduct all required tests.

  • Small scale, pilot scale and laboratory testing for system evaluation and development, basic approval, applications and verification of performance prior to full-scale testing.
  • Full-scale land-based testing of treatment technologies in accordance with IMO guidelines (G8/G9).
  • Shipboard testing of treatment technologies in accordance with IMO guidelines and design by mutual agreement.

Laboratory facilities in Oslo and test facility at Solbergstrand include:

  • Large-scale growing capacity for added organisms (bacteria, algae and zooplankton), a harvesting system for naturally occurring algae and zooplankton
  • Access to accredited analytical services in chemistry and biology, and test systems for eco-toxicological tests
  • Comprehensive generic project plan (PP) and Quality Assurance plan (QAPP) conforming to IMO requirements
  • Freshwater, brackish and seawater available, by using groundwater, seawater intakes from different depths
  • Flexible system for pumping water in ballasting and deballasting operations during pilot and full-scale tests


ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Ketan Kulkarni

Tel: +44 20 7981 9800

Mobile: +91 9860 70 8434

Email: [email protected]









ISES is essentially a non-profit enterprise that exists to co-ordinate and market the international activities of its member companies. To help achieve this aim it employs a Secretary General who is based in the UK near Newbury. As a group, the objective of ISES is to unite an independent, high quality worldwide network of members to provide electrical, mechanical, electronic and specialised services to the marine industry.

Member companies benefit from being part of a global network which enables them to extend their services worldwide and share technical knowledge and co-operation with other members. The ISES Marine Service Guide is produced annually and mailed to over 5,000 ship owners and managers, thus raising members’ profiles by listing their full details, locations and capabilities to potential customers. A copy of the guide is also left on vessels that members are called onboard to service. Through global networking members are able to discuss issues, share information and help resolve problems.

Ship owners who engage the services of an ISES member can be confident that they are utilising the skills of a quality assured service company. The Association has over 50 members in more than 30 countries, covering over 150 ports, including some not covered by other service networks. Many of the members have experienced engineers who have been trained in a variety of manufacturers products, thus their expertise is not limited to a single brand. In addition many have access to different manufacturers spare parts. There is also co-ordination between members ensuring adequate follow up from port-to-port.






Cargo Connections was formed in the summer of 2014 and offers Restricted Representation, which means membership will only be offered to a limited number of freight forwarders who offer air, sea and road freight services per country. With a cutting-edge website, Cargo Connections offers innovative membership benefits including a useful Smartphone Service.







A worldwide alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders in exclusive territories, disciplined cooperation, and a single brand name –that’s the CONQUEROR formula for growing your business!

The CONQUEROR Freight Network (CQR) gives one agent in each local market the advantages that only the biggest logistics players once enjoyed: a global brand, a network of top-class agentswell-defined territories, and much more!






The Maritime Standard (TMS) is a Dubai-based media company, which publishes a fortnightly online newsletter that covers developments in the shipping, ports and other maritime industries in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. TMS delivers the most accurate, up-to-date news about the market and has built up the largest circulation of any shipping-related online newsletter in this region.

TMS also publishes the very successful The Maritime Standard UAE Yearbook covering key developments across the country’s maritime sector, the annual publication aims to publicise the UAE’s achievements both locally and internationally, through in depth articles, researched first hand.








Freightbook is a fast growing online searchable database containing profiles of 1000+ freight forwarders in 140+ countries. Each company can provide comprehensive logistics solutions through their experienced staff who have an in-depth understanding of their local market. To obtain rates and advice on a shipment, please complete our Get A Quote form. Our simple but effective system enables you to obtain advice and pricing from all registered freight agents in the country of origin, thus providing a variety of options. Alternatively, please search our database and contact companies directly www.freightbook.net.






Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide provides news on shipping and maritime trade, as well as shipbuilding, ports, marine insurance, shipping law, freights and commodities, energy-oil and of course stock markets and the global economy. This makes it a “one-stop-shop” for everybody interested in shipping and all aspects affecting its course.

Furthermore, a free daily newsletter with the most important news is delivered to thousands of listed recipients from more than 165 countries worldwide.






HR in Asia is a human resource online media publication. We cover Human resources News, trends, interviews, and events articles across Asia. We covering the latest developments in the domains of employer branding, recruitment, retention, employee relations, people development, HR technology, and outsourcing.

HR in Asia seeks to connect psychological insights with the best practices and experiences of HR professionals, business owners, and C-level executives in the corporate sector. In addition, we provide the latest developments and trends in the regional HR space for employees and job-seekers that seek to understand.








The internet resource – contains all the necessary data and tools essential for success in the bunker industry — it is the embodiment of the “ONE-STOP website” concept.
We provide:

Price indications for 350+ ports worldwide, updated daily. You can see the source and connect to the seller;
Today’s and tomorrow’s Bunker Price Forecasts for 38 ports in USD/mton, updated continuously.
Bunker prices based on Oil Future (OFCP) for more than 120 ports;
Spot Price history starting from 2002;
Bunker market reviews: daily, weekly, monthly
Bunker market news;
The cheapest access to Oil Futures real-Time;
Unique tools for market assessment: MABUX World and Regional indexes, Future Curves and Price Forecasts







“Marasi News” is a UAE bi-monthly magazine with a major focus on maritime industry locally, regionally and internationally. It has started as UAE initiative to help enhance the maritime industry. The magazine has been awarded “The Best Maritime Media 2016”.

The magazine has become one of the must read publications for senior decision makers in the marine and shipping industry. Marasi features in-depth interviews with high profile figures such as Ministers, CEOs from the maritime and ports industries along with the latest news from around the world, expert analysis, special reports and prominent events coverage.

The magazine also leads the way with up-to-the-minute and accurate data utilizing its network in the world’s leading shipping hubs to provide readers with a unique insight into the region’s shipping and ports business.







Project Cargo Network(PCN) is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organisation established to provide a networking platform for the world’s top project cargo specialists. Our Members handle the transportation of oversized and heavy items or shipments that consist of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. They offer project cargo management for engineering, procurement and construction companies servicing energy, mining, chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, infrastructure and other sectors. Our fast-growing organisation comprises of 220+ specialists in 105+ countries.

Visit projectcargonetwork.com







10times is the world’s largest service provider for business events. We are using technology to change the way our millions of users discover and experience events. Spread across 10,000 cities, we are in the process of developing a cutting edge mobile technology in order to re-invent how this industry conducts business.






ASDReports – Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Are you mastering your market? Do you know what the market potential is for your product, who the market players are and what the growth forecast is? We offer global, regional or country specific research studies for almost any market imaginable. Our market research reports consist of market analysis with statistical and analytical information, applications, industry analysis, market shares, technology and technology shifts, important players, and the developments in the market. At ASDReports.com, you will find all the globally available market research and company reports from well-respected market research companies, all leaders in their field. ASDReports is totally independent and serves its customers by providing the most reliable market research available, as we understand how important this is for you.






Ship Technology Global is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the shipping industry, bringing you the latest news and analysis in a convenient digital format that can be read online in the web browser of any device. Published bi-monthly and free to read, this digital magazine brings together insights into key market and investment trends, policy changes affecting the industry, and new technological developments. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the global shipping industry, we take a look at the latest in shipbuilding and engineering, cruise operations and commercial shipping, as well as environmental and safety considerations across the shipping sector.






Ship2Shore is one of the most successful on-line magazines in the Mediterranean region and the leading news provider in Italy exploring the financial, economical, political and legal aspects of the transports industry.

News are published daily on the website, grouped into macro-categories (shipping&shipyards, ports&services,  logistics&intermodal transport, energy&offshore, others) to help readers finding easily and quickly what they need.

A weekly pdf magazine, published on Monday and announced by a newsletter, offers a complete overview of the most important topics as well as in-depth analysis, interviews and further stories; periodic Special Features complete the information offer.

Thanks to accurate and high quality information that can be browsed directly on desktops and mobile devices, Ship2Shore is a useful working tool for being regularly updated as well as an effective means for web advertising.

A free trial is available by signing up on www.ship2shore.it/english




Based in London, UK, Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) exists to facilitate the safe and profitable exchange of business between its Members. SFN, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, is an International Group of Exclusive and non-Exclusive Specialist Freight Networks operating under one unifying umbrella. SFN links together 245+ elite independent small and medium sized Freight Forwarders in 112+ countries, whom are united in their quest to find global, trusted, specialist agents. Experts in their respective fields, SFN Members are able to handle the requirements of global importers and exporters, in an efficient and professional manner.









Universal Freight Organisation (UFO) was formed in January 2000 and today the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified association boasts representation in 120+ countries. UFO are proud to have maintained a ‘One Member per Country’ policy (with the exception of USA and China), making them one of the only remaining exclusive freight forwarder networks in the world.







World Freight Network, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, successfully links together 270+ independent freight forwarders in 124 countries. Based in London, UK, WFN exists to facilitate the safe and profitable exchange of business between its Members. WFN recruits strong, high calibre forwarders, dedicated to providing an excellent service. Upon joining WFN, forwarders are introduced to an international group of proficient, vetted partners all sharing one goal: to increase business volumes. WFN has achieved a truly global presence and its Members have the local expertise necessary to meet the demanding requirements of the world’s top importers and exporters. www.worldfreightnetwork.com





Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils’ web portalwww.worldoils.com has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils has strengthened its position as a fast developing central place for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment.









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