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Oleofuels 2018

Date: 6th June 2018 - 7th June 2018 Location: Helsinki - Finland

Already on its 11th edition of highly successful series of the event, Oleofuels 2018 will bring together senior representatives from the biodiesel, renewable diesel, HVO and fossil fuels industries to discuss all the latest market advancements, developments & business opportunities. The event will cover current key challenges and issues faced by the industry and provide in depth discussions and analysis of today`s European & global policies and regulations, updates on feedstock availability & sourcing strategies, followed by cutting – edge technology & chemistry innovations, providing an informative and balanced approach for participants from across the entire supply chain.

Join us in Helsinki to hear from the leading Oleofuels experts discussing most pressing matters for the industry: regulatory uncertainties related to the key policies in Europe (REDII, ILUC, FQD7a), its impact on the overall supply & demand trends, Global market updates, as well as key business opportunities. During the two days of the conference you will also hear comprehensive updates on the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) & Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) production status, followed by insights into the feedstocks availability & the need of staying competitive in the light of growing expansion of biofuels production.

Make the most of fantastic networking opportunities with your peers and take advantage of high level discussions & knowledge share.

Exclusive Site Visit to Neste’s Porvoo Refinery:

During the afternoon of Tuesday 5th of June 2018, a limited number of conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit NESTE Porvoo Refinery site.

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come—first served basis. Please register your attendance when booking for the conference, contact Cheryl Williams on +44 (0) 203 141 0623


6th June 2018
7th June 2018
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Marta Kielerska – Content
+48 (0) 61 646 7058
Cheryl Williams – Marketing, Sales & Media Partnerships
+44 (0) 203 141 0623
Aleksandre Chrikishvili – Sponsorship
+48 (0) 61 646 9780
Jayme Burns – Logistics
+44 (0) 203 141 0640


We will confirm the venue approximately 4-6 weeks before the event to ensure we find the most suitable space because numbers can vary dramatically. There will be a discounted accommodation rate for conference attendees.
Helsinki, Finland
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During the afternoon of Tuesday 5th of June 2018, a limited number of conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit NESTE Porvoo Refinery site.

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come—first served basis. Please register your attendance when booking for the conference.

  • Evaluating The Future Of Oleofuels Sustainability In The Regulatory Context
  • Operating In The Ever-changing Legislative Environment: Fossil Fuels & Oleofuels Perspectives
  • In Depth Insights Into The European Oleofuels Markets
  • Prime Industry Advancements & Future Technology Projects
  • Comprehensive Analysis Of Key Global Market Challenges & Business Opportunities
  • Current Status Of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) & (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) FAME : Production & Operational Implementations And Barriers
  • In Search For Best Feedstocks Sourcing Strategies
  • Avoiding Coexistence Of Renewable Products Becoming An Internecine Warfare
  • Acknowledging The Importance Of Oleofuels Within The European Economy Cycle
  • Key Business Applications & Opportunities
  • Staying Competitive In The Fast Growing Biofuels Production Expansion
  • Oliver Herzberg, Global Feedstock Consultant, BP
  • Florian Gollin, Sales Manager, EcoMotion
  • Gabriele Walli, Biofuels & Feedstocks Supply, OMV
  • Adam Stepien, Managing Director, Polish Chamber of Biofuels
  • Bruce Ross, Managing Director, Ross Gordon Consultants                                                        
  • Bharadwaj.V.Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

Polish Chamber of Biofuels (KIB) is actually the biggest trade organization associating companies producing biofuels in Poland. Mainly, our members are directly connected with ethanol, biodiesel and biogas production. In accordance with the provisions of the statute, Chamber is dealing with both issues related to the promotion of the renewable fuels use in transport as well as encouraging farmers to produce crops for energy purposes. Our organization’s activities are concentrated also on widely understood rural development, “green diversification” of energy sources in power and heating sector and increasing the competitiveness of our members by direct support, lobbying actions and improving professional skills.


BIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL magazine is brought out 10 times a year and is the leading global publication in the market. Designed to appeal to those who wish to learn and be kept abreast of this increasingly important area, the magazine encompasses, biodiesel, bioethanol, and biomass.

Every issue includes in-depth news analysis and features on related subjects, including distribution, handling, storage, equipment and second generation technology. Industry experts regularly contributing to the magazine include the European Bioethanol Fuel Association and Will Thurmond, author of Biodiesel 2020: A global market survey. Biofuels International is mailed to a minimum of 3,000 named individuals within the sector.


Oleoline is a market research organisation started in the year 2000 by the HBI group. HBI has been publishing market reports on Glycerine since 1986. Over the years Oleoline has developed a portfolio of products in glycerine, oleochemicals and biodiesel .

Unlike other market report firms, Oleoline is unique in that it provides an independent and accurate portfolio of reports from the market. Each report is written by an experienced broker who has been handling a significant volume of the product for many years. making Oleoline’s reports significantly more reactive to market changes and equally importantly, not vulnerable to market player manipulation.

Oleoline   also provides   comprehensive archives of historical price data for the   markets we study. If none of our regular reports meet your requirements, you may engage Oleoline on a consulting basis to work on a customized project.


GREENEA – Your broker in Europe specialized in waste-based feedstock and Biodiesel

We offer brokerage services to companies producing raw materials and to companies in the Oleochemicals, Bioenergy and Biofuels sector. Our industry expertise in agriculture, renewable feedstock and market trends allows us to offer advice, solutions and bring you new customers. In this sense, Greenea brings about significant development opportunities for your company.

Our team provides services to regional biofuels producers, petroleum refineries, pet food & feed industry players, biomass power plants and traders thanks to the company’s close relationship with producers and suppliers of feedstock & Biofuels in Europe and worldwide.

Visit us at http://www.greenea.com/en/

The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is the global organization dedicated to supporting and representing the wide range of actors in the bioenergy sector. Our members include bioenergy organizations, institutions, companies and individuals. Since its foundation in 2008, WBA has been working to address a number of pressing issues including certification, sustainability criteria, bioenergy promotion, and the debates about bioenergy ́s impact on food, land-use and water supply.

Mission: Promote the increasing utilization of bioenergy globally in an efficient and sustainable way and to support the business environment for bioenergy.



Created in 2014, Teraz Środowisko has already established a leader position among Polish B2B online media specialised in environmental issues.

It provides daily market, legal and technological information about sector’s evolution. Every week, an expert is giving their opinion about emerging national or international issues. Moreover, Teraz Środowisko is thought to be a practical tool for professionals, offering them events agenda, legal acts listing and job offers from the sector.


With a growing community, PetrolPlaza is the No.1 online publication for the petrol retailing, fuel logistics and car wash markets. PetrolPlaza has been online since 1998 and, as the first online publication for this industry, it enjoys an excellent reputation amongst decision makers worldwide. PetrolPlaza offers daily updated market news and a newsletter service free of charge. The high internationality of both content and readers, which come from all over the world, is unique in the market.


ASD Media is an online media company. We provide professionals in dedicated markets with news, intelligence, and interaction opportunities. During the last five years we developed dedicated websites for events, reports, news distribution and source data, and changed the name of the ASD-Network to ASDNews to emphasize the news focus.



Eco-Business.com is Asia Pacific’s leading publication on cleantech, smart cities, responsible business and sustainable development. Our platforms include the award-winning Eco-Business.com news website which attracts 80,000+ monthly visitors and a weekly newsletter that’s emailed to over 67,000 subscribers.



If you would like to be an official Media Partner for Oleofuels 2018, please do not hesitate to contact:

Cheryl Williams
+44 (0)203 141 0623


IMERYS is the world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry, delivering  high value-added, functional solutions to a great number of sectors. IMERYS Filtration is the largest global supplier of engineered mineral products for filtration. Derived from diatomite and perlite, natural raw materials possessing unusually light density, chemical inertness, high surface area and intricate structure, IMERYS Filter Aids have been used for the filtration of vegetable oils, oleochemichals and biodiesel for decades.

IMERYS filtration has developed a range of speciality adsorbents specific for biodiesel industry –  CynerSorb™ – engineered to increase filtration performance, without compromising on adsorption characteristics. Designed using a diatomite filter aid “base”, it has all the filtration characteristics of a diatomite. However, IMERYS has successfully surface-engineered the individual diatomite particles so they also have the necessary adsorption functionality.

The result – an adsorbent that reduces/removes the need for additional filter aid.  Not only does this simplify the filtration process, but the reduction of powder dosage means longer filter runs, less spent filtrer cake, lower oil losses and a total cost reduction. CynerSorb™  can also be used as a pre-treatment solution to allow usage of multiple or lower quality feedstocks.




Solid Solutions In A Fluid World

Nijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries. We meet today’s challenges as well as those of the future, as a response towards a CIRCULAR economy in a ‘fluid’ world. To accommodate the customer requirements, Nijhuis offers customized installations, to create profit out of (waste)water, process water and waste.

Turn Your Cost Center Into A PROFIT Center

At Nijhuis Industries it is our mission to help customers to reduce, reuse and recover water and resources to create profit. We help our valued customers to meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency and reduce life cycle cost at the same time.

Sustainable Water Use & Resource Recovery

We provide a multidisciplinary team and a unique in-house portfolio, realizing smart and game-changing solutions and systems in sustainable water use and resource recovery, combined with our intelligent services.

Why Nijhuis in the oil and gas industry?

  • More than 30 years of experience in the O&G industry.
  • Extensive experience in turn-key realization, retrofit, rental and packaged WWTP’s.
  • Flexible partner, ensuring fast-track project realization organized project execution and engineering.
  • In-house developed products and solutions.
  • Single units, integrated solutions or modular solutions.
  • International safety standards: ATEX, Norsok and custom-made.
  • ISO certified company: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.




Agrisoma is meeting the growing global demand for sustainably sourced, renewable biofuels with Carinata, a non-food crop designed for producing low GHG fuels. Over the last 5 years, Agrisoma has established commercial production programs for Carinata in North and South America and are rapidly expanding globally to meet the demand for low GHG fuels.

Two of the strongest driving factors behind how Agrisoma develops our Carinata are sustainability and scalability.  Carinata was developed with the farmer, the fuel producer, and everyone in between in mind. On the farm side, Carinata fits seamlessly into existing cropping rotation strategies. Carinata is primarily grown as a winter or cover crop.  This has the dual benefit of improving soil quality and not diverting land from the production of food (a factor called indirect land use change, or iLUC), which has been a major inhibitor in the biofuel industry.  As a feedstock for biofuel production, Carinata oil is very sustainably produced product with a very low GHG emissions profile.

Carinata oil can be efficiently converted to HVO. It outperforms its fossil fuel counterparts in efficiency, it burns cleaner and reduces wear and tear on an engine block.  Carinata Biojet fuel is more energy dense than its fossil fuel counterpart. This increased efficiency also lowers fuel consumption. Additionally, due to its high percentage of long carbon chains Carinata oil is ideal for many other industrial applications, such as high performance lubricants and polymer coatings.



Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGI) is a leading provider of cleaner, lower carbon intensity products and services. We are an international producer of biomass-based diesel, a developer of renewable chemicals and are North America’s largest producer of advanced biofuel. REG utilizes an integrated procurement, distribution, and logistics network to convert natural fats, oils, greases, and sugars into lower carbon intensity products. With 14 active biorefineries, a feedstock processing facility, research and development capabilities and a diverse and growing intellectual property portfolio, REG is committed to being a long-term leader in bio-based fuel and chemicals.




ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Alex Chrikishvili

Tel: +48 (0) 616 4670 27

Email: alex@acieu.net

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Conference Chair: Adam Stepien, Managing Director, Polish Chamber Of Biofuels

  • Florian Gollin, Sales Manager, EcoMotion
  • Giacomo Rispoli, Executive VP Portfolio Management & Licencing, ENI
  • Nuno Correia, COO/CIO, PRIO Energy
  • Bruce Ross, Managing Director, Ross Gordon Consultants SPRL
  • Teemu Lindberg, Director Technology, Refining, UPM
  • Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director, ISCC
  • Bharadwaj K. Venkata, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association
  • Raffaello Garofalo, Secretary General, European Biodiesel Board
  • Marcel Van Heesewijk, CEO & Founder, Investancia
  • Detlef Evers, Managing Director, MVAK
  • Chris Abrams,  Commercial Development Manager, IMERYS Minerals Ltd.
  • Matt Jordan, Global Business Development Manager, IMERYS Minerals Ltd.
  • Robert Gmyrek, Member Of The Board, General Director, BZK Group
  • Walter Mirabella, Chairman Fuels Team, EFOA
  • Steve Fabijanski, CEO, Agrisoma Biosciences Inc
  • Senior Representative, Nijhuis Water Technology B.V.

* Agency NL – Energy And Climate Change * AGROFERT HOLDING * Agroils Srl * Agroinvest * Al Tayyar Energy * Albemarle Catalysts Company BV * AlgaeLink N.V * AlgaFuel * Ansaldo Energia * Argent Energy UK Ltd * Arisdyne Systems, Inc. * Artistic Support Sdn Bhd * ASG Analytik * Aventro SARL * Axens * BASF * BDI – BioDiesel International AG * Biocar * Biocom Energia * Bioenergy Pilot * Biofuel Solution AB * BiofuelsB2B * BioMCN * Bionet Europa * Biovalue Holding * Bloomberg New Energy Finance * Bluestar – Rhodia * BP Europa SE * BtL Technologies * C.M. Bernardini * Cargill * Ceska Rafinerska * Chemoprojekt SK * Chemspans GmbH * City Of Rotterdam Engineering Consultancy * CleanerG B.V. * Commissariat Energy Atomic (CEA) * COPA-COGECA * CU WG Spain S.A. * Czech Ministry Of Agriculture * Daimler AG * Danisco * Davy Process Technology * De Mol SPRL * DEG Group * Delta Biovalue BV * Demeter * Desmet Ballestra Oleo * Deutsche BP AG * Diermeier Biodiesel * Dynamic Corporation (PTY) * E4tech * ECN Energy Research Centre Of The Netherlands * Eco-efficient-technologies.com * Ecofys * ECOIL Srl * Ecoinvest Corporation S.A. * Elneeman Technologies * Emery Oleo * Energospektar * EuroBioFuels AG * European Biofuels Technology Platform * European Commission * European Environment Agency Scientific Committee * Evofuel * Evonik Industries * ExxonMobil * Fabrika Maziva-FAM A.d. * Factor CO2 Ennova * Factor CO2 Ennova * FCStone * Fediol – The EU Oil & Proteinmeal Industry * Finnish Petroleum Federation * FiveBarGate * Friends Of The Earth Netherlands * GAZPROM – Neft * GEA Biodiesel * GELSENCHEM * GLACONCHEMIE GmbH * Grupa LOTOS & CEEP * Grupo Daniel Alonso,S.L. * Halcrow Romania * Haldor Topsøe A/S * Hawaiian Electric Company * HB International * Heap & Partners Ltd / AMIChemE * Hellenic BioPetroleum * Iberol * IDAE * IFP * IFPEN * IFPRI * INA Industrija Nafte, D.d. * Infineum UK Ltd * Infinita Renovables * Ingredient Marketing International * Innospec Limited Niederlassung Deutschland * Innovation Fuels, Inc * Inspectorate * INTERTEK * Ital Bi Oil * Japan Petroleum Energy Center * JAT Energy * JATRO AG * Jatropha Agro RT. Ltd. * Jeco Integrated Services * Kajima Corporation * Kingsman * Klk Oleo * LANXESS * Letofin * Limagrain Verneuil Holding * LITASCO SA * LMC International * Louis Dreyfus Commodities * Lukoil * Maersk Maritime Technology * Majekodunmi Consultant * Malaysian Palm Oil Council * Mari El Refinery * Mercurius Biofuels * Mestilla * Metier Plancon B.V. * Ministry Of Economic Development (New Zealand) * Ministry Of Petroleum (Angola) * Ministry Of The Environment (Czech Republic) * MOL Plc. * Morgan Stanley * National Institute For Public Health And The Environment (RIVM) * Neste Oil * Neuron BioIndustrial BPh * New Britain Palm Oil Ltd * Nippon Oil Research Institute Co Ltd * Norwegian Cargo Survey * Norwegian Institute Of Public Health * Novozymes A/S * Oil & Gas Institute * Oleoline * OXEM * Oxiris Chemicals * Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. * Petrobras * Petrotec * PETROTEL-LUKOIL SA (Romania) * PETROYAG VE KIMYASALLAR SAN. TIC. AS * Pitey S.A. * PKN Orlen * Poyry Management Consulting * PPM Energie GmbH * PREOL A.S. * Prolea Diester Industrie * Q8 – Kuwait Petroleum * QS Biodiesel * Quifel Energy S.A. * Rafineria Trzebinia S.A. * Reliance Industries Limited (Biofuels) * Repsol * Rohm & Hass * Ross Gordon Consultants SPRL * RSB Services * SCB Group * Senders Limited * Setuza A.S. * SGS * Shirke Biohealth Care Pvt. Ltd. * SIP LTD * Solena Group * Solvay * SQ Consult B.V. * St1 Refinery AB * Standic B.V * Statoil * Syngenta Crop Protection AG * TanQuid GmbH & Co KG * TEPSA * Thurkraftwerk AG * Transbiodiesel * Transcor Oil Services Nv / Sa * Ukrchemresource.LLC * Universita Degli Studi Di Palermo * University Of Pannonia * University Of Vienna * UPM * Vapo Oy * VERBIO Diesel Bitterfeld GmbH & Co. KG * Virent Energy Systems INC. * Volvo Technology Corporation * VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland * VURUP * Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research * Wärtsilä Finland Oy * Westway Terminals * Wetlands International * World Energy *

  • Conference Chair: Matthew StoneManaging Director, PRIMA
  • Gene Gebolys, CEO & President, World Energy Alternatives
  • Adam Stepien, Director General,Polish Chamber of Biofuels
  • Robert Gmyrek, General Director, BZK Group
  • Iulen Leoz , General Secretary, ESTERIFRANCE
  • Jean Scemama, VP REG Energy Europe & International Trading & Commodities, REG
  • Anabela Antunes, Plant Manager, PRIO Energy
  • Tarja Myllymaki, Head of Market Access, NESTE
  • Spyros Kiartzis, Director Alternative Energy Sources & New Technology, Hellenic Petroleum
  • Florian Gollin, Sales Manager, EcoMotion
  • Dickon Posnett, Head of Corporate Affairs, Argent Energy
  • Raf Verdonck, Chair of Belgian Biodiesel Board, TOTCO
  • Bruce Ross, Managing Director, Ross Gordon Consultants
  • Marcel van Heesewijk, CEO & Founder, Invenstancia
  • Dr Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director, ISCC
  • Detlef Evers, Managing Director, MVAK
  • Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Project Officer, World Bioenergy Association
  • Dr Aldo Bosetti, Project Manager, ENI
  • Delfina Rogowska, KZR INiG System Office Manager, Oil & Gas Institute
  • Peter Juergens, Managing Director, REDcert


If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 20-30 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:

Marta Kielerska

Tel: + 48 616 46 7058

Email: mkielerska@acieu.net


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