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Oleofuels 2020

Date: 24th June 2020 - 25th June 2020 Location: Marseille - France

Already on its 13th edition of a very successful series, Oleofuels 2020 will bring together senior representatives from the biodiesel, renewable diesel and HVO industries to discuss the latest market advancements, developments & business opportunities. The event will cover current challenges and issues faced by the industry and provide an in depth outlook and overview of today`s European & global Oleofuels markets. Policies and regulations, updates on feedstock availability & supplies, followed by cutting – edge technologies helping to meet new emerging transport decarbonisation trends, will provide a basis for an informative and balanced discussion for participants from the across entire supply chain.


During the afternoon of Tuesday 23th June 2020, a limited number of conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit TOTAL’s Biorefinery in la Mède

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first—served basis. Please register your attendance when booking for the conference.


24th June 2020
25th June 2020
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Sarah Ajawin – Content
+44 203 141 0643
Cheryl Williams – Marketing, Sales & Media Partnerships
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Karol Lewicki – Sponsorship, Exhibition
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Jayme Burns – Logistics
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Marseille, France

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  • Evaluating Further Developments Of Key Policies Impacting On Oleofuels Supply Chain
  • Exploring Oleofuels Industry` Response To The Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II), Annex IXa
  • In Depth Analysis of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Production Status & Future Development Plans
  • Making The Most of Processing & Blending Advancements: Evaluating Most Efficient Technologies To Meet European Transport Decarbonisation Requirements
  • Assessing The Future Evolvements Of Second Generation Biofuels In Europe
  • In Depth Outlook Into The European Oleofuels Market & Future Feedstocks Supplies
  • Biofuels As A Part Of Further Decarbonisation Strategy: Evaluating Future Applications In Heavy Duty Vehicles & Shipping Industry
  • Analysing Growing Global Oleofuels Markets
  • Examining The Impact Of Electro – Mobility Expansion On The Future Of Oleofuels` Demand


During the afternoon of Tuesday 23th June 2020, a limited number of conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit TOTAL’s Biorefinery in la Mède

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first—served basis. Please register your attendance when booking for the conference.

LA MÈDE, is one of the largest biorefineries in Europe

Identified by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as a way of mitigating global warming, biofuels mesh perfectly with our strategy. We have been producing biofuels for more than 20 years and are today the leading distributer in Europe.

Our La Mède biorefinery, the first world-class facility of its type in France and one of the largest in Europe, aims to meet the growing demand for biofuels.

Operational as from 2019, it has a capacity of 500,000 tonnes of HVO-type1 biodiesel per year. The HVO technology that we have selected is French, developed by IFP Énergies nouvelles and marketed by its affiliate Axens. It produces a sustainable and high-quality biofuel, similar in nature to fossil fuels and therefore has no adverse effect on engines.

The biorefinery was designed to produce biofuels from various types of oils, including vegetable oils certified sustainable according to E.U. criteria as well as used oils, residual oils and animal fats. La Mède’s feedstock will be made up of 60% to 70% crude vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, oil palm, corn or new plants such as carinata) and 30% to 40% treated waste (animal fats, cooking oil, residues, etc.). Total has pledged to process no more than 300,000 tonnes of palm oil per year — less than 50% of the total volume of raw materials needed — and at least 50,000 tonnes of French-grown rapeseed, creating another market for domestic agriculture.

All the oils processed will be certified sustainable to European Union standards. In addition, as part of its palm oil procurement process, Total is taking an extra step by introducing strengthened control of sustainability and respect for human rights.

The La Mède biorefinery project is coupled with a plan for continuous improvement of the facility’s energy efficiency, with the aim of reducing energy consumption by 8% by 2020.

Bruce Ross, Managing Director, Ross GordonConsultants                                                                                      

Bharadwaj.V.Kummamuru, Project Officer, World Bioenergy Association

Marijn van der Wal , Analyst Europe, Stratas Advisors

Marta Yugo,Economics And Modelling Science Executive, Concawe

Mikala Grubb, Senior Business Development Manager, Refinery, Haldor Topsoe

Detlef Evers, Managing Director, MVAK


Previous Speakers Include

  • Florian Gollin, Sales Manager, EcoMotion
  • Adam Stepien, Managing Director, Polish Chamber Of Biofuels
  • Giacomo Rispoli, Executive VP Portfolio Management & Licencing, ENI
  • Nuno Correia, COO/CIO, PRIO Energy
  • Bruce Ross, Managing Director, Ross Gordon Consultants SPRL
  • Teemu Lindberg, Director Technology, Refining, UPM
  • Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director, ISCC
  • Raffaello Garofalo, Secretary General, European Biodiesel Board
  • Marcel Van Heesewijk, CEO & Founder, Investancia
  • Detlef Evers, Managing Director, MVAK
  • Chris Abrams,  Commercial Development Manager, IMERYS Minerals Ltd.
  • Matt Jordan, Global Business Development Manager, IMERYS Minerals Ltd.
  • Robert Gmyrek, Member Of The Board, General Director, BZK Group
  • Walter Mirabella, Chairman Fuels Team, EFOA
  • Steve Fabijanski, CEO, Agrisoma Biosciences Inc
  • Wouter Van Betuw , Business & Industry Development Manager, Nijhuis Water Technology B.V.
  • Lars Jorgensen, Senior Principal Engineer, Haldor Topsoe A/S
  • Anselm Eisentraut, Head Of Market Intelligence, Strategy, NESTE
  • Dr. Alan A.Del Paggio, Vice President, CRI Catalyst
  • Henrik Radberg, Business Development Engineer, PREEM AB


If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 20-30 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:

Sarah Ajawin

Tel: + 44 203 141 0643

Email: [email protected]



Haldor Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis, committed to helping our customers achieve optimal performance. We enable companies in the chemical and oil & gas industries to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources. And we are at the forefront of developing sustainable technologies.

Our solutions address pressing global challenges, such as improving energy efficiency, enhancing food production for the world’s growing population, and protecting our environment.

Topsoe solutions help refineries make the best possible use of crude oil and save energy in the process. Half of all the ammonia used to make artificial fertilizer is produced using Topsoe catalysts. Our emission management solutions remove pollution from factories and power plants, so that residents of megacities around the world can breathe clean air.

Our passion for science makes us world leaders in perfecting services, products and processes that make a positive difference in the world. We help our customers use fossil resources in the most responsible, eco-friendly and efficient manner possible. We are involved in shaping the solutions and new technologies that customers will base their business on in the future.

Read more at www.topsoe.com

Clariant’s functional minerals – naturally bleached vegetable oil, shaped by one all-round solution: TONSIL®. For efficient and sustainable oil, fat and biofuel purification.

Clariant Tonsil® for low 3-MCPD

Your partner against contaminants with tailor-made bleaching earth

Be prepared for the future

Clariant is expanding its capacities, continuing to offer best-in-class solutions in each location

Change your results

Optimal dosage with tailor-made bleaching earth and exactly fitting process parameters  – for best TCO

Consistency is our specialty

Long-term supplies of consistent bleaching earth grades make sure your results are consistently excellent

The perfect match for every filter

Optimal particle size distribution allows fast built-up of filter cake and long cycle times with low pressure

360 º purification – for high-quality palm- and seed oil

Efficiently remove undesired substances like phosphor, iron, plant pigments, 3-MCPD and glycidylester

Minimize 3-MCPD in palm and seed oil

Five new members of Tonsil® product family help to minimize 3-MCPD in palm and seed oil


IMERYS is the world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry, delivering high value-added, functional solutions to a wide range of markets. IMERYS Performance Minerals is the largest global supplier of engineered mineral products for filtration. Derived from diatomite and perlite, natural raw materials possessing unusually light density, chemical inertness, high surface area and intricate structure, IMERYS filter aids have been used for the filtration of vegetable oils, oleochemicals and biodiesel for decades. IMERYS Performance Minerals has developed a range of speciality adsorbents specific for oleofuels industry.

CynerSorb® is a fully-functioning soap/phospholipid and trace metal adsorbent, but, unlike silica gel or magnesium silicate adsorbents, CynerSorb®, has excellent filtration performance characteristics. The surface chemistry of CynerSorb® means that all the adsorbent sites are easily available – so no need for extended hydration or mixing times – thus giving optimal adsorption at lower dosing rates. The result is an adsorbent that can increase filter run lengths, with lower yield losses, lower refining costs and less spent cake production

CynerSorb® can also be used as a pre-treatment solution to allow usage of multiple or lower quality feedstocks.


PQ Corporation is a global specialty chemical provider that provides products and solutions to many industries, including oil & gas, food and beverage and Oleofuels. For almost 200 years, PQ has serviced clients worldwide with a global team of sales, technical support personnel and research scientists. PQ supplies its clients from regional, ISO certified manufacturing sites. Our core strength evolves from silica and zeolite technologies.

PQ has an extensive history in the processing of edible oils, Biodiesel, and Renewable Diesel. We specialize in high purity silica adsorbents to target the removal of a variety of impurities in our client’s feed stocks and products. We work with our customers to ensure an optimal technical offering tailored to meet their specific needs and expectations. Additionally, PQ strives to manufacture, market, and distribute products in a responsible manner that protects the environment and safeguards the health, safety and security of employees, contractors, customers and the localities we operate in.


ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Karol Lewicki

Tel: +48 (0) 616 4670 38

Email: [email protected]


The Oils & Fats International (OFI) portfolio has been serving the oils and fats industry since 1985, offering publishing, events, online exposure and social media connections to this global industry.

OFI magazine is published eight times a year and each issue has a total worldwide print circulation of 6,500. We also publish two special online-only editions every year. Our digital issues, online-only editions and weekly newsletter reaches over 15,000 recipients.

Each OFI issue has dedicated news pages on biotechnology, biofuels, renewable materials and transport/logistics. The magazine also offers in-depth features on different topics including feedstocks; commodity trading; renewables; plant & technology; transport & logistics; speciality fats; sustainability; and testing and instrumentation.

Mark Winthrop-Wallace
Sales Manager
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: + 44 (0) 1737 855114
Website: www.oilsandfatsinternational.com

BIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL magazine is brought out 6 times a year and is the leading global publication in the market. Designed to appeal to those who wish to learn and be kept abreast of this increasingly important area, the magazine encompasses, biodiesel, bioethanol, and biomass. For more information please contact Claire Smith [email protected] Direct line +44 (0)203 551 5751 www.biofuels-news.com

GREENEA is a French brokerage company, specialized in waste-based feedstock and biodiesel. Since 2007, we have been offering brokerage services to companies producing raw materials and to those working in the Oleo-chemicals, Bioenergy and Biofuel sectors:

–   Vegetable oils (rapeseed oil / soy bean oil)
–   Biodiesel (RME, FAME, TME, UCOME)
–   Crude and refined glycerine
–   Fatty acids & acids oils
–   Used cooking oils
–   Animal fats

As a major market player on brokerage services for waste-based feedstock such as animal fats, used cooking oil and fatty acids, GREENEA continues to strengthen its position on the European market. At the same time we dynamically develop our activities in South America and Asia.

Visit us at http://www.greenea.com/en/

Bioenergy International is an English language subscription-based trade publication with allied web platform and is focused on the biomass-to-energy value chains; solid, liquid or gas. Founded in 2001 it is based in Stockholm, Sweden and owned by SBSAB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swedish Bioenergy Association, SVEBIO.


For over 20 years, F&L Asia has remained the preferred media choice for industry giants such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, SK Lubricants, S-Oil, Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite, Afton Chemical, BASF, Evonik Industries, Tianhe Chemicals and many more.

Each year, F&L Asia produces F+L Week, the industry conference and exhibition premier event. A sounding board for the latest developments in base oils, lubricants, fuels and additives, F+L Week attracts the very best amongst top industry scientists, market trend setters and decision makers from all around the planet to its economic epicentre in Asia.

Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils’ web portal www.worldoils.com has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils has strengthened its position as a fast developing central place for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment.


ASD Media is an online media company. We provide professionals in dedicated markets with news, intelligence, and interaction opportunities. During the last five years we developed dedicated websites for events, reports, news distribution and source data, and changed the name of the ASD-Network to ASDNews to emphasize the news focus.



If you would like to be an official Media Partner for Oleofuels 2020 please contact:

Cheryl Williams
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