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Sales & Marketing 2023 Award Winner Announced

ACI is delighted to announce Yun You, Commercial Manager at John Hogg Technical Solutions, as the winner of Base Oil & Lubes Connect’s Women in Focus Sales & Marketing 2023 Award due to her outstanding leadership, dedication and significant commercial achievements in the lubricant, fuel and speciality chemical industries.

Yun has been an integral part of the success of the commercial team at John Hogg for almost 20 years. She started her career at John Hogg in 2005 as a Technical Sales Manager for fuel markers, very quickly winning multiple programs with oil majors in South America and Asia, as well as overseeing rapid growth of market share for legislative fuel dyes & markers. John Hogg is now the market leader across the UK and Europe for these products. After the acquisition of BASF’s solvent dye business in 2010, Yun took a leading role in engaging our new customer base in the lubricants industry. In the years since, she has driven a transformation of a very small, secondary business unit, into a large part of the company’s turnover and a key focus for their future business strategy, away from fossil fuels.

In 2022-23, Yun took overall responsibility for John Hogg’s commercial function. She has expanded their lubricant dye business to cover other markets such as NDT, Epoxy resins and many others, the highlight of which is the aerobatic smoke dye business, seeing a quadrupling of revenue over the past 12 months. John Hogg has also facilitated a major change to European fuel marking legislation, and won another multi-million pound fuel marking program in Asia.

James Page, Marketing Manager at John Hogg, who nominated Yun for this award describes her as “an exceptional line manager and colleague who shares her wealth of knowledge willingly, allowing her own commercial team to learn and develop, but also across many other functions within John Hogg who benefit from her product, market and customer knowledge.” James continues “Yun has played in integral part to the successful growth of John Hogg, which would not have been possible without her strong leadership and machine-like work ethic. But above all else, she is a great mentor and friend who has helped every other member of our team to grow and excel.”

Congratulations Yun!