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Oleofuels Online Series Launched by ACI


Rethinking Virtual Events – Oleofuels Online Series Launched by ACI

At 3pm CET on Thursday February 25th 2021, up to 500 attendees will convene for the launch of ACI’s Oleofuels Online Series. They will, however, not be settling in for the two days of formal presentations and interactive networking associated with ACI’s regular June conference. This is a two-hour meeting they will be scheduling neatly into their normal working day.

ACI will be running a series of two-hour editions throughout the year, each containing at least one formal presentation or discussion as well as face-to-face Q&A and networking. In order to achieve this, it is essential that attendees have their cameras and microphones turned on for all interactions. Javier Vila, Director of Biowaste Trading at Grupo Bio-Oils and ACI’s guest speaker at the January launch edition, commented “After having the pleasure of speaking at many of ACI’s successful oleofuels conferences over the years I am proud to play such an important role in the launch of their innovative online format.”

The event format allows attendees to not only see the speaker during the presentation but also join them on screen for the Q&A. During the networking element, participants can scan the room to see who is present, join an individual or group and instantly be connected to their chosen attendee(s) via video and audio until they decide to move on.

Paul Keeling, CEO of ACI and a staunch advocate for the value of in-person interaction, commented “Our aim is to deliver traditional conference values in a contemporary format and we have been working diligently to identify the best method for this.” ACI did not rush into offering virtual events as Mr Keeling explains “We decided to look carefully at how to achieve the core values of our meetings in the best possible format for online hosting. Running shorter, more regular conferences allows us to maximise the timeliness of content and minimise disruption to our attendees’ working week.”

The team at ACI are backing their online series to be a big hit, Mr Keeling declaring that he “is confident the February meeting will be unlike any online events our attendees have experienced”.

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For more information please contact: +44 (0)20 3141 0607 or [email protected]