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Hamburg to host 5th Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Summit

As the wind farms market is constantly growing and changing in terms of innovation and size, the industry needs to be in step with it. That is why the European market is constantly investing in the renewable energy sector, including offshore wind energy. One of the most important part of offshore operations is wind vessels, with growing size of wind farms, wind turbines and support structures, it is important to adjust particular O&M solutions, SOV’s and systems that will comply to the markets’ requirements, safety practices and future investments.

ACI’s 5th Operating Wind Vessels Summit, being organised in Hamburg, Germany on 21st & 22nd November 2018 will bring together senior executives and experts from ship owners, service providers, naval architects, renewable energy experts, market analysts, consultants, to discuss the latest challenges and developments making an impact on the industry.

For More Info & Registration, please contact: Rohan Baryah, +48 61 646 7022, [email protected]

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