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Dow Chemical, CSIRO & Odournet as Speakers at European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018

ACI is very pleased to announce three new speakers during our European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018, taking place in Warsaw, Poland on 23rd & 24th of May 2018.

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Join us at Session Five, entitled “Latest & Future Technology Advancements” to hear from Alessandro Gallo, R&D Specialist, F.LLI MARIS S.P.A., Mailys Fredericq, Sensory Consultant, Odournet Allan McLennaghan, Application Technology Leader, DOW Chemical

Prof Gutowski will speak during Conference Presentation, entitled “Dealing With Mechanics of Adhesion”

  •  Evaluating adhesive bonding problems
  • The needs of design engineers: understanding adhesion failure – location versus stress at failure
  • Industry friendly, effective methods for adhesion improvement
  • Accelerated assessment of adhesion quality

Voytek Gutowski is a Professor & CSIRO Fellow at CSIRO and his main area of expertise are adhesion science & technology: bonding & coating of polymers, composites and wood-based products; structural sealants and self-adhesive tapes / multi-functional interphases: surface conductivity, adhesion control, bio-compatibility, electrostatic coating of non-conductive substrates; fracture of interfaces: adhesive bonding &coatings. His work experience is amongst the others, Dow Corning; 3M; Wacker Chemie; Tremco; Rhone Poulenc, Toyota & Mitsubishi /Japan & Australia and Ford/Australia & EGR.

Ms Fredericq will discuss VOCs and odours analysis by means of GC-O-(TOF)MS and VDI3882 tests of Hot Melt adhesive samples.

Maïlys Fredericq has an agricultural engineering degree from Purpan (France) and a MSc in Food Science from University of Florida (USA). She specialised in sensory science and is now working for Sensenet/Odournet in Spain. Odournet is an international group of sensory experts and environmental odour management consultants that develops, manages and delivers top level expertise to assist industry and government authorities. Sensenet is Odournet’s branch for evaluation of products and materials. Maïlys is their main sensory consultant in Spain, managing sensory projects with raw materials, foods, cosmetics etc., using both sensory and molecular analysis.

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