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World Bank & Institute of Climate Economics Confirmed as Speakers for 3rd Clean Energy Finance Europe Summit

ACI’s  3rd Clean Energy Finance Europe Conference, being organized on 21st & 22nd March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, will feature a session on Green Bond Markets and how they can be scaled up for sustainable development:

Session V: Scaling up Green Bond Markets for Sustainable Development.

Following Speakers will be presenting during this session:

Morgane Nicol, Project Manager – Finance, Investment & Climate, Institute For Climate Economics
Alzbeta Klein, Director and Global Head, Climate Business, IFC(World Bank)


This session will touch on key points such as:

The importance of investing in green bond markets for the future of renewable energy
Attracting interest in green bond to combat climate change
Investing in green energy for the sustainable future
How to ensure that the growing Green Bond market does contribute to bringing additional financial flows to clean energy projects?

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