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Landsvirkjun Power & Starlight Investment Complete the Speakers line for 5th Global Geothermal Energy Summit

ACI’s 5th Global Geothermal Energy Summit, being organised next week in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are pleased to confirm the last 2 speakers for the conference: Ladsvirkjun Power & Starlight Investments.

Rikardur Rikardsson,
Managing Director,
Landsvirkjun Power

Landsvirkjun Power offers international hydro and geothermal power advisory and co-development partnerships. The company partners with engineering and financial services to offer complete solutions and will consider co-investment opportunities.

Rikardur’s presentation: Enabling Crucial Social Support for Geothermal Power Projects, will also touch on:

The Theistareykir geothermal power project in Iceland
The role of multi-use in geothermal development
Measuring and reporting sustainability in geothermal development


Alan Davis,
Managing Director & CEO,
Starlight Investments

Alan’s Presentation: Reducing Geothermal Drilling Costs with Multilateral Drilling & LC Shock Sub.

Starlight Investments has the exclusive assignment to sell LC Oil Tools, LLC (“LC”), a drilling tool company with field proven superior tools – shock subs and fishing jars. The LC shock sub (the Sub), the next generation in shock subs, is a disruptive technology for the industry as it has the potential to generate new revenues from existing drilling customers and capture new ones by lowering cost of hard rock drilling by 20% or more. The Sub was used with PDC, TCI and other bits for milling and drilling applications very successfully. LC’s fishing jar (the Jar) has the industry’s highest pounds of push/pull firing load, and the lowest maintenance cost with 1000 jarring blows between redressings versus 300 for most competitors. All the estimates in this document are based on anecdotal evidence from use of the Sub and Jar in 50 plus wells over the last 5 years by a top 3 drilling Service Company. LC’s tools potentially can generate higher profits for the drilling vendor when the contract provides performance incentives.

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