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Next Ocean Joins as Sponsor & Speaker

is pleased to announce Next Ocean BV, as a Sponsor & Speaker at the 4th Operating Specialist Wind Vesels Summit, taking place in Hamburg, Germany on 27th & 28th September 2017.

Next Ocean BV

Next Ocean offers a new predictive wave motion technology to expand operational boundaries. Waves play a major role during most offshore operations. Unfortunately, sea waves behave in an irregular and unpredictable way. We know that waves occasionally exceed certain operational limits but we do not know when such waves occur. Till now…

Next Ocean’s prediction system has changed this: it predicts the actual time traces of waves approaching the ship and the resulting ship motion response. Real time, on-board and up to minutes in advance. Common practice is to take a statistical approach to operability: just a very low probability that a limiting wave event occurs is accepted. As a consequence the waves and resulting ship motions are well below the critical value during operation most of the time, leaving a huge gap in workability to gain.

Predicting when and where high waves occur enables offshore operators to choose an optimal time window free of high waves for the most critical phase of their operation rather than wait for better conditions or ‘hope’ for the best. The main input for Next Ocean’s wave prediction system comes from the ship’s navigation radar.
An additional dedicated radar antenna is therefore not required.

The system can be installed and tested within one day. The system is currently undergoing operational tests on the North Sea. Test results are expected by the end of 2017. The Next Ocean wave prediction system is targeted for market entry in 2018.

Karel RoozenCEO of Next Ocean BV will be presenting during the conference and speaking about “Wave predecting technology to
make offshore operations safer and result in more uptime

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