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5th National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response

Date: 7th February 2018 - 8th February 2018 Location: San Diego - California - USA

The global electricity sector is in the early stages of its most dramatic transformation in over a century. The rapid expansion of distributed energy, combined with the newfound availability of data and analytics for utilities, will reshape how the world generates, distributes, and consumes power. Demand Response is a consumer’s ability to reduce electricity consumption at their location when wholesale prices are high or the reliability of the electric grid is threatened. In this sense, changing markets present opportunities for the prepared, and peril for the rest.

This event will unite industry experts, regulators, and technology providers to share cutting-edge ideas and examine market trends, to focus on how utilities can get the full benefit of Demand Response and Energy Efficiency programs, and to offer best practices for design and implementation of these programs. We predict that utilities and energy companies will continue to reorient their businesses around consumers, who are fast evolving into important partners. To effectively achieve this transition, utilities will need to collaborate with third parties that are pioneering new ways of engaging customers. Utilities will increasingly tap cutting-edge technologies as the anchor to communicate with customers and enable their participation in efficiency and demand response programs.

At the same time, consumers’ value as contributors to dynamic load management will continue to grow, warranting greater investment from energy companies in the form of incentives for enrollment in such programs. The transition to embrace consumers will drive the evolution of the grid for years to come, and 2017 will mark the cornerstone of this new mode of operation in the power sector. In contrast to commodities, which are mostly traded on global markets, electricity cannot be stored or exported. Available generating capacity cannot be increased on an hourly basis.  Automatic load curtailment schemes (called demand response) have been allowed to participate in some markets, providing markets with some elasticity of demand as well as of supply.

As renewable generation becomes a significant fraction of the total, utilities are becoming base load providers, providers of capacity at peak times, and backup providers. Generally utility regulation has not yet come to grips with this fundamental change in the role of regulated utilities.


7th February 2018
8th February 2018
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San Diego, CA United States + Google Map
  • The evolution of Demand Response and where you stand in the spectrum
  • The integration of Demand Response into other Direct Energy     Resources like solar Photo Voltaic, energy storage, and Electron Volt
  • Leverage Demand Response to achieve resiliency without compromise
  • Demand Response options for municipal utilities
  • By implementing demand response programs, utilities lower consumers’ electricity bills and offer their customers new energy services
  • Captivate customer participation to fully detect and enable resolution of data and logic issues that impact performance and customer satisfaction
  • Implement automated Demand Response programs through forward-thinking concepts in technology innovation and educating customers to gain trust and approval
  • Integrating Demand Response alongside distributed generation and energy storage to form a Virtual Power Plant approach that creates demonstrable economic value
  • Developing a strategy for the future where both utilities and 3rd party aggregators are vying to engage customers in Demand Response
  • The emerging business case/value proposition behind Demand Response as a part of an overall DER portfolio

Demand Response and aggregations services. Power plant and systems operations engineers who would like to understand the impact of ancillary services on their plant profitability.

Power industry personnel who need a better understanding of ancillary services. Portfolio managers and traders responsible for formulating bidding strategies for ancillary services.

Key titles include:

  • Demand Response aggregators
  • Wholesale and retail renewable energy generators
  • Energy managers at commercial and industrial end user utilities
  • Building energy management companies
  • Energy professionals at municipal, investor-owned, and rural utilities
  • Energy management service providers
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Systems, software, and IT vendors
  • Smart grid technology providers and network operators
  • Regulators and public policy makers
  • Financial and venture capital professionals
  • Emerging load technologies
  • Transmission system operators
  • Curtailment service providers
  • Contact center management professionals
  • Usability professionals
  • Corporate communication professionals
  • Strategic planning and performance management professionals
  • Customer service, customer care, and customer programs
  • Distribution companies
  • Energy retail and/or wholesale procurement
  • Asset Managers

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5th National Demand Response - Delegate Pass$2,395.00All presentations plus copies of the speakers’ presentations and abstracts, networking receptions, food and drink, and any potential supplementary event such as a tour or pre-conference workshop.
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5th National Demand Response - Documentation Pack$615.00All conference proceedings including PowerPoint presentations, program agenda, detailed attendee list, sponsor/exhibitor literature and collateral materials, any other premiums or information distributed at conference.
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