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ACI’s 5th Annual Sustainable Hospitals Conference

Date: 4th May 2011 - 6th May 2011 Location: San Diego - California - USA

Environmentally conscious health care is one of the fastest developing hospital trends. It is estimated that tens of billions of dollars will be spent over the next five years creating a more sustainable and green environment and reducing carbon footprints while enhancing patient care and employee satisfaction. Because high quality healthcare will always be a demand it is important to stay ahead of the competition and find out ways to update your facility and service lines and keep with the most current trends in healthcare and sustainability is it!

Join us for ACI’s 5th Annual Sustainable Hospitals Conference in San Diego on May 4-6, 2011, a not to miss industry event!

With a speaker panel packed with leading sustainable healthcare professionals you will sit in an intense education based three-day strategic business conference to listen and learn from case studies delivered by hospital executives, leading sustainability architects and even tour La Maestra Community Health Center a newly upgraded LEED accredited sustainable healthcare facility and learn all there is to know about transforming your hospital into a ‘green’ facility! Use our intimate classroom setting to network with your peers and speak one on one with these industry leaders. Get information on all aspects of sustainable hospital practices from creating your own state of the art structure from the ground up to making smaller changes in things such as energy consumption, eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals, improving indoor air quality and recycling, and integrating a sustainable food system!

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from leading green hospitals about the benefits, strategies, financial issues and many more aspects to creating the ‘green’ hospital!

Featuring a tour of La Maestra Community Health Center, the first LEED certified gold level community clinic in the nation!

This extraordinary new facility is designed to ensure that the values of comprehensive and compassionate care and self-sufficiency embedded in the “Circle of Care” solution model will be reflected into every treatment suite, patient waiting room, hallway and meeting room in the facility.

Construction started in 2007 and was completed in July of 2010, this beautifully constructed “green” 32,000 square foot facility will be the “hub” for a new standard of healthcare and well-being for the residents of City Heights! The new facility will replaced the home of La Maestra Com- munity Health Center that at one time was made up of 13 buildings on Fairmount Avenue. The result is a state-of-the-art La Maestra Community Health Center that dramatically increases the number of patients being served, the number of treatments suites and adds new programs and services vitally need by the community.

The result will be a spectacular model for the region and the nation as the first community healthcare center in an underserved community to be built “green”. With its natural lighting and quality materials, it will be a living example of a health center that respects the environment and teaches residents what first-hand what well-being means. In the long run, the cost savings and environmental benefits may serve as an impetus for other builders in the community to follow.

The new La Maestra Community Health Center will be a place where residents and visitors will want to come not only when they are sick but when they are well to enjoy, learn and experience together the true meaning of health and well-being – in the “heart” of the community.


4th May 2011
6th May 2011


Chris Taylor – Content
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San Francisco, CA United States

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Cost Reduction – Understand how creating a sustainable hospital environment can help reduce operational costs while improving staff retention and enhancing the patient experience.

LEED® Certification – Enhance your understanding of what it takes to become LEED® certified and evaluate the pro’s and con’s of updating a facility with green initiatives.

Architecture & Design – Learn about the newest architecture and design trends and how their implementation can create payback for the facility, staff and community.

  • Cost reduction through the implementation of sustainable ‘green’ strategies.
  • Creating a healthy environment for patients and employees.
  • Pro’s and Con’s between building a brand new green facility and updating your current structure with green initiatives.
  • Achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Standards.
  • Successful business models for the future.
  • Upgrading and retrofitting building features to make them more efficient and less harmful to the environment.
  • Leveraging purchasing power to introduce safer products into hospitals.
  • Creating a task force to prioritize safer and environmentally sustainable products and supplies.
  • Measuring/defining rewards of building a green facility.
  • Integrating sustainability into the company’s vision, values, or core mission statement.
  • Setting goals that are specific, credible, measurable, and normalized for business changes.

This conference is intended for individuals who work in the health­care field, specifically for those individuals who are affiliated with engineering, en­vironmental services, or anyone who has an interest in reducing the ecological footprint of their hospital

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • Executive Directors
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Health Systems and Specialized Healthcare Facilities


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