Wellness – June 2020 Vol. 4

The return to offices and sports is beginning, and with the openings come new precautions and safety measures. Below are a few articles that our team has found useful and we hope you feel the same. Until we see you next, be well!

Going Back to Work—COVID Style
We may not be able to avoid the call to go back to the office, but we can still protect ourselves —and others.

Being able to attend sporting events again in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic would mark a major step forward for Americans eager to return to pre-pandemic life — and for sports leagues and schools to regain some financial footing.
How will stadiums and arenas change as they reopen? KC architects are showing the way

Going back to the office? What public health experts say about using the elevator.
Now, health agencies and medical experts are urging elevator riders to follow additional rules: Wear masks. Tap buttons with an object or knuckle. Avoid speaking when possible.

A focus on mental health always makes good business sense. But in the time of coronavirus, as well as the protests taking place nationwide, the practice is becoming more vital than ever.
COVID-19 strategy 101: How to improve mental health
We’ve been glad to see familiar faces beyond a computer screen and hope you and your coworkers are returning to the office safely, as well!
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