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Happy 100th Birthday Pebble Beach!

Today marks 100 years since the official opening of the iconic west coast golf course, and a favorite of golfers worldwide – Pebble Beach Golf Links! The Pebble Beach Lodge (originally named the Del Monte Lodge) is older than the golf course by just under a decade, but by itself, the Lodge struggled to be a draw for development in the area. Once the golf course opened on February 22, 1919, along with full resort amenities including tennis, polo, and horse racing, people flocked to the area. Its popularity spurred the development of the exclusive Monterey Peninsula Country Club and Cypress Point Club. The rugged beauty and unique location of the course, designed to keep as many holes as possible close to the beautiful Monterey coastline, has kept the course as a top-rated destination for golfers and fans alike.

Soon after opening, Pebble Beach began hosting tournaments that garnered national attention, with various national amateur tournaments through the 1920s. As with many sports, World War II saw the popularity of golf drop, but it was kickstarted again in the region in January 1947 by Bing Crosby’s National Pro-Amateur tournament. This tournament was known as the “Clam Bake” and grew into the fan-favorite AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Over the years, Pebble has played host to many tournaments and great moments in golf, at the AT&T Pro-Am and beyond. This year not only marks the 100th anniversary of the course but the sixth time it will host the U.S. Open Championship! Happy Birthday Pebble Beach, we’re looking forward to June and the next U.S. Open!