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Rams and Pats at Super Bowl LIII!

Yesterday in New Orleans, the L.A. Rams emerged triumphant after a 26-23 victory over the Saints! Questionable calls aside, the Rams have made an impressive turnaround as a team, considering just two seasons ago they went 4-12 and now they are the NFC Champions!

The AFC Championship went into overtime as well, with the Chiefs giving the New England dynasty a run for their reign with a high scoring second half. The Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl for the ninth time since 2001, when the coach/QB combo of Belichick/Brady established them as one of the strongest franchises in history.

If a Boston/L.A. rivalry feels familiar, it’s because it is – Back in October, the Boston Red Sox took out the LA Dodgers in the World Series. Will the Rams use this as fuel to bring the Lombardi trophy back to Los Angeles as recompense? We’ll be at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta to find out and hope to see you there!