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Congratulations World Series Winners Boston Red Sox!

The 2018 Red Sox team is the best in franchise history, and to top it all off, they just won the 2018 World Series! In just five games, they struck out the L.A. Dodgers for the fourth Boston World Series win in just 15 years. To demonstrate this kind of continued excellence is rare, and just a handful of teams in history have managed this feat. What’s really interesting though is that the Red Sox had another winning streak like this – 100 years ago! The 1912-1918 Red Sox also managed four World Series wins in less than 15 years!

The whole season felt like one big win for the Red Sox. They ended the regular season with 108 wins, followed by an 11-3 post-season, for a grand total of 118 wins. They also knocked out two teams (the Yankees and the Astros) who were 100+ for wins this season on their way to play the Dodgers!

Although this year’s series wasn’t down to the seventh game like last year, we should acknowledge that this was the second year for the Dodgers to be in the top two teams. Yes, the Sox had a fantastic team this year and played really well, but so did the Dodgers, and to make it to the final round two years in a row is difficult as well!

Congratulations Red Sox, you earned it!