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Crimson Tide Rolls Over the Dawgs!

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide on winning the College Football National Championship! They pulled out an almost miracle OT victory, during an overtime victory against the Georgia Bulldogs! While it looked like Georgia had the upper hand for much of the game, in the third quarter the Tide came in for an epic comeback!

Alabama was scoreless in the first half and coming out of halftime had a 13 point deficit to overcome. That is when master game manager Nick Saban went to his 2nd string QB and inserted freshmen Tua Tagovailoa who promptly scored a touchdown to quiet the hometown crowd. Fast forward to a tie game as time in the 4th quarter expired.  In OT it looked like UGA was going to get the crown after a successful field goal put them up 3 and Tagovailoa was sacked at the 41 yard line, well out of field goal range. Then the next play saw Tagovailoa connect with Smith to secure the win! Tagovailoa’s immediate recognition of a Georgia defensive breakdown in the last overtime play of the game, along with Smith’s speed and willingness to go big, resulted in the kind of play football legends are made of.  Both freshman displayed confidence and skill to help the Tide bring home another National Championship in an exciting way!

Next up for us, the Super Bowl!