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#ISM Supports Feeding America

Giving money is one way to support organizations that do great work, but many also need the time and energy of volunteers. That’s why today, #ISMSupports is going out to our local food banks in support of Feeding America.

Hunger is a worldwide issue, and America is no exception. According to Feeding America:

  • Every county in the U.S. has people who struggle with food insecurity
  • 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger, a total of 46 million people
  • 1 in 6 children don’t know where they will get their next meal, or 13 million children
  • 79% of people who utilize food banks know they buy unhealthy food because they are cheaper than healthy alternatives
  • 66% have had to choose between medical care and food, many of these being seniors
  • There is a direct link between poor health, poverty, and food insecurity

Local food banks aim to solve these problems through various programs that target children, the elderly, under-served communities, and disaster affected areas. To support these efforts, our Milwaukee and Portland offices will be heading out to our respective communities to help pack and sort food that will be distributed to those in need.

Want to volunteer your time? Food banks are very easy to volunteer with as an individual, just go to: and you can put your zip code in to find your local food bank.