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Sea Sentinels Pte Ltd

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Sea Sentinels Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore.
Our mission is:
To deliver a broad spectrum of high quality, reliable and innovative services to the Maritime Industry. To be seen as “Experts in Solutions”.

Our Main Services are:
-Performing Inventories of Hazardous Materials on sea-going & off-shore vessels, done by our experts who have vast experience in this field.
-Advising on & overseeing the recycling of vessels at selected yards to ensure that the activity is done in a safe & environmentally sound manner.
-Advising on & arranging the safe lay-up of ships & offshore vessels.
-Performing detailed & independent audits / inspections on ships (including independent navigation audits) by persons with long & recognized experience
-Offering smart solutions to companies looking to ease operational burdens on ship and shore staff.

Additional Services

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