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Wireless Health Networks

Date: 17th July 2013 - 19th July 2013 Location: La Jolla - California - USA

The advance of network-connected mobile end user devices providing access to applications across all departments of a healthcare organization is a trend that is far from hitting the top of its curve. Managing and controlling security on these multiple user devices running a range of operating systems and security protocols increases complexity, introduces more risks, and results in even higher costs for healthcare IT groups. Wireless technology is being used extensively in health care, in a wide variety of settings. Wi-Fi coverage must be available from the emergency room to the pediatric ward to the intensive care unit, with each area having different needs and considerations. This tutorial shows IT pros how to plan, implement and manage wireless health networks.

In a world where most doctors, clinicians, and hospital staff, are trending toward using these wireless devices first and their wired devices second, the hospital premises network needs to be ready to support this shift. This doesn’t mean an end to the wired network. Rather, it means that re-balancing the wired and wireless network infrastructures is needed. So how do you evolve your wireless health network to take advantage of new mobile devices and the bandwidth hungry applications that they offer?

Past Wireless Health Network-related Conference

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring


17th July 2013
19th July 2013


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Hyatt Regency La Jolla
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  • Understanding the benefits, challenges of wireless networking in health care.
  • Allowing providers to deploy technology at the bedside, as part of normal health care workflows.
  • Utilizing medical radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to keep track of medical equipment throughout a hospital.
  • Boosting patient satisfaction through enabling visitors and patients to use Wi-Fi during hospital visits.
  • Overcoming the challenges to going wireless in health care, including the need for a high-availability network to support life-saving devices.
  • Supporting electronic health record (EHR) systems that must move large amounts of data..
  • Overcoming infrastructure issues to serve a highly mobile, varied user base that includes clinicians, patients and guests. Lastly, any health care organization.
  • Security considerations and privacy regulations related to sensitive patient data.
  • Developing an implementation plan for your health care wireless network.
  • Upgrading or building a health care wireless network.
  • Determining the right mix of technology and policy to enable reliable coverage.
  • Securing the health care wireless network and ensuring Tighter rules for HIPAA privacy compliance.
  • Managing the health care wireless network.
  • Wireless Health Network outcomes, measures and metrics.
  • Hospital Administrator.
  • Director of Claims/Admissions/Accounts.
  • Director of Clinical Operations.
  • Director of Compliance/Risk.
  • Director of Data Management.
  • Director of Health Information.
  • Director of Information Security.
  • Director of Medical Records.
  • Director of Quality Management.
  • Director of IT Security.
  • Medical Director.
  • Systems Analyst.



AirWatch is the leader in enterprise-grade Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and Mobile Content Management solutions designed to simplify mobility. More than 7,000 customers across the world trust AirWatch to manage their most valuable assets: their mobile devices, including the apps and content on those devices. Our solutions are comprehensive, built on a powerful yet easy to use platform by leaders in the mobile space. Mobile technology is complex, but managing it does not have to be. We have developed mobile device management software that enables you to manage any device, anywhere in the world, throughout the full lifecycle. We applied the same concept to managing the apps and content on your mobile devices, providing a complete mobility management solution in a single console.

Website: www.air-watch.com


Qualcomm Life

Qualcomm Life is mobilizing health care to improve lives and advance the capabilities of medical devices. Qualcomm Life is focused on device connectivity and data management, empowering medical device manufacturers to deliver wireless health quickly and easily to those who need it. The Qualcomm Life team has the experience and the wireless know-how to make the enormous complexities of a wireless connection simple. We draw from our parent company’s more than 20 years of wireless connectivity experience, know-how and universal interoperability to enable unified machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Boasting world-class engineering services and unrivalled telecomm experience, Qualcomm Life will draw from Qualcomm’s experience as a recognised pioneer and leader in wireless technology around the world.

Website: www.qualcommlife.com


Intelligent Hospital

The “Intelligent Hospital” showcase is created to help raise the level of awareness and to educate the healthcare industry on the many applications of RFID and RTLS technologies integrated within the clinical scenarios. Visitors to the pavilion see first-hand how these technologies are able to deliver real time data from the patient’s room/bedside to the clinicians smart mobile devices, thus providing care givers with real time visibility of people, assets, and processes. When properly implemented, RFID and RTLS can have a tremendous impact on patient safety and on the quality of care delivered while at the same time reducing operating expenses.

Website: www.intelligenthospital.org


RFID in Healthcare Consortium

The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) is a not-for-profit, subsidiary organization of The International RFID Business Association (RFIDba) and operates under its auspices, guidelines, governance, and by-laws. The Consortium was founded on September 13th, 2008 to initially address EMI issues with RFID & RTLS technologies but has recently transformed itself into a full fledged trade organization. The Consortium is an educationally focused, vendor neutral, technology and frequency agnostic, organization dedicated to promoting the use and adoption of RFID and RTLS technologies in the healthcare, assisted living and nursing home industries. RHCC is organizing country & regional chapters through out the world.

Website: www.rfidinhealthcare.org


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