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Hydropower Development 2018

Date: 5th September 2018 - 6th September 2018 Location: Zurich - Switzerland

Already on its 5th edition, ACI’s Hydropower Development 2018 will bring together senior executives and experts from the hydropower industry, policy makers, consultants, technology innovators, engineers, investors, project developers and leading market analysts to discuss the latest challenges and developments  within the industry.

The two day event will give you an insight to the industry`s latest policy evaluations and, while focusing largely on hydro power production & development in Europe, will also concentrate on updates and future forecasts on future environmental & energy trends and its impact on both, Hydro power operations & market dynamics.

Hydropower Development 2018 will focus on in depth insights into the latest policy & legislation regulations, key market applications and overviews, the place of hydropower within larger context of the renewable energy arena & its relationship with the climate change dynamics. Very important aspect for this year will also be the newest technology advancements, particularly the digitalisation of hydropower plants. The 2 Day event will start with an extensive analysis of current & future European policy objectives, particularly the Water Framework Directive, 2017 & evaluations of Natura 2000 guidance. The event will provide an in depth outlook into the key European markets, focusing largely on environmental objectives, hydropower operations, machinery maintenance and new built projects, production flexibility & technology innovations. The participants will have a chance to take an active part in our interactive meeting to share their knowledge, experience and uncertainties. While providing a holistic outlook into the future of hydro power development in Europe, the event will focus on specific operational, technological & maintenance solutions which will allow hydro power industry to stay competitive in the renewable energy mix as a whole.


5th September 2018
6th September 2018
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Timothy Rowley-Evans – Delegate Sales
+44 20 3141 0614
Rafael Krupa – Marketing/Sales
+48 616 467 040
Joshua Hill – Sponsorship
+44 (0)20 3141 0610
Marta Kielerska – Content
+48 (0) 61 646 7058
Jayme Burns – Logistics
+44 (0) 203 141 0640


We will confirm the venue approximately 4-6 weeks before the event to ensure we find the most suitable space because numbers can vary dramatically. There will be a discounted accommodation rate for conference attendees.
Zurich, Switzerland
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  • Analysing Hydropower In The Legal Context: Environmental & Engineering Challenges
  • Staying Competitive In Ever Changing Market Trends: Analysing Different National Experiences
  • Expanding Hydropower Storage Solutions & Operations Flexibility
  • Increasing Asset Optimisation & Asset Efficiency In Hydropower Operations
  • Hydropower In The Environmental Context
  • Hydropower Sustainability & The Future Of Renewable Energy Strategy
  • Exploring Key Business Opportunities & Technology Innovations
  • Hydropower`s Economy & Investment Strategy 


During the afternoon of Tuesday 4th of September 2018, a limited number of conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit Kraftwerke Oberhasli, KWO Grimsel 1E Power Plant.

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come—first served basis. Please register your attendance when booking for the conference.

Site Visit Timetable:

14:10-14:20         Arriving at the KWO headquarters

14:20-15:00        Presentation of the company and the production facilities, KWO movie, coffee and tea break with light snacks

15:00-16:00        Visit of the power plant Innertkirchen 1, the first underground power station in Switzerland

16:00                   The end of the visit


The underground Innertkirchen 1 Power Plant is the lowest in elevation but not the lowest in importance. All of the water from the Grimsel catchment area runs through this power plant and is converted into electricity. This power plant, with its state-of-the-art operating system, reliably regulates the Swiss electricity grid. A tour through this power plant is an electrifying experience!

  • Paul Hansson, Head Of Hydro Growth, Fortum Generation, Fortum Hydro
  • Peter Matt, Head of Engineering Services, Vorarlberger Illwerke AS
  • Hans – Wilhelm Shiffer, Executive Chair World Energy Resources, World Energy Council
  • Simon Hamlyn, CEO, British Hydropower Association
  • Ivan Zavadsky, Executive Secretary, ICPDR
  • Hans-Christoph Funke, Director Hydro Power & New Technologies, innogy SE
  • Martin Schoenberg, Advisor Hydro Power, eurelectric 
  • Henning Haeder, Manager Energy Policy, Climate & Sustainability, eurelectric
  • Hans – Wilhelm Shiffer, Executive Chair World Energy Resources, World Energy Council
  • Ivan Zavadsky, Executive Secretary, ICPDR
  • Hans-Christoph Funke, Director Hydro Power & New Technologies, innogy SE
  • Martin Schoenberg, Advisor Hydro Power, eurelectric
  • Peter Matt, Head of Engineering Services, Vorarlberger Illwerke AS
  • Emmanuel Grenier, Public And Institutional Relations, ICOLD
  • Simon Hamlyn, CEO, British Hydropower Association
  • Mario Bachhiesl, Renewables & Distributed Generation, Health & Safety, VGB
  • Bernd Hollauf, Project Manager Digital Hydro Power Plant, VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
  • Rikardur Rikardsson, Managing Director, LANDSVIRKJUM POWER
  • Christian Topp, Managing Director, Infrastructure, PRIME CAPITAL
  • Torbjorn Sletten, Senior Production Planner, STATKRAFT
  • Dirk Hendricks, Senior Policy Advisor, European Renewable Energies Federation – EREF
  • Dr Klaus Engels, Managing Director, Hydropower Evolutions (UNIPER)
  • Bernhard Miller, Managing Director, Hydropower Evolutions (UNIPER)
  • Gottfried Gökler, Head Of Civil Engineering, Vorarlberger Illwerke AG
  • Racquel Moura, tba, EDP
  • Liliana Benites Carvalho, tba, EDP
  • Olivier Tricca, Senior Engineer & Energy Expert, European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Otto Pirker, Senior Advisor, Verbund AG

Company type:

Hydro Energy Companies
Engineering Companies
Grid Companies
Machinery Service Providers

Job titles:

Plant Manager

Product Director

Operations-Hydropower Plants

Head of Pumped Storage

Energy Policy & Generation

Hydropower Engineer

Hydro Power & Energy Storage

Hydropower Sustainability

‎Project Manager

Manager for Hydro R&D

‎Hydraulic R&D Engineer

  • Paul HanssonHead of Market Analysis, Trading & Industrial Intelligence, Fortum Hydro
  • Dr Bjarne Borresen, Renewable Energy/ Section Leader Mechanical Engineering, Multiconsult
  • Halle Aslaksen, CEO, Smaakraft AS
  • Luis Quiroga, Director & Head of Investment Strategy, HG Capital
  • Peter Matt, Head of Engineering Services, Vorarlberger Illwerke AS
  • Otto Pirker, Senior Advisor, Verbung AG
  • Mike McWilliams, Head of Hydro, Mott MacDonald
  • Ghislain Weisrock, Hydro Special Advisor, ENGIE
  • Patrick Harris, Energy & Natural Resources Correspondent, ACURIS
  • Bernd Rajal, Partner, Schoenherr
  • Hans – Wilhelm, Executive Chair World Energy Resources, World Energy Council
  • Dirk Hendricks, Senior Policy Advisor, EREF
  • Bernhard Monai, Managing Director, Der Wasserwirt
  • Olivier Tricca, Senior Engineer and Energy Expert, European Investment Bank – EIB
  • Luigi Papetti, Technical Director, Studio Frosio
  • Petri Ilomaki, Senior Specialist Performance Services, Valmet Automation Oy
  • Michael Detering – Head of Asset Management Hydro, RWE Innogy GmbH
  • Hendrik Eden – Head of Asset Management International, RWE Innogy GmbH
  • Niklas Dahlback – Manager for R&D Hydro, Vattenfall
  • Sergio Grigatti, Project & Operations Business Support Manager, Enel Produzione
  • Torbjørn Sletten, Senior Production Planner, Statkraft
  • José Freitas, Management And Hydro Safety Division Director, EDP – Energy Production
  • Berto Martins, Deputy Director -Directorate of Energy Markets, EDP
  • Madalina Bica, CEO, TMK Hydroenergy Power
  • Pinelli Marco, (REN BD), Enel Green Power SpA
  • Gianluca Gigliucci, Head Of Hydro Innovation, Enel Green Power S.p.A.
  • Jonathan Bonadio – Policy Officer, European Commission, DG ENERGY
  • Maria José Espírito Santo – DGEG – Directorate-General For Energy And Geology, Government of Portugal
  • Robert Fenz, Head Of National/International Water Management, Federal Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment & Water, Austria
  • Nuno Fidalgo Martins – Research & Regulations, REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais
  • Hugues Albanel, Chairman Of The Management Board, Hydrowatt
  • Norbert Bock, Board Member, Small Hydro Association Austria & Energy Generation/Hydropower, Wien Energie GmbH
  • Peter Matt – Head of Engineering Services, Vorarlberger Illwerke AG
  • Ueli Aebi, Mechanical Engineer, BKW Energie AG
  • Pierre Biedermann, Principal Environmental Advisor, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Stefanie Scherer – Senior Loan Officer, European Investment Bank
  • Oldrik Verloop- Co-head Renewable Infrastructure | Hydro, Aquila Capital
  • Klaus Krüger – Head of R&D, Voith Hydro
  • Peter Magauer – Product Technology Management for Pump Turbines, ANDRITZ HYDRO
  • Olivier Teller, Product Director, Alstom Renewable Power Hydro
  • Mirjam Sick, Vice President Global R&D Program and Innovation, ANDRITZ HYDRO
  • Josef Lampl, Managing Director, Kössler GmbH & Co KG.
  • Julio Alterach, Sustainable Development And Energy Resources Department, Ricerca Sul Sistema Energetico – RSE Spa

Statkraft * Vattenfall * E.ON * Enel * RWE * Yokogawa Europe * EDF * EDP * ESB Generation * GDF Suez * Verbund * Fortum * Vorarlberger Illwerke * European Commission * Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) * EDA * Eurelectric * Energy Norway * Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power * Red Eléctrica De España * Andritz Hydro * ABB * Alstom Power * Toshiba * Hydrowatt * Voith Hydro * ICOLD * Renewables-Grid-Initiative * Tractebel Engineering * Sinohydro Europe * Edison Spa * Terre Armée * Soske Elektrarne Nova Gorica * UNITe * Artélia Eau & Environnement * TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft * JSC ELEM * Polish Academy Of Sciences * Federal Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment & Water (Austria) * Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics (IAEW) * NTNU * European Bank For Reconstruction And Development * ILF Consulting Engineers * Small Hydro Association * Wien Energie * LITOSTROJ Power * BKW Energie * EnerCo * Kössler GmbH * Ricerca Sul Sistema Energetico – RSE * TU Graz * AKBN * Norconsult Perú * Kohlhofer Ziviltechniker * Schönherr Rechtsanwälte * Projektni Biro Split * Acroni * Mapei SpA * Nord-Lock * Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon * Rainpower Switzerland * Ingens Wasserkraft * Hydropol Project & Management * Herrenknecht * TES VSETÍN * DGEG – Directorate-General For Energy And Geology * National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) * Hytorc Unex *  AUMA Riester * Aquila Capital * European Investment Bank * AIRVALVE France * DSD NOEL * Doka * Valmet Automation * MC Bauchemie * Nidec ASI * ILF Beratende Ingenieure * TES VSETIN * ENERQUIP * HSH Nordbank * DHV Hydroprojekt *  Walo Bertschinger * Xylem * Flowserve * Georgian Energy Development Fund * Schoenherr Attorneys * Deltares * Allen & Overy * Future Pipe Industries * Forsnetics * VAG Armaturen * Mkonline … and many others

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 30 – 45 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:

Marta Kielerska

Tel: +48 (0) 616 46 7058

Email: mkielerska@acieu.net

With roots stretching back over more than 250 years to the early 1750s, Valmet represents a leading Finnish supplier of innovative technologies, automation solutions and dedicated services for customers globally operating within energy, pulp and paper industries. The company’s comprehensive service package covers everything from maintenance outsourcing to plant improvements and the delivery and installation of spare parts. Advanced automation solutions range from the introduction of single components to plant-wide turnkey automation projects.

Within hydro power, Valmet offers a total concept for hydropower plant automation. It includes among others the distributed control system Valmet DNA, turbine controller and vibration monitoring system.

Valmet has delivered over 4,500 automation systems and over 1,200 power plants worldwide feature Valmet’s process automation. Automation business line has about 1,600 professionals working in over 30 countries. The worldwide network of experts supports our extensive range of automation solutions and services.

Valmet operates from its head office located in Espoo, Finland while its shares are presently listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. The company currently employs around 12,000 professional members of staff and achieved net sales of approximately €2.9 billion during 2016.





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ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Dimitris Letsios

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Joshua Hill

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