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Grid Modernization Summit

Date: 15th July 2015 - 17th July 2015 Location: Washington DC - USA

Grid modernization is an urgent and imperative requirement as the energy demands of the nation continue to grow, expand and evolve. With a multitude of new energy sources, including new alternative fuel, renewable and traditional suppliers; new methods of electricity management, storage and distribution; and new technologies to direct, analyze and redirect energy, there is a driving imperative to implement a new, more efficient and effective grid to better balance supply and demand.

In addition, innovative approaches in automation, redundant systems and other related concepts, such as microgrids and improved storage methods, have allowed for a more robust and flexible system to emerge, one that is both efficient and effective and can minimize and eliminate inconsistency in service and supply interruption even in heavy demand and emergency scenarios.

This conference will cover the latest innovations, the newest concepts and the most recent developments in the industry and take a look at the future of the grid using a case study and data-driven curriculum. This event will also afford all in attendance a great opportunity to ask questions of their peers, industry colleagues and experts from throughout the marketplace in an interactive setting and networking opportunity, and provide an in-depth look today at the smarter, more effective and highly efficient modernized grid of tomorrow.


15th July 2015
17th July 2015
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Chris Taylor – Content
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Savoy Suites Hotel
2505 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington DC, DC 20007 United States

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  • Exploring the economic benefits of achieving an improved grid balance of power generated from traditional and green energy sources.
  • Improving the flexibility and adaptability of the grid system to handle varying levels of power draw and electricity generation in real time, to effectively balance supply with demand.
  • Examining the focus areas for grid modernization – Visibility, Understanding and Flexibility – and the goals and objectives of each.
  • Examining the security requirements and best practices in maintaining a secure yet adaptable power production and distribution system.
  • Reviewing the latest innovations and advancements in grid design and construction and how they can improve automation of demand response, incorporate microgrids and minimize outages.
  • Adopting new design materials and approaches that increase the strength of components, redundancy of operation and resiliency of the grid.
  • Navigating the regulatory initiatives, requirements and procedures to incentivize adding capabilities and expanding operational capacity.
  • Balancing small and large scale generation operations, as well as conditional sources like wind and solar, into dynamically managed “Internet of electricity”.
  • Leveraging the power of automation and computer-driven management systems to more rapidly divert resources, meter distribution and balance the grid.
  • Grid modernization case studies, pilots, analytics measures and outcomes.

This conference is design to appeal to power industry providers and personnel who are seeking more information on the benefits of Grid Modernization. Representatives from small- and large-scale energy generation facilities will also get the latest information about the growing market, and learn how to best position themselves for pricing their electricity services.


Energy industry executives, policymakers, energy consultants and engineers, legal and regulatory professionals, academics, non-profit and community leaders, consumer advocates and other interested stakeholders:

  • Chief Utilities Officers and Executives
  • Engineers and Operations Specialists
  • Federal, Municipal, and Public Policy Government and Agencies
  • Utility Industry Regulators


  • Regulatory, Policy and Standards Administrators
  • Utilities and Power Generation Companies
  • Grid Operators and Network Planners
  • Academic and Research & Development Professionals
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers


  • Industry Consultants, Solutions Providers, and System Integrators
  • Investor Community and Industry Stakeholders
  • Equipment and Software Vendors:
    • Smart Grid/Soft Grid Developers
    • Energy storage equipment manufacturers and technology providers
    • Energy storage service providers and integrators
    • Transmission and distribution equipment suppliers
    • Battery manufacturers and component providers
    • Renewable energy developers and technology providers


The Valley Group

The Valley Group’s goal is to provide innovative solutions and services to our utility customers to help optimize CAPEX and address the evolving needs for a fully dispatchable, physically secure and flexible transmission system. The successful completion of the DOE co-funded Smart Grid Demonstration Project (SGDP) with Oncor Delivery in Texas showed that end-to-end integrated Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) has a substantial impact on existing or new transmission lines in the following areas: a) optimizes asset utilization b) cost effectively accommodates generation shift c) improves grid reliability through enhanced wide area situational awareness d) aids in congestion cost reduction e) optimizes generation dispatch and f) facilitates integration of renewable generation.

Website: www.nexans.us


New York State Smart Grid Consortium

The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC) is a unique public-private partnership that promotes broad statewide implementation of a safe, secure, and reliable smart grid.

The Consortium brings together the world’s leading utilities, technology providers, policy makers and research institutions to identify opportunities that show the most promise for broader smart grid technology deployment. The Consortium provides the perfect convening point to develop, test and eventually implement the best solutions and a way to work with policy makers to identify needed regulatory developments.

In addition to serving as an advocate for the best technology and policies, the Consortium serves as a resource and collection of experts when it comes to the future of New York State’s grid.

Website: www.nyssmartgrid.com


OpenADR Alliance

Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) is an open and standardized way for electricity providers and system operators to communicate DR signals with each other and with their customers using a common language over any existing IP-based communications network, such as the Internet. As the most comprehensive standard for Automated Demand Response, OpenADR has achieved widespread support throughout the industry.

The OpenADR Alliance was formed by industry stakeholders to foster the development, adoption and compliance of the Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) Smart Grid standard utilizing existing standards from OASIS, UCA and NAESB.

Website: www.openadr.org


Our Energy Policy

The mission of OurEnergyPolicy.org is to facilitate substantive, responsible dialogue on energy policy issues, and provide this dialogue as a resource for the American people, policymakers, and the media. By bringing together energy experts in productive national discourse, OurEnergyPolicy.org enhances the potential of identifying, adopting, and implementing effective energy policy. OurEnergyPolicy.org also serves as a one-stop resource hub for all things energy policy, and includes a free Resource Library, aggregated Energy Headlines, national Energy Events Calendar, Federal and State Legislation pages and more.

OurEnergyPolicy.org does not have or endorse any specific political, programmatic, policy, or technological agendas, but rather seeks to encourage a broad discussion of all points of view. OurEnergyPolicy.org empowers energy Experts representing every viewpoint from every sector – industry, academia, government, law, finance, non-profit organizations, think tanks, and more – to participate in and drive public dialogue that will sharpen distinctions, identify points of consensus, and stimulate innovative solutions in our energy policy.

Website: www.ourenergypolicy.org


Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative

Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative is a 501c3 nonprofit organization chartered to be the trusted source representing consumers, advocates, utilities, and technology providers in order to advance the adoption of a reliable, efficient, and secure smart grid and ensure long-lasting sustainable benefits to consumers.

Website: www.smartgridcc.org

Smart Grid Today

Smart Grid Today’s mission is to deliver daily, unbiased, comprehensive and original reporting on emerging trends, applications and policies driving the modern utility industry — in a signature format our founders have developed over 40 years in the trade news business, featuringhighly concise and easy-to-understand news copy based on trusted reporting,exclusive interviews, informed analysis and strategic insights that our subscribers rely on to succeed every business day.

SmartGridToday.com features a complete searchable archive of over 5,000 searchable articles and hundreds of downloadable PDF files, a robust industry directory, events calendar, discounts onselected items and more. Do not miss out on a single day of the deepest reporting on the smart grid you can find anywhere. Visit http://www.smartgridtoday.com/freetrial to sign up for a 14-day risk-free trial today.

Website: www.smartgridtoday.com


Utility Horizons International

Utility Horizons Quarterly is the first and only all-digital (electronic) e-magazine for the global Electric, Water and Gas Utility Automation and Information Technology industry. Published four times annually from the utilityhorizons.com portal, each issue focuses on key market drivers, issues and trends associated with automation/IT products, systems and services solutions for electric, gas and water utility professionals worldwide. With a primary emphasis on advanced, leading-edge automation and information technologies and a dual focus on Education and Innovation, no other publication can match the leading edge content and practical insights for experienced utility automation veterans and newcomers alike.

Website: www.utilityhorizons.com


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