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6th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit

Date: 24th February 2016 - 25th February 2016 Location: Newark - New Jersey - USA

ACI’s 6th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit will explore commercial aspects of US CO2 re-use applications in several industries such as fuel, chemicals, oil & gas, power & cultivation. The conference will evaluate potential benefits and challenges of investments in carbon dioxide utilisation, as well as the political policy in place to ensure efficient scale of emission reductions are being achieved.


24th February 2016
25th February 2016
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Best Western Robert Treat Hotel and Conference Center
50 Park Pl
Newark, NJ 07102 United States

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+1 (973) 622-1000
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EXCLUSIVE SITE VISIT:  Primus Green Energy Plant

Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA. Tuesday 23rd February 2016

During the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd February 2016, a limited number of conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive site visit to Primus Green Energy. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.

  • Building the CDU (CO2 Utilization) Value Chain
  • Scale Of CO2 Utilization
  • The Use Of CO2 In Gas Turbines
  • CO2 Utilization Developments in EOR
  • From R&D to Commercialization
  • Utilizing Coal Fired Flue Gas: Overcoming Challenges
  • Advances In CO2 Mineralization
  • CO2 Fuels & Chemicals: Conversion & Products

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Bruce Dannenberg, CEO & Founder, Phytonix Corporation

Laura Nereng, Sustanability Leader, 3M

Bala Suresh, Director, IHS Chemical

Sean Monkman, VP Technology Development, CarbonCure Technologies

Graciela Chichilnisky, CEO & Co-Founder, Global Thermostat LLC

Devinn Lambert, Algae Technology Manager, US DoE 

Alison Goss Eng, Advanced Algal Systems Program Manager, US DoE

Brent R Constantz, CEO, Blue Planet Ltd

Sayavur Bakhtiyarov, Associate Professor, New Mexico Institute Of Mining And Technology

Brent Lakeman, Executive Director- Environment, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures

Sona Kazemi, Chief Technology Officer, Mantra Energy Alternatives

Barry Worthington, Executive Director, USEA

John M Kocol, CEO, CO2toMethanol.com

Christophe Jopse, Chief Strategist, The Center For Negative Carbon Emissions

Kevin O’ Brien, Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

Senior Representative, Xprize 

Noah Deich, Founder & Executive Director, Center For Carbon Removal 

Richard Riman, Distinguished Professor Of MSE, Rutgers-The State University Of New Jersey

Dimitry Polyansky, Chemist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dan Robertson, Chief Scientific Officer, Joule Unlimited

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 30-45 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:

Jasmine Okure

Tel: +44 (0)20 3141 0647

Email: [email protected]  

Drinks Reception Sponsor

CCO6-Xprize Logo

Founded in 1995, XPRIZE is the leading organization solving the world’s Grand Challenges by creating and managing large-scale, high-profile, incentivized prizes in five areas: Learning; Exploration; Energy & Environment; Global Development; and Life Sciences. Active prizes include the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE, the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE, the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, and the $7M Adult Literacy XPRIZE. For more information, go to www.xprize.org.


The $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE will challenge the world to reimagine what we can do with CO2 emissions by incentivizing and accelerating the development of technologies that convert CO2into valuable products. These technologies have the potential to transform how the world approaches CO2 mitigation, and reduce the cost of managing CO2.

Event Sponsors

Global Thermostat

Carbon Dioxide is both a high-profile greenhouse gas and a valuable market commodity that is in high demand and short supply.  Global Thermostat’s patented technology strips CO2 from the atmosphere and from industrial flues at low cost, generating valuable and critically needed industrial products, cleaning the air while creating enormous economic wealth.

Global Thermostat is a breakthrough innovation in both technology and business model.  It turns carbon from a nuisance and a cost into a massive source of revenue, making carbon capture a surprisingly low cost and very profitable business activity.  GT builds carbon capture plants that are able to efficiently and cost-effectively capture CO2 from the atmosphere and power plant smoke stacks, slashing transportation costs, and providing abundant, reliable, low cost CO2 wherever it is needed – for both current and emergent large scale industries. GT can economically capture more CO2 than industrial plants emit: it is therefore a carbon negative technology™.  In this way, the Company meets both economic and environmental objectives. Thus far, GT’s technology has 16 patents awarded in the US and internationally, and it is patent-protected in 147 countries. 3rd-Party reports validate that GT is the lowest cost producer in the world. Global Thermostat was selected “World’s Top Ten Most Innovative Company” in Energy by Silicon Valley magazine Fast Company in June 2015. Graciela Chichilnisky, Global Thermostat’s CEO & Co-Founder, was selected as “2015 CEO of the Year” by IAIR at Yale University Club in NYC April 16. GT currently has 2 operational commercial demo plants at the Stanford Research Institute and is in the process of building commercial plants right now. GT’s technology partners include Corning, BASF and Linde.


ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Maureen Ignacio

+44 20 3141 0636

[email protected]


With more than 51,000 members and an international publishing and knowledge business we are the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists, supporting and representing our members and bringing together chemical scientists from all over the world.

A not-for-profit organisation with a heritage that spans 170 years, we have an ambitious international vision for the future. Around the world, we invest in educating future generations of scientists. We raise and maintain standards. We partner with industry and academia, promoting collaboration and innovation. We advise governments on policy. And we promote the talent, information and ideas that lead to great advances in science.




  1. Cullen & Associates

With our finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving Smart Grid, commodities and energy industries, and our eyes clearly focused on the future, we offer clients a distinct and important advantage in identifying and recruiting the talent required to adapt and succeed in the face of change. Backed by over a decade of industry experience, we have a track record of building profitable teams in these niche sectors. Armed with a keen understanding of legislative and regulatory change, industry business model evolution and human capital trends, we help our clients continually stay one step ahead of the competition.




The Spanish CO2 Technology Platform (PTECO2) is an initiative developed by Spain’s private sector, research centres and universities. It is partly funded by the Ministry of Finance and Competitiveness (MINECO) and contains representatives of that ministry and also of the Ministries of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) and Agriculture, Food and the Environment (MAGRAMA).

PTECO2’s chief goal is to create a favourable environment for investment in R&D and innovation, foster the creation of an innovative business fabric and increase technological capacity in processes for efficiency improvement and carbon capture, utilization and storage, CCUS, and to support the rolling out of these technologies in industry.


Navigant Research

Navigant Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets. The team’s research methodology combines supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research and demand assessment, and deep examination of technology trends to provide a comprehensive view of these industry sectors.





Founded in 1897 the Association, with more than 90 member companies, is the only association representing the entire coal value chain from coal mining groups to electricity and steel producers, cement manufacturers, shipping firms, terminal operators, maritime agents, surveyors, engineering companies, boiler makers, bulk handling equipment manufacturers.

With its headquarter in Rome, Italy, and with a representation in London and Brussels, on a national level the Association is a member of the Employers Association Energy Group and sits on the Board of Directors of the Fuel Experimental Station of Milan (a leading fuel research entity within the Ministry of Industry and Trade ). On an international level, Assocarboni is member of Euracoal (European Association for Coal and Lignite), of CAG (Coal Advisory Group) – a European Commission working group involved in coal research grants – of WCI (World Coal Institute) in London, of CIAB (Coal Industry Advisory Board) – a section of the International Energy Agency of Paris, which brings togethmore than 40 companies (both energy producing and electric generation companies) from 14 different countries – and of the “Working Party on Coal” of the ECE-UN Energy Committee in Geneva.

Since 1999 Andrea Clavarino is the Assocarboni Chairman. Mr. Clavarino has been working with the Coeclerici Group since 1980, where he holds today the position of Coeclerici Logistics CEO. Mr Clavarino is also member of the CIAB – Coal Industry Advisory Board, the consultative body of the International Energy Agency of Paris.


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The Carbon & Climate Law Review strikes a balance between the interests of practitioners, especially those engaged in the rapidly evolving carbon market, and a more doctrinal focus, alternating legal policy recommendations with timely articles on legal aspects of carbon trading and other dimensions of greenhouse gas regulation. Topics include emission trading, clean development mechanism, climate change, climate regulatory & policy framework, carbon dioxide capture & storage (CCS), greenhouse gases, reducing emissions from deforestation & degradation (REDD).


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