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5th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

Date: 21st October 2015 - 22nd October 2015 Location: Dresden - Germany

If you are looking for a comprehensive progress update on the global CO2 utilisation industry, including a growth outlook and updates on the latest technological advancements, then look no further. ACI’s 5th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit is designed to appeal to anyone interested in learning about the commercial future of the global CO2 utilisation industry, the conference will look at the ongoing developments of turning waste CO2 into profitable, commercially viable opportunities.


21st October 2015
22nd October 2015
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Hotel Elbflorenz
Rosenstraße 36
Dresden, 01067 Germany

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+49 351 8640 0
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Dresden, Germany. Tuesday 20th October 2015

The world’s first of it’s kind power-to-liquids production plant!

There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.

  • An Overview Of The CO2 Utilisation Landscape
  • Breakthrough In Utilisation Technologies
  • CO2 LCA: Conversion Into High Value Products
  • CO2 Utilisation For Industrial Applications
  • Cross Industry Cooperation
  • Wider Economics Of CCU & CCS
  • Outcome From German Utilisation Technologies
  • CO2 Utilisation: A Lawyers Perspective
  • Utilisation For Fuels: Power to Liquids & Gas
  • Utilisation For Chemical Applications
  • R&D Utilisation Breakthrough Studies
  • Vangelis Tzimas, Project Leader, European Commission
  • Christoph Guertler, Catalysts, Covestro
  • Hermann Pengg, Head Of Renewable Fuels, Audi AG
  • Arthur Heberle, Vice President Innovation & New Products, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH
  • Christian Von Olshausen, Chief Technology Officer, Sunfire GmbH 
  • Robert Gresser, R&I Sustainable Energy Platform Director Executive VP, Solvay
  • Cor Koning, Science Manager Polycondensates, DSM Coating Resins
  • Lothar Mennicken, Senior Scientific Officer,  BMBF
  • Mieke Quaghebeur, Project Manager, VITO
  • Youssef Travaly, Senior Project Manager – SCOT Project, Green Win
  • David Scheiner, VP Product Development, New CO2 Fuels
  • Henriette Naims, Project Scientist, Institute For Advanced Sustainability Studies E.V (IASS)
  • Mich Hein, CEO, Electrochaea GmbH
  • Louis-Marie Jacquelin, Development Director – Innovation Activity, ENEA Consulting
  • Stephan Schunk, Principle Scientist And Founding Member, Hte- Company
  • Barry Worthington, Exceutive Director, USEA
  • Eelco Dekker, Methanol Senior Marketing Representative, Bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH
  • Giorgio Dodero, President, Industrial Project Group Srl
  • Larissa Noel, Research Scientist, VTT
  • Valentin Batteiger, Senior Expert Solar Fuels Research, Bauhaus Luftfahrt E.V.


The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) is hosting a $35 million international Grand Challenge to identify innovative uses for carbon. For the first phase of this multi-year competition, CCEMC received 344 submissions form 37 countries.  The second round is now open for submissions.  Register at ccemcgrandchallenge.com.

CCEMC is an Alberta-based not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting the discovery, development and deployment of clean technologies and help Alberta adapt to climate change.

Every year CCEMC provides millions of dollars in funding to projects that are selected through a competitive process.  Today, the organization is supporting more than 100 projects with a combined total value of more than $2 billion.

CCEMC supports innovations that can be applied worldwide, with the potential for game-changing outcomes.

More information about CCEMC is available at http://ccemc.ca/.

CCO5-Xprize Logo
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The $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE will challenge the world to reimagine what we can do with CO2 emissions by incentivizing and accelerating the development of technologies that convert CO2into valuable products. These technologies have the potential to transform how the world approaches CO2 mitigation, and reduce the cost of managing CO2.

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“The audience was very diversified; as a speaker, I experienced great interest and in-depth questions concerning the topic, also at your visit at the Audi e-gas-plant in Werlte. In terms of content, administration and “networking usefulness”, your conference was really outstanding. We are looking forward to participating in the conference next year to share knowledge in this fast-growing field of CO2 utilization and mitigation.” Head of Renewable Fuels, Audi AG

“Game Changing opportunity for the world of Carbon Capture.”  Chairman &  CEO, AG Gas

“I found the conference very helpful and it resulted in a number of possible future collaborations for us. The format worked very well.” Senior Director, Renewable Fuels, Carbon Recycling International

“The conference was a full success from my point of view. I learned a lot and I would love to run through the presentations again.” Senior Scientific Officer, German Federal Ministry Of Education And Research

“A very good collection of speakers and attendees.” Chief Technology Officer, Five Quarter Energy


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