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Inspirational Leader 2023 Award Winner Announced

ACI is delighted to announce Nisreen Akhter, Managing Director of Star Composed Chemicals Manufacturing LLC (STARTEC Lubricants), as the winner of Base Oil & Lubes Connect’s Women in Focus Inspirational Leader 2023 Award. We are certain Nisreen’s story has inspired countless colleagues, peers, employees and beyond, making her a truly worthy winner.

Nisreen grew up at a time it was still considered a taboo for women to pursue higher education in her hometown. Following her graduation, Nisreen then entered a male-dominated industry with a desk job at a lubricant factory. Over the next 16 years, Nisreen progressed to a managerial post whilst starting and raising a family, all the time gaining invaluable experience in lubricant blending.

In 2005, with no bank or cash support, Nisreen set the wheels in motion for her next chapter, starting her own lubricant factory. Faced with much criticism as well as many challenges and set-backs, Nisreen fiercely fought her way into the market with premium quality oils whilst the market was focused on cheap oils.

Known as “Madam”, Nisreen is renowned in the industry as “the woman who started a factory in Ajman”. 18 years on, Star Composed Chemicals Manufacturing LLC (STARTEC Lubricants) has grown from strength to strength and counts both of Nisreen’s children amongst its 28 employees.

Congratulations Nisreen!