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Women in Focus Research & Development 2022 Award Winner

We would again like to thank everybody who submitted nominations for our Women in Focus Award, Research & Development 2022. Over the past few weeks we have reviewed many excellent candidates and ultimately based our decision on who we felt best embodied the spirit of this award. Thank you to all those who sent in nominations.

We are delighted to announce the winner of Base Oil & Lubes Connect’s Research & Development 2022 Award as Manuela Toscanini.

Manuela is the leading Industrial Lubricants Technician at ENI and thanks to her experience has developed the first bio-lubricant to obtain ECOLABEL certification in Italy in 2021. “Eni ARNICA EAL 46” is an eco-friendly, high performance hydraulic oil developed for applications operating in environmentally sensitive areas: agriculture and forestry, navigation & off-shore. Another notable activity to merit the award is the definition of an innovative in-house tribological test. The test has been customized to follow the needs of the customers using peculiar materials provided by them and selecting suitable test parameters to replicate real machines’ operating conditions. This in-house test helped us in differentiating the lubricating ability of oils in weaving machines according to friction and wear results and in formulating a product with high energy saving potential. This experimental activity has been presented at the “Tribology International Conference 2022” held in Barcelona.

Congratulations Manuela!