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Medecins sans Frontieres – The Long March, week 6

This Week’s positions:
1. WRBRC (+1)
2. The Unstoppables (-1)
3. Shut up & Walk
4. Battered Flip Flops (+1)
5. Walk ‘n Roll (-1)

It is all change!! Well not quite, Shut up & Walk remain firmly in 3rd place, but both top and bottom have seen major changes. Battered Flip Flops, have clearly found new footwear (hope they re-cycled the old ones?) and have pulled off a stunning overtaking manoeuvre to claim 4th place from Walk’N’Roll who are now facing demotion to the lower leagues. While at the top the Unstoppables have proved that they do have a chink in their armor and are indeed perhaps ‘stoppable’? Can WRBRC keep this up? Have they gone too early? Either way it looks to be a photo finish between these two, clearly deeply competitive, teams. Well, with the finishing line now firmly in view we can be pretty certain that we will indeed have a winner next week. The winning team will not necessarily be the ‘first’ into Kupiec Poznanski, but, given that more than one team gets there this week, it will be the team that has covered the largest distance in the 7 weeks that this race is likely now to take. Perhaps 3rd, 4th & 5th should pull up in Berlin and get seduced by the famous ‘virtual’ night life there?

Distance per Team

Progress per Team

A further £10 has been raised, so am very glad that we keep making dents on the ultimate target of £10k. I think we can accept that we won’t make it with this effort, but every little does help. Still there is one team to announce their fund raising activity, perhaps they really do not know who they are and do need to be told. As already said, every little counts, so get your hands down the back of your sofas and see what you can dig out!

See: https: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International