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Medecins sans Frontieres – The Long March, week 5

This Week’s positions:
1. The Unstoppables
3. Shut up & Walk
4. Walk ‘n Roll
5. Battered Flip Flops

Now into the 6th week of the challenge, the positions at the end of last week remain unchanged, but the more eagle eyed of you may notice that there seems to have been a tiny wrinkle in the space time continuum!! The race stewards had noticed that progress was a little quicker than had been anticipated. They have checked the calibrations of the ‘steps’ to ‘km’ and found there to be an inconsistency. So where The Unstoppables were just approaching Berlin last week and expected to be well into the border lands of Poland this, they are now only 50 km further on and only just past the eastern outskirts of Berlin. You can still report on your team’s ‘steps’ and the Ops team will use a highly complicated algorithm developed by NASA to translate these into a more realistic ‘kilometre equivalent’. (Perhaps this will allow for a little more money raising?)

The distance covered may have been affected, but the positions not. With the most exciting part of the race looking now like the battle for 4th place between Walk’N’Roll and the Battered Flip Flops with just a smidgen over 6 km’s between them. Shut Up and Walk seem settled in 3rd place (or do they have some dastardly plan to turn things around in the final stages??) and a potentially interesting finish with less than 40 km’s separating 1st and 2nd.  Watch this space!

Distance per Team

Progress per Team

The great news is that we have raised a further £45 for our charity this week and now all but one team (you know who you are!!!) have arrived at the party to help this great cause. Come on everyone, let’s use the extra time to make one last effort to raise a few extra pounds for this very worthwhile cause.

See: https: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International