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Medecins sans Frontieres – The Long March, week 2

Week 1’s positions:
1. Shut up & Walk
2. The Unstoppables
3. Battered Flip Flops
4. Walk ‘n Roll

This Week’s positions:
1. The Unstoppables (+1)
2. Shut up & Walk (-1)
3. WRBRC (+2)
4. Walk ‘n Roll (0)
5. Battered Flip Flops (-2)

Well it’s all change, except for Walk ‘n Roll who just keep trucking along. What happened to Battered Flip Flops? What happened in Antwerp? Something seems to have distracted them, did they find an open bar? I can understand (and would have joined them) it if they did! All making good progress now and travelling at a fairly rapid pace but SUW and the The U are developing a bit of a lead and are past Eindhoven without a second glance. The rest of us have to catch up now.

Here are the graphics [© ACI operations] Distance per team:

Race Position:

And now for the important bit………..

Money raised (so far) for Medecins sans Frontieres:

A great leap here and an exciting guaranteed £693, but with winning bonuses that could go up to £860.  But only 2 teams have raised any money so far?!? Time for everyone to get going on this aspect, do not want to have to name and shame……….

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International