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Medecins sans Frontieres – The Long March, week 1

We’d Rather Be Running a Conference (WRBRC) [Can’t be doing with writing that team name out in full each time!] is currently in the sea. All other teams have made it to terra firma, although one is pretty much through France without a second look. Hubert’s Team ‘Two’ has been re-christened as The Unstoppables, but Shut Up and Walk has taken the lead (I am told that Hubert has already referred this to VAR when they passed him). Walk’N’Roll and Battered Flip Flops are both getting warmed up, but with only 38 km’s between first and last place, it really is all up for grabs. Personally I am quite impressed we all made it off the UK mainland in the first week. Here are some graphics [© ACI operations]

Distance per team:
msf team distance week 1

Race Position:
msf team positions week 1

And now for the important bit………..

Money raised (so far) for Medecins sans Frontieres: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International
A guaranteed £243, but with winning bonuses that could go up to £300. A good start but we want to dial that figure up!