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DNV GL Joining As a Speaker For European EV Charging Summit 2020

We are pleased to announce that Hans de Heer, Principal Consultant Smart Energy from DNV GL  joins as a speaker for the  European EV Charging Summit taking place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on the 27th –  28th May 2020

Hans is a Principal Consultant in DNV GL’s Energy Advisory practice and business manager on the topic of demand side flexibility. He has over 17 years of expertise as an advisor in the energy sector, and gained extensive experience in smart metering, smart grids and electric mobility, focusing on (societal) cost-benefit analyses, market design, market analyses, market processes, business cases, business process design, implementation, IT architecture and standardization. Hans is heading the design team of the Universal Smart Energy Foundation (USEF) and is member of the EC’s Smart Grid Task Force (Expert Group 3 on demand side flexibility). Hans holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Eindhoven.

Hans de Heer will shares insights On – Optimising Electric Vehicle Charger Locations 

  • Taking a holistic view of planning EV charger deployment
  • Maximising utilisation
  • Minimising grid impact and cost

Over the two days, the event will draw together key experts across the whole EV industry value chain including DNOs, OEMs, CPOs, Power Suppliers, End Users, Financial Stakeholders, Car Sharing Businesses, Mobility Technology Providers, Governmental Officials and Regulators.

Join us in Rotterdam to hear a range of discussions and interactive panels regarding the upcoming opportunities for development and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

Key Topics

  • EV Charging Market Overview
  • Understanding and Meeting the Demands of EV Drivers
  • Driving Utilisation and Establishing Interoperability between EV Charging Networks
  • Funding a Multi-Billion Dollar Bear Market
  • Optimising Charging Infrastructure
  • Integrating Renewable Energy into EV Charging
  • How much Infrastructure will Europe Need and How Can it Bridge the Charging Gap?
  • Enhancing Collaboration between Energy Suppliers, DNOs and Vehicle Manufacturers
  • EV Charging Profitable Business Models: A Regional Perspective
  • European Guidelines, Standardised Protocols and Overcoming Regulatory Challenges
  • Powering Ahead: New Methods to Charging an Electric Car

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For More Information & Registration please contact : Pramod Kale  on [email protected]  Or + 91 9637 4641 43