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Aquagroup AG confirmed to speak at ACI’s European Chlor-Alkali Industry Summit

ACI’s European Chlor-Alkali Summit

ACI is pleased to announce Tatjana RöderBusiness Development / Marketing / Regulatory Affairs from aquagroup AG as speaker during our
European Chlor-Alkali Industry Summit taking place in London, UK on 4-5 December 2019

Tatjana will join Session Three during Day One entitled: Improve your CO2 Footprint – Generate Active Chlorine in Situ and elaborate on:

  • CO2 footprint of transportation
  • Risks and requirements of transportation of hazardous goods
  • Transport and storage of chlorine and sodium hypochlorite
  • In situ generation of active chlorine as an ecofriendly alternative

The two day event will bring together key stakeholders from all facets of the chlor-alkali industry. It will offer an in-depth look into the European market developments including production capacities, end product supply & demand and the latest technological advancements through case studies, interactive sessions and panel discussions led by industry experts.

It will also look at issues regarding sustainability, with a focus on carbon trading, logistical challenges and energy consumption in the industry. Join us in London to exchange your point of view with your peers and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

Key Topics Include:

  • Analysing Production & Demand Developments in the European Chlor-Alkali Market
  • European Market Outlook for Supply & Demand Trends of Raw Materials and End Products
  • Establishing a Robust and Standardised Carbon Trading Scheme in Europe
  • Potential Solutions to Ensure Sustainable Energy Consumption in Chlor-Alkali Industry
  • Overcoming Logistical Challenges of Transporting Chlor-Alkali Products
  • Championing the Industry Shift to Membrane Cell Technology
  • Exploring New Potential Markets for Caustic Soda Supply
  • Assessing Alternative Methods of Utilising Chlorine

View a copy of the latest agenda HERE:

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For more information & registration, please contact Marcin Janecki
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+48 61 646 7047