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Kuala Lumpur To Host Asian Biomass to Power

Following the success of last year’s conference in Stockholm, Sweden which gathered over 100 senior level attendees, we are delighted to be hosting Asian Biomass to Power on 27th– 28th November 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Over the 2 day Conference, the industry stakeholders will be highlighting the 

  • Investments & Growth Perspectives in Asia
  • Government Initiatives to promote Biomass Energy Plants
  • Challenges from Sourcing & Availability to Storage & Handling of Feedstock
  • Technological Advancements to Stimulating & Transforming Biomass Power Industry

ACI’s Biomass  to Power will bring together senior representatives from Power Companies, Biomass Producers, Biomass Traders & Distribution Companies, Trade Associations, Renewable Energy Consultancies, EPC Contractors and OEMs, Regional & National Governments and Regulatory & Research Bodies to address the sector’s current major challenges and opportunities while providing a holistic outlook on market trends and drivers through interactive and thought  provoking discussions.

Key Topics:

  • Asian Biomass Industry Outlook & Prospects
  • Policy & Regulation – Motivating Biomass Energy Growth in Asian region
  • Investment Opportunities in Biomass Energy Sector
  • PANEL DISCUSSION | Challenges & Opportunities Operating a Biomass Power Plant
  • Availability& Sourcing of Quality Feed stock
  • Biomass Handling & Storage
  • The Latest Biomass Conversion Developments Transforming & Fueling the Biomass Power Industry
  • Boiler Design Techniques
  • Recycling of Biomass Ashes
  • CASE STUDY Biomass to Power Projects
  • Sustainability of Biomass to Energy

Join us in Kuala Lumpur to exchange your point of view with your peers and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

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For more information and registration, contact Pramod Kale on +91 9637 4641 43 or
email: [email protected]