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Dusseldorf to host ACI’s European Methanol Summit 2019

ACI is excited to announce the European Methanol Summit scheduled to take place in Dusseldorf, Germany, on 13th – 14th November 2019.

With the arrival of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) – the EU is required to generate at least 32% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. In order to meet emission reduction objectives in transport and sustainable renewable fuels, the methanol industry is developing new ways of methanol production by replacing fossil raw materials with second generation renewable raw materials along with residual materials. With such exciting developments and opportunities in the Methanol industry, the summit aims at providing insights on newest production technologies, latest updates in policy and regulations, and pricing forecast for the European industry.

The two-day summit will bring together over 120 Industry experts, technology innovators, producers and manufacturers – to learn, share and discuss latest policy evaluations, future forecasts of key markets along with focusing on the current and emerging topics in the Methanol Industry. Highlighting the sectors major challenges and opportunities the meet will provide a holistic outlook on market trends and drivers.

Key Topics:

  • European Methanol Pricing Forecast
  • Latest Updates in Policy and Regulations
  • Methanol- to- Olefins Process Technology
  • Newest Production Technologies
  • Methanol as Alternative Transport Fuel
  • Direct Methanol Fuel Cells- Future Energy Source

Join us at Dusseldorf for two days of exchanging perspectives, learning and excellent networking opportunities with your peers.

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For more information and registration, contact Salil Kanwar on +91 (20) 48523148 or
email: [email protected]