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Boston, MA to host 6th National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response

ACI is excited to announce that 6th National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response will be taking place in Boston, MA, on 12th — 13th June 2019.

Following five successful editions of ACI’s National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response, this year’s event will bring together senior executives and experts from utility companies, technology providers, energy professionals and leading service providers, to discuss the latest challenges and developments making an impact on the industry.

This new edition will focus on Residential Demand Response, Storage + Solar, DER implementation and Capacity Markets, through case studies, presentations & interactive panel discussions with all the attendees. The participants will also have the chance to discuss innovations in the industry during the various Q&As and networking breaks.

Key Topics Include

  • Installed Capacity Markets & Ancillary Services: Their Link with DR
  • Efficiently Working with Complex Environments such as Real-time Wholesale Markets
  • How to Use Energy Storage to Model the Future: Battery Storage & Flexible Loads
  • DER Implementation in the Demand Response Market
  • Customer Retention through DR Programs & Guiding the Way to Time of Use Rates
  • Working with Residential DR to Increase Member Satisfaction
  • Microgrids & their Impressive Potential: Establishing the Hybrid-type Resources
  • Combining Community-shared Solar & DR and the Steps to Integrate It

Early Confirmed speakers include:

  • Jed Trott, Vice President Demand ResponseCustomized Energy Solutions
  • John Bonnin, Vice President Energy Supply & Market OperationsCPS Energy
  • Peter Langbein, Manager Demand Side Response & OperationsPJM Interconnection
  • Douglas Staker, Vice President Utility Business DevelopmentEnel X
  • Craig Boice, PresidentBoice Dunham Group
  • Jayesh Shah, Head of MarketingDirect Energy
  • Jane Peters, President & OwnerResearch into Action
  • Justin Orkney, Sr. Program Manager Renewable Energy Resources, Tucson Electric Power
  • April Bolduc, President & FounderS Curve Strategies
  • Kathy Wells, Energy Projects CoordinatorLancaster Choice Energy
  • Rolf Bienert, Managing & Technical DirectorOpenADR Alliance

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For more information & registration contact:

Marcin Janecki
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