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Deutecs, Parhelion and Weisenborn-Linskaill & Associates Join as Speakers

ACI is very pleased to announce that Mr Yashar Yadigarov, Managing Director of Deutecs GmbH, Mr Julian Richardson, Founder of Parhelion & Karin Weisenborn and Chris Linskaill, Partners of Weisenborn-Linskaill Associates will be joining as speakers during our Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018, taking place on 21st & 22nd of November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Join Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018 on 21st & 22nd of November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to hear from:

Yashar Yadigarov, Managing Director, Deutecs GmbH

Julian Richardson, Founder, Parhelion

Karin Weisenborn, Chris Linskaill, Partners, Weisenborn-Linskail Associates

Mr Richardson’s presentation focus is “The Role of Insurance in Resource Development”:

  • Key risks associated with geothermal resource development
  • De-risking resource development with insurance
  • Using insurance to secure investment
  • The GeoFuture Risk Mitigation Facility

Mr Yadigarov’s presentation focus is “How Different Oil-Gas and Geothermal Wells Cementing”:

  • An oilfield experience application in the geothermal drilling
  • Differences between cementing of low and high enthalpy geothermal wells
  • Key cost-controlling factors for cementing a geothermal well
  • Do’s and Don’ts when thinking about cementing of geothermal well

Mrs Weisenborn’s and Mr Linskaill’s presentation focus is “EBN – a Potential State Participant in Dutch Geothermal”:

  • EBN – from mining to hydrocarbon, to geothermal?
  • EBN – it’s different faces
  • Projects with EBN – who has the final say?
  • Projects with EBN – who ultimately bears the responsibilities and liabilities?
  • EBN – an outsider’s perspective
Confirmed Speakers Include:
  • Chris Linskaill, Partner, Weisenborn-Linskaill & Associates
  • Karin Weisenborn, Partner, Weisenborn-Linskaill & Associates
  • Claire Lloyd, Business Development Europe, Rembe Safety + Control GmbH
  • Yashar Yadigarov, Director, Deutecs GmbH
  • Thomas Kölbel, Group Expert, EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg)
  • Frank Schoof, Chairman, Platform Geothermie
  • Fausto Batini, CEO, Magma Energy
  • Rikardur Rikardsson, Managing Director, Landsvirkjun Power
  • Julian Richardson, Founder, Parhelion
  • Senior Representative, Engie Services Nederland NV
  • Bodo von Düring, CEO, CloZEd Loop Energy AG
  • Lorenz Ueing, Business Developer, CloZEd Loop Energy AG
  • Rolf Schiffer, Owner, Schiffer GEO Services
  • Saskia Hagedoorn, Director, HydrecoGeoMEC
  • Alan Davis, Managing Director & CEO, Starlight Investments
Key Topics Include:
  • Legal and regulatory framework for geothermal development
  • Developments with geothermal district heating
  • Risk mitigation strategies for geothermal development
  • Focus on the host nation: The Netherlands
  • Key updates on Horizon 2020 geothermal energy projects
  • Generating additional revenue streams from geothermal projects with cascaded utilisation
  • Project Updates: New projects in progress and recently completed
  • Integration of geothermal energy and other renewable resources
  • Advancements with drilling technology
  • Key considerations when deciding on geothermal projects
  • Partnerships with the oil, gas & utility industries
  • Deployment of low & medium temperature hydrothermal resources
  • Case Studies: Long term established geothermal sites

Please see the most updated agenda HERE

For registration & more information, please contact Rafael Krupa on +48 61 646 7040 or [email protected]