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New Challenges and Market Responses

ACI is excited to announce Session 2 at our 3rd Clean Energy Finance Europe Conference, being organised on 5th & 6th September 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany:

Session 2: New Challenges and Market Responses

Key Points of the session include:

  • Finding a viable project to invest
  • The crucial role of technologies in the success of energy decentralisation
  • The importance of long-term policies to support renewable energy project
  • Mobilising investment in low-carbon technologies
  • Changing the needs of investors and how sellers need to adapt

Speakers at the session include:

Paul Kloppenborg, CEO, Global Cleantech Capital

Mortimer Menzel, Partner, Augusta & Co 

Jim Totty, Managing Partner, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd

Relevant Conference:

For More Info & Registration, please contact: Rohan Baryah, +48 61 646 7022, [email protected]