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Biological Control Products as a Preventive Measure

ACI’s BIOPESTICIDES North America 2018 conference, taking place on the 27th & 28th June in Vancouver, Canada, will feature a session on Administering Biological Control Products as a Preventive Measure Rather Than A Curative One.

Speakers at the session include:

Michel Tremblay, Technical Director, BioTEPP Inc.

His Presentation: Combining biological product, pest and crop knowledges to determine best application timing and strategies

Key Points of his presentation:

  • Using a granulovirus insecticide, Virosoft CP4 used for control of Codling moth as example, this is allowing to best evaluate the choice between preventative or curative action based on:

A             Nature of product characteristics and expected efficacy of the biological control

B             Nature of knowledge of pest behaviour in environment and expected control results in fields

C             Nature of crop growth conditions and IPM surveys used to evaluate results

Vincent Livengood, Technical Services Manager, Kemin Industries

His Presentation: Administering biological control products as a preventive measure rather than a curative one 

Main theme of his presentation:

  • What is integrated pest management and the component parts
  • Procedures to use in scouting the crops for pest that will aid in the decision of applying control methods to insure the proper timing of control measures
  • The differences between the actions of different types of biological controls and traditional control
  • How different types of biological control agents (BCA) affect pest
  • The life cycle of a pest and why the need for early application is necessary

Marieta Marin-Bruzos, Phd Soil Sciences Fellow, University of British Columbia

Her Presentation: The Potential of plant growth promoting bacteria as biocontrols 

Key Points of her presentation:

  • Role of the plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPR) in the plant health
  • Direct and indirect mechanism of action. Protection against plant pathogenic fungi and nematodes
  • Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria, how can they improve plant and soil health
  • Engineering the rhizosphere to restore plant ecosystem productivity

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