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Policy and regulation updates

ACI’s Biopesticides North America 2018 conference, taking place on the 27th & 28th June in Vancouver, Canada, will feature a session on Policy and regulation updates needed to facilitate the registration process regulation

Speakers at the session include:

Brian Spencer, President, Applied Bio-nomics, will be presenting: Regulation and registration of Entomophagus arthropods in North America

Key Points of his presentation:

  • The current situation for registeration of Entomophagus anthropods in North America.
  • The history of North American Entomophagus arthropods regulation.
  • How inundatitive release was based on “classical” theory
  • The continuing debate over the use of efficacy as an approval mechanism

Robert Masella, CEO – President, AEF Global: will present Biopesticides: the road to market! The AEF Global Story.

Main theme of his presentation:

  • Better registration procedures for quicker time to market
  • Better harmonization within OECD countries
  • Are review times shorter for biopesticides
  • Time to market is key for innovation

Relevant conference:

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