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AlgaEnergy Joining as a Sponsor

ACI is very pleased to announce that ALGAENERGY will be joining us as Associate Partner sponsoring our US Biostimulants Summit 2018. We are also happy to announce that Mr Carlos Rodriguez-Villa Förster, Managing Director will be joining us as a speaker.

ALGAENERGY is a biotech-based company exclusively focusing on the research, production and valorization of microalgae and derived products. The company consolidates over 4 decades of deep microalgae biotechnology knowledge generated by the main specialized universities, and has invested millionaire resources exclusively in research, positioning itself as one of the main international references in this field of science. It leads or participates in international algae related R&D Projects with over 120 top-level consortium members across the globe, always as sole microalgae company. The company collaborates closely with the most reputed Universities and research centers, as well as with the European Commission, who has recently selected ALGAENERGY as one of the very few SMEs with the highest growth potential in Europe and of strategic importance to the continent, for which it is supporting it financially with direct non-reimbursable resources. In 2010 it started the research of microalgae applied to agriculture, and launched its first products in 2015, an innovative range of natural, sustainable and highly effective biostimulants named AgriAlgae®.

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Early Confirmed Speakers:

  • Acadian Planth Health, Holly Little, Director of Global Commercial Science
  • Agriculture Solutions, Rhonda Dybiec, Business Development Manager
  • AlgaEnergy, Carlos Rodriguez-Villa Förster, Managing Director
  • Biostimulant Coalition, David Beaudreau, President
  • Earth Alive Clean Technologies, Michael Warren, CEO
  • Growcentia, Peter Bass, Director of Research & Development
  • Ocean Organics, Greg Cosman, Business Development Manager
  • Summitgold, Dan Coffin, Senior Agronomist
  • Summitgold, Jarerye, Agronomy & Product Research
  • Timac Agro USA, John Bailey, National Product Manager
  • The Ohio State University, Dr Matt Kleinhenz, Professor of Vegetable Crop Physiology & Management

In addition, only until 29th of March, you can save 280 GBP on the registration fee. Please contact Rafael Krupa at [email protected] or +48 61 646 7040.