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Why You Can’t Miss European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018

As the event organizers, we are often asked to explain the benefits of attending ACI’s European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018, taking place in Warsaw, Poland on 23rd & 24th of May 2018. Therefore, we have summarized a few of the key reasons we believe you would benefit from joining us there.

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1. Hear from top industry professionals: The two day event will give you an insight to the industry`s latest regulations impacting on adhesives & sealants production and operations & while focusing largely on business strategy in Europe, will also concentrate on updates and future forecasts of key feedstock materials and market applications. Join us to hear in depth insights into key directive implementations, such as Mineral Oil Migration and non – intentionally added substances (NIAS), new updates on Energy Labeling Directive & The ECO Design Directive. Hear the industry voice reflecting on those changes, as well as finding solutions for greater sustainability & global competitiveness.

2. Find the answers to the most pressing questions from within the industry’s leading players:

  • An In Depth Outlook Into Policy Framework In Adhesives & Sealants Industry In Europe
  • Aiming For Harmonised & Integrated Legislation Guideline In Europe
  • Evaluating Circular Economy Trends In The European Regulatory Context
  • Analysing Current & Future Market Condition: Prime Industry Developments & Market Trends
  • Making The Most of Key Market Applications & Business Opportunities: Securing The Business Flow
  • Throughout Review Of Feedstocks Markets & Availability: Key Opportunities & Challenges Latest & Future Technology Advancements
  • Dealing With Mechanics Of Adhesion
  • The Future Of Biopolymer Based Adhesives

3. Hear from key industry speakers:

  • PLASTICS EUROPE, Kazimierz Borkowski, Managing Director
  • ISCC, Dr Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director
  • DOW Chemical, Allan McLennaghan, Application Technology Leader
  • EVONIK, Stephen Bowers, Feedstock & Petrochemical Technologies
  • SYNTHOMER, Jurgen Vanderlinden, Business Manager Adhesives
  • AVERY DENNISON, Senior Representative

4. Promote your business services, products and technologies to a captive audience: Position your organisation as an industry leader and have the unrivalled opportunity to present your company in this exclusive environment. Whatever your desired level of investment, we have a range of available options to suit your requirements. For sponsorship & exhibition opportunities please contact Dimitris Letsios +44 (0) 203 141 0628 or Joshua Hill +44 (0) 203 141 0610

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For more information, please contact Rafael Krupa at [email protected] and on +48 61 646 7040.