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Complete Route: Optimising End-to-End Supply Chain Planning (Pharma)

ACI’s Pharma Cold Chain Summit, being organised in London, UK on 23rd & 24th May 2018.

We are pleased to confirm the presentation of Mr Kalinski from Johnson & Johnson, who will be speaking during Session 2: Complete Route: Optimising End-to-End Supply Chain Planning:

Peter Kalinski, Senior Manager Supply Chain EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Mr Kalinski will be presenting during the session TWO and will elaborate on: Fully Integrated End-to-End Supply Chain – is it worth the effort?

His talk will touch on key points, such as:

  • The cost of a disconnected E2E supply chain
  • Advatages of using 3rd Party Logistics(3PLs) to get products to customer
  • Unexpected benefits and roadblocks

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