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Global-Bioenergies & MARIS Joining as Speakers for European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018

ACI is very pleased to announce two new speakers during our European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018, taking place in Warsaw, Poland on 23rd & 24th of May 2018.

Ronan Rocle has a scientific training in Chemistry at Ecole Normale Supérieure and in Economics at the Paris School of Economics. Following his MBA (Collège des Ingénieurs, Paris), he worked for Total, in the Refining & Chemicals branch. He joined the Business Development team of Global Bioenergies in March 2014.

Dr. Alessandro Gallo has a master degree in industrial chemist since 2006, when he started scientific collaboration with the supervisor of his thesis, Professor Alfonso. During thesis and scientific collaboration he knew several techniques on polymer characterisation, as DSC as X-Ray diffraction on ESRF and DESY. After this time he had got specialisation master on “Polymers’ Science and Technology “ at Proplast Consortium. This experience bring him in 2008 at MARIS Technological Centre.

Join us at Session Four, entitled `Throughout Review Of Feedstocks Markets & Availability: Key Opportunities & Challenges` to hear from Ronan Rocle, Business Development Manager from Global – Bioenergies. Mr Rocle will discuss Biobased feedstocks for adhesives & sealants, focusing on:
  • Overview of current biobased resources and perspective on next generations (agricultural and forestry residues, syngas, CO2)
  • Drop-in biobased olefins from fermentation
Join us also at Session Five, entitled `Latest & Future Technology Advancements` to hear from Alessandro Gallo, R&D Specialist representing F. LLI MARIS S.P.A. Mr Gallo will present Continuous Adhesives production by using a co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder & will discuss:
  • The Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder, as an alternative to the batch system
  • MARIS created an optimum solution for the production of all kind of Adhesives thanks to which, besides the intrinsic advantages of the continuous process, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact and the production costs, increasing, at the same time, the safety level of the equipment. This process grants a constant quality, similar to those obtained with the traditional process.

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