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Warsaw, Poland to host European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018

ACI is very pleased to announce Warsaw, Poland as a host city of the European Adhesives & Sealants Summit 2018.

The event will take place on 23rd & 24th of May 2018, bringing together senior executives and experts from the adhesives & sealants industry, policy makers, consultants, technology innovators and leading market analysts to discuss the latest challenges and developments within the industry.

What Are Currently the Main Challenges for Adhesives & Sealants Industry in Europe?

  • Complying with European & National Regulations, such as Mineral Oil Migration and non-intentionally added substances (NIAS), Energy Labelling Directive & The ECO Design Directive
  • No harmonised approach by the policy makers; need for guidance of how to comply with them
  • Circular Economy in the context of European Regulatory and need for clearer guidance from the Commission & other bodies and how to implement it

Why You Can’t Miss this Event?

The two day event will give you an insight to the industry’s latest regulations impacting on adhesives & sealants production and operations & while focusing largely on business strategy in Europe, will also concentrate on updates and future forecasts of key feedstock materials and market applications.

Join us to hear in depth insights into key directive implementations, such as Mineral Oil Migration and non-intentionally added substances (NIAS), new updates on Energy Labeling Directive & The ECO Design Directive. Hear the industry voice reflecting on those changes, as well as finding solutions for greater sustainability & global competitiveness.

The participants will have a unique opportunity to take an active part in interactive sessions & panel discussions to share their knowledge, experience and uncertainties. The event will give you insights on market growth drivers along with sustainable advancements in technologies and R&D projects.

Join us in Warsaw to meet senior representatives from leading companies for excellent networking opportunities.

Discounted rate expires soon! Only until 31st December, you can save 320 GBP on the registration fee.

For more information or early bird registration, please contact Rafael Krupa on +48 61 646 7040 or [email protected]