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Biomethane in Asia – Utilisation routes in different countries

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Harmen Dekker, who will be speaking at ACI’s Future of Biogas event (taking place on 15th-16th November 2017 in London) gave recently a presentation on “Biomethane in Asia – Utilisation routes in different countries” in the International Renewable Energy Gas Technology conference.

Harmen Dekker
1 and Vincent Choy1 and Steve Peters1
1 Asian Pacific Biogas Alliance – 52 Foch Road, #02-02 Singapore 209274

1.   Introduction

Southeast Asian countries are possessing the largest biogas potential in the world. As nowadays the biogas can be easily treated to use as transport- or vehicle fuel or for being used for electricity generation, it offers also a great advantage. Combined with the need for reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions this offers a compelling economic and sustainable alternative.

2. Background

In the biogas field there is nowadays a wide range of technologies available. They include several ways of biogas capture, as well as several techniques to utilize the biogas, ranging from electricity production all the way to creating increased value, by transforming it into bio-methane, bio-CNG or even bio-LNG. As it becomes more common to capture and use the biogas, there is an increasing need to look at the best utilization route available.

3. APAC Biomethane production

In almost all the APAC countries there is yet none or limited support for biomethane as green fuel by APAC countries. Although more interest arises to support bio-methane as a highly effective green bio-fuel beside electricity generation, the current low fossil prices are slowing the developments by sheer market interest.

However the CO2 reduction potential by implementing the use of bio-methane, is larger than other utilisation routes of biogas. This combined with the already large base of CNG vehicles in the APAC region (6,9 million vehicles) and the strong potential for business to implement this as an example of true circular economy, it is expected that bio-methane will gain further momentum in the years ahead.

4. Biomethane country info


  • Significant interest
  • No specific government policies for biomethane
  • Interest from plantations for replacing diesel trucks
  • Biomethane will be accepted in the gas grid


  • 1 commercial plant
  • Biomethane transported via CNG trailers
  • Gas grid Company examining gas grid injection
  • Political encouragement for biomethane
  • Biomethane for transport is favourable


  • Government target for 4,800 tons of CBG per day
  • Production only 6 tons per day
  • Government support is hampered
  • Expected annoucement April / May


  • 1 commercial plant
  • Biomethane used for power generation
  • Main interest is for LCO2
  • No great interest from government of public parties

 5. Conclusions

Biomethane posseses many advantages. It has become a real alternative beside electricity generation.

Future for biogas in APAC is bright.

6. References

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