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NatSurFact, IP Specialities and CSPA Confirmed to Speak

Join Future of Surfactants Summit North America, 27th & 28th September 2017 in Chicago to exchange on your point of view and experience with your peers, and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

Daniel Derr, Business Area Lead, NatSurFact – Logos Technologies will give a presentation entitled “NatSurFact – Rhamnolipid BioSurfactants Cost – Competitive with Conventional Surfactants”,
as part of Session 7- Bio-Based Surfactants:

  • Intro to rhamnolipids
  • Comparison of rhamnolipids to other surfactants
  • NatSurFact – Logos Technologies’ approach to commercialization
  • The NatSurFact production process
  • Key production metrics
  • Development status

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Martin Herrington, President – North America, IP Specialities will share his insights during the session “Current Trends & Predictions on Feedstocks” and Tim Brown, Regulatory Counsel, Director of International Affairs, CSPA – Consumer Specialty Products Association will give a presentation focusing on “Consumer Preferences”.

Quick Look at the Key topics and Sessions:
o Current Trends & Predictions on Feedstocks
– The impact of the rise of oil prices on the surfactant value chain
o The Evolving Surfactant Market
– Globalization of the market: What lies ahead for surfactants producers and end-product manufacturers?
o Sustainability
– Ensuring sustainability from raw material sourcing & production, all the way to end-products end of life
o Performance & Application of Surfactants
– Can performance be enhanced based on feedstock quality?
o Consumer Preferences
– How are consumers’ preferences affecting the end-markets, and so the surfactant industry?
o A look at the Policies & Regulations Framing the Surfactant Industry in North America
– What is the impact of the amended Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) on the surfactant industry?
o End-Products: Growth & Predictions
– Cases Studies presentations amongst the following end-markets: household, personal care & cosmetics, paint & coatings, textile, mining
o Bio-Based Surfactants
– Scalability of the bio surfactant market: How is it fitting in the current market? And in the future?

More information on event webpage